Tandem Axle Trailers

When considering what trailer is right for your job, the number of axles and wheels is a very important detail that helps determine which tasks the trailer is most suitable to complete. Tandem axle trailers have two pairs of wheels attached to each other, while single axle models have only one pair. This seemingly small difference has huge implications on the overall performance of the trailer, so inexperienced buyers should pay close attention to it when they are selecting a model to buy or rent.

This summary will clarify the division on single axle and tandem axle trailers, outlining the most important benefits of both types.

What Defines a Tandem Axle Trailer?

The answer is quite simple – a second axle with a second pair of wheels. The design is described as ‘tandem’ because the axles are positioned close to each other. The benefits of this design feature go much further, as this type of trailer can be much longer and larger than single axle models. An additional axle helps to spread out the weight more evenly, reducing the pressure on the tires and increasing the towing capacity. Larger units have their own brakes and are often fully enclosed to improve the security of the cargo, although tandem axle design can be found on open trailers, such as tilt bed trailers that are used for landscaping.

What are the Advantages of Tandem Axle Trailers?

Tandem axle trailers can carry much more cargo than smaller models, but sheer size is not the only advantage of these trailers. There is a significant difference between the two models in terms of stability at high speeds, as tandem axle trailers tend to bounce around and sway much less than a single axle trailer. They can be made of aluminum or steel, while their exact structure and range of equipment depend on a particular model and its primary application. They are generally regarded as safer than single axle models, as they have advanced suspension and braking systems. With all these features working together, the tandem axle trailer is the safer, more reliable option for longer distances.

Are Tandem Axle Trailers Better Than Single Axles?

Depending on your needs and budget, tandem axle trailers provide more value than the single axle models, but they can also have increased maintenance expenses. Their performance is undeniably more consistent and they don’t have the same range limitations as single-axle units, but when factoring all of the additional tires and maintenance, tandem axle trailers require a significant commitment. If the trailer is intended for longer and more frequent rides, tandem axle design could be the better solution.

McFarlane has a Large Selection of Tandem Axle Trailers

When in the market for a new or used tandem axle trailer, it is important to find a model that suits your needs. When there is a job that needs to be done well, you can’t make compromises regarding quality. Visiting a reputable trailer retailer like McFarlane’s is the best the place to start. We recommend our customers to get a trailer from a manufacturer they can trust, with Bravo and Atlas topping the list of high quality brands. While tandem axle trailers are more expensive compared to single axle models, McFarlane's can help you find a great deal that won’t require you to sacrifice the slightest bit of performance. We can also help you customize your new trailer to fit your vision perfectly and arrive ready to get the job done.