Benefits of a Side Dumping Trailer for Landscapers

At McFarlane’s, we know how important trailers are to landscapers. They are used daily to transport everything from tools, machinery and equipment to garden waste and grass cuttings. Any successful landscaper will tell you that versatile landscape trailers are an essential tool if you want your … CONTINUE READING

Finding the Right Snowmobile Trailer

Winter is coming fast and for the avid snowmobiler, this means loads of thrills and spills. It is time to get out there and have some fun. But backyard snowmobiling isn’t an option for most enthusiasts. Unless you live on a mountain slope, or out in the deep woods, getting to the best spots can be … CONTINUE READING

What is the Best Landscape Trailer For You

Well-designed landscape trailers are always in demand and a trailer that is customized to suit your specific needs will be an asset to your business. You may have to pay top dollar to get what you want but if you choose wisely you won’t regret it and your customized landscape trailer will work hard … CONTINUE READING

Choosing the Right GVW for Your Custom Trailer

Are you buying a trailer for the first time, second time or even third time? Or are you buying a new vehicle to tow your custom trailer? And are you still confused about a few things? Like what do GVW and GVWR mean and why are they important? Very basically, GVW is the Gross Vehicle Weight and … CONTINUE READING