Time Out Trailers

As a manufacturer primarily associated with trailers for personal and leisure use, Time Out tends to get overlooked whenever the best trailer brands are discussed. Not at McFarlane’s, since we are well aware of all the strengths Time Out consistently maintains through the years. This brand has a range of very practical and secure models, even if the emphasis of its portfolio is on the entry class. To make the general public more familiar with this excellent supplier, we prepared a brief summary of Time Out’s history, business philosophy and product range.


Founded way back in 1974, Time Out has been shaping the American trailer market for nearly half a century. Originally it was a small operation located in a family garage, but the company enjoyed steady growth through the decades and now occupies a state-of-the-art facility in a high-tech industrial park. It is still owned by the same family today, even though its founder is no longer active in the business. This kind of stability is a great advantage since it provides continuity in the face of the rapid technological innovation that trailer manufacturing industry has been undergoing recently. Most of the workforce is consisted from close friends and long-time associates, which goes a long way towards explaining how Time Out can achieve consistently great results, regardless of the current state of the market.


Thanks to its longevity and a long line of iconic products, Time Out is a well-known brand all across America and abroad. Authorized dealerships are located in a number of U.S. states and Canada, while global customers can purchase Time Out trailers by direct orders or through specialized suppliers like McFarlane’s. The spirit of the brand is in tune with North American passion for camping and outdoor adventure, the company has carefully cultivated its blue-collar image even as it grew to global prominence. Product portfolio remains focused on smaller, more economical trailers, contributing to its broad appeal and well-defined marketing position.


The company started with tent-supporting trailers before becoming nearly synonymous with motorcycle trailers, which it pioneered. This history is reflected in the fact that many of its models can still be towed behind a two-wheel vehicle. Of course, the offer has expanded. Today, Time Out has a dozen models of cargo trailers that can serve in a wide variety of roles. Camper trailers that can support a tent are a specialty of this brand, with three excellent models to choose from. Time Out also produces a compact automotive trailer that can be easily attached to a passenger car and used to carry equipment or supplies. All trailers manufactured by Time Out are competitively priced, so they represent an economical choice for private individuals or small companies. A wide range of accessories and optional improvements are available, including: A/C systems, locks, seals, latches and many other useful parts.


McFarlane’s has unbelievable deals on Time Out models and you’d be well advised to check out our prices before looking anywhere else. With a brand of Time Out’s standing, quality is never a concern and that’s the primary reason why McFarlane’s cooperates with this brand on a permanent basis. We can help you recognize whether this brand is the right choice for you and pick a camper or cargo trailer that suits your budget. We take pride in guiding our customers with integrity, and will always tell you the truth about the product you are considering.