Selecting the best trailer involves much more than simply comparing the technical characteristics of each model since it’s equally important to pick a manufacturer you can fully trust. At McFarlane, we understand how hard it is to choose the right product, so we only stock trailers made by world-class brands like K-Trail. A Quebec-based company known for its dedication to quality and versatile selection of specialized products made of durable materials. K-Trail is a brand that deserves to be taken into consideration whenever you need to replace your current trailer with a new one. This company preview will give you all the basic information about this unique brand and its product portfolio:

A Family-owned Brand that Holds its own Against Heavyweights

It’s rare for a small company to survive in the modern market, but K-Trail managed to remain a true family brand even as it grew to include 65 different retail locations all over Canada. To this day, all key decisions are still made by a father and son, who are the third generation of company owners and hold key positions in the management structure. Due to their personal interest in snowmobile riding and other outdoor activities, they understand the needs of the customers and can direct research and development efforts in the right direction. This approach has been proven to be very effective in practice and led to sustained growth over several decades, so it won’t change any time soon.

High-quality Trailers made of Galvanized Steel

The secret to the decades-long success of K-Trail comes down to strong fundamentals. The company possesses the know-how for manufacturing mechanically reliable and highly durable trailers, as well as the experience to get every detail right. The trailers are manufactured with the hot-dip galvanization process, which ensures perfect adhesion of zinc and steel components, resulting in robust strength of the construction and advanced level of resistance to corrosion. Thanks to this technological innovation, K-Trail products are well suited for the Canadian weather and can be expected to stay in flawless condition throughout their lifecycle with very little need for maintenance of repairs.

Unique Models for a Variety of Applications

There are several product lines in K-Trail’s offering, featuring a variety of designs. Standard utility trailers made of steel are among the most popular products, but car haulers and vehicle towing trailers are in high demand as well. Gooseneck dumpers and deck over trailers have their niche markets, while models with a tilted deck are also available. Such a broad range provides buyers who choose K-Trail to pick exactly the model ideal for the intended type of usage, maximizing its effectiveness. All trailers are built with high-quality axles and feature radial tires, so their mobility and maneuverability are at a high level, even when fully loaded with heavy cargo.

McFarlane has Amazing Deals on K-Trail Products!

It’s important that you choose the best trailer manufacturer, but it can be even more essential that you avoid overpaying for the product you decided to buy. At McFarlane’s, you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing or renting some of the latest K-Trail models at fair market rates. Our distribution deal with the brand allows us to provide a competitive price on every model while guaranteeing non-stop availability. By working with McFarlane, customers can take advantage of the accumulated expertise that K-Trail engineers possess, without the need to visit one of their representative offices in person. Just select the model you want and contact us to inquire about the details, and McFarlane will take care of the rest.