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Helpful Tips to Consider Before Buying A Used Enclosed Trailer

Helpful Tips to Consider Before Buying A Used Enclosed TrailerEnclosed trailers are useful for a wide range of business and personal reasons but not everyone can afford to purchase a brand-new trailer. The price of a used enclosed trailer for sale in Ontario can be as much as half that of a new one and therefore, if you choose wisely, you can save a lot of money and be happy with your purchase, but you need to do your homework. If you fail to do proper research or make a rash decision, you could end up having to invest more money than you bargained for on repairs and upgrades, and at the end of the day, this could make your used trailer more expensive than a new one.The first thing you need to do before you even start searching for a used enclosed trailer for sale in Ontario is to set your budget. Once you know what you can spend make a list of all the features you require, like the number of axles, wheel size, removable ramps or drop-down ramps and then make a list of the features that you would like but are not necessarily essential, like interior lights or built-in storage.The next step is to find a trailer that meets your needs. There are many places that offer used enclosed trailers for sale in Ontario and you can begin your search by looking at message boards, online classifieds, and various publications. It won’t take you long to find something.Here are some important tips that you need to follow when buying a used enclosed trailer.

Inspect the entire trailer

Stand back and take a good look at the entire trailer to see if everything looks good at first glance. After that take your time to do a closer inspection.Wheels and tires – The tires should be in good condition and the right size to carry the load you intend to haul. Make sure there are no cracks, plugged holes, uneven wear patterns or bulges. Don’t forget to check that the wheel bearings are well lubricated and properly seated.Brakes and Suspension – Check that the brakes on the axle are working. Get under the trailer and inspect the pads, shoes, drums, rotors, and magnets. Then check the leaf springs and spring hangers for cracks. If there are any cracks or signs of repair these can be an indication that the axles have shifted due to impact or carrying an excessively heavy load. While you are under the trailer make sure that there are no rusted pillars.Trailer floor – This is usually where most problems start for the chassis of a trailer, so inspect the floor closely to ensure that it is in a good condition and that there are no signs of rust. Also, examine the frame and electrical components.Hitch – The hitch should latch and unlatch easily and there should be no missing parts.

Make Sure the Enclosed Trailer has a Clear Title

Investigate the previous owner of the enclosed trailer and make sure that all the paperwork is in order and that the trailer has not been stolen. If you have the contact details of previous owners’ phone them and ask questions about when and where they sold the trailer. You do not want to be accused of buying stolen goods.

Size matters

A new or used enclosed trailer is a big investment and size matters. Make sure that the trailer is big enough for your needs and able to haul the loads you bought it for. If you are unsure about the size of the trailer that will best suit your requirements, buy one that is a foot or two larger than you think you need.If you have never purchased an enclosed trailer before, or are unsure about your needs, it is best to consult a professional and trusted dealer like McFarlane’s who can give you good advice and help you make the right choice.

Common Mistakes when Installing a Brake Controller

Common Mistakes when Installing a Brake ControllerThere are many reasons why you may need to haul a trailer and it is important to ensure that the cargo trailers for sale Ontario you’ve been checking out is always safe and secure. One of the most important aspects of safe haulage is good, effective braking but this is often overlooked as most people are more concerned with how fast they can tow, rather than how quickly they can stop, but it may well be your brakes that save your life. Towing can be dangerous, and trailers are known to get out of control and cause catastrophic accidents.  Using the tow vehicle’s brakes alone works well in many situations but sometimes you need more stopping power and that’s where good trailer brakes are essential.

Hydraulic brakes vs electric brakes

There are two main types of trailer brakes, hydraulic and electric. Hydraulic brakes operate in the same way as the brakes on your car or truck. A hydraulic master cylinder pushes fluid to the pistons on the wheel hubs on each axle, operating the brake pads and slowing the vehicle down. The hydraulic brake system is mounted to the tongue of the trailer and is operated by inertial force, i.e. when the tow vehicle slows down, the trailer pushes forward on the ball hitch. This means that the braking system only works when the tow vehicle slows down. Electric trailer brakes, however, operate in a similar way as an emergency brake but instead of a cable, a magnetic piston is used to operate the brake. This type of braking system operates via a trailer brake controller that is connected to the vehicle’s braking system, providing a smooth braking response.

Fitting electronic trailer brakes

Electric trailer breaks can be fitted to your trailer at any time and while it may seem like a quick and easy installation, you should always consult the user manual for specific installation instructions to ensure that you avoid these common mistakes.

Incorrect connection to the battery

When you fit electronic trailer brakes you need to ensure that the brake controllers are powered directly from the battery via a circuit breaker, this allows you to retain the trailer brakes even if the ignition cuts out unexpectedly.The requirements for a suitable electronic brake connection are that it must provide battery voltage output when the vehicle brakes are applied and no voltage output when the vehicle brakes are not applied. It must receive battery voltage when the brake controller manual override is engaged and still illuminate the trailer brake lights.

The brake controller improperly mounted to the vehicle

It is essential that the brake controller is securely mounted to the vehicle so that the internal accelerometer can sense how hard the vehicle’s brakes are applied and vary its output accordingly.

Bad wiring or connectors

The wiring and connectors need to be installed correctly. Under full braking force, a trailer can draw as much as 25 amps and inadequate wiring or connectors can cause the electronic brakes to fail. Some trailers may only have a single axle, but some can have three and it is important to have sufficient cable width for your type of trailer and to install robust blade fuses or crimp terminals.

Badly installed remote head

The remote head of the electronic braking system needs to be installed in a suitable location on the dashboard of your vehicle where it is within easy reach and can be firmly depressed. Before you install anything, make sure the dashboard is thick enough and that there are no important wires, airbags or other components installed underneath the section of the dashboard that you have chosen. A standard electronic braking system remote head typically needs to be installed in material that is between 2 and 3 mm thick. There are many cargo trailers for sale in Ontario and at McFarlane’s, we will ensure that you find a trailer to suit your requirements. And if you prefer to leave the technical work to the professionals, we can help with that too.

The Benefits and Many Uses of a Custom Made Trailer

The Benefits and Many Uses of a Custom Made TrailerUtility trailers can be a great investment and there are many reasons to purchase a well-constructed custom-made enclosed trailer. With the right trailer, you can haul whatever you need, whenever you need to, for business or personal reasons. It’s not until you use it for the first time, that you realize just how useful a good trailer can be.Trailers have a wide variety of functions and serve many needs, but they are most often used for;Transportation of Boats, ATVs, and SnowmobilesWeekend warriors love outdoor toys but transporting them to the best lakes, slopes or forests can be a headache if you don’t have the correct equipment. A custom-made enclosed trailer with the right fittings and storage can make your journey so much easier and more convenient.If you own a vintage car that you regularly need to transport to motor shows, you will also find it convenient to invest in a good enclosed trailer that can keep your prized possession safe on the road.

Landscaping and Lawncare

Every landscaping or lawn care business needs at least one landscaping trailer to make sure the job is done right. Investing in a top quality custom-made enclosed trailer with ramps that you can drive your mowers up, storage boxes, racks and tool hooks can make your landscaping or lawn care company more efficient and allow you to take on more customers. An enclosed trailer is also a great way to protect your tools and equipment, allowing you to simply park your trailer overnight without first storing everything in a shed. And even if you don’t have a landscaping business, you might find it useful to own a trailer that you can use to haul grass cuttings and garden waste away from your property.

Transporting Building Supplies

Anyone working in the construction industry will find a custom-made enclosed trailer extremely useful. You can use it to easily and safely transport tools and supplies from one building site to another. And if you enjoy home DIY, you can use your trailer to pick up all your supplies and save on the delivery costs. You can also use your trailer to haul trash and building debris from the building site to the dump.

Moving Homes or Offices

Utility trailers are useful for transporting furniture and appliances from one property to another. If you are moving to a new house or own numerous furnished rental properties, then you will find plenty of ways to use a custom-made enclosed trailer.

Transporting Livestock

Enclosed trailers are ideal for farmers who need to transport livestock and for horse owners who regularly travel to shows and events. An enclosed trailer can easily be customized with storage for feed and tack.

Turn an Ordinary Trailer into Exactly What You Need

Sometimes finding the ideal trailer can be difficult but at McFarlane’s, we not only sell new and used trailers, but we also customize trailers and build an enclosed trailer that suits your specific needs and requirements. Common customizations include the additions of doors, windows, ramps, generators, air conditioners, living quarters and bathrooms as well as cabinets, storage trunks, lockboxes, and shelving racks – no job is too big or complicated for McFarlane’s.

Give an old trailer new life

Many enclosed trailers, especially those used by landscaping companies and building contractors, work hard every day and take a beating. If you have a trailer that has seen better days, McFarlane’s can help you repair any damage and get your trailer back on the road. We are accustomed to repairing frames, doors, ramps, and roofs and replacing or repairing hitches.There are many reasons to invest in a custom-made enclosed trailer and McFarlane’s will help you design and customize a trailer that will suit all your business and personal needs and work hard for you for many years.

Start Your Landscaping Business Off Right – Equipment Musts

Landscape trailers are a familiar sight in cities and rural areas. If you own a commercial landscaping business you own at least one landscape trailer, it would be hard to do business without it. And while all landscape trailers may look similar their features can vary greatly and having the right type of trailer can make a huge difference to your business. You might not always think about your trailer as one of the tools of your trade but it is going to work hard for you so you should always buy the best landscape trailer you can afford.

Open Trailer vs Enclosed Trailer

The first major decision you will have to make when you buy a landscape trailer is whether you want a basic open utility trailer or an enclosed trailer. The biggest advantage of the basic entry-level open trailer is the price. This is the least expensive option and many people starting out in the landscaping business think that an open trailer will be good enough to get the job done. And it is, but that does not necessarily make it the ideal choice. Enclosed trailers are obviously more expensive, but they offer you so much more, and the biggest advantage is they reduce the opportunity for theft or damage from the elements. A locked enclosed trailer can be parked overnight and you don’t need to worry about half your equipment disappearing.

Accessorize Your Landscape Trailer Correctly

Once you have chosen your landscape trailer, you need to choose the features. If you choose an open trailer, you can either have a steel deck or a wooden deck. Most landscapers choose a wooden deck because it is lighter (allowing for a higher cargo capacity) and it is easier and less expensive to replace. You will also need accessory racks, hooks, and lockboxes for keeping smaller equipment safe and secure and stop your tools rattling around the trailer. Most trailer ramps are basic and functional but if possible, get a landscape trailer with a ramp that is fitted with springs, this will make it a lot easier to lift the ramps at the end of a long day. Also, make sure that the trailer has enough tie-down points.

Get a trailer that is big enough for your business

There is no standard landscape trailer size and your choice depends entirely on your needs, but the average landscape trailer is typically 6 to 8 feet wide and 12 to 16 feet long. If lawn care is the focus of your business then you will need a large trailer with space for lawn mowers, granular fertilizer spreaders, small pressurized hand sprayers, larger backpack sprayers, trimmers, blowers, lawn rollers, and hedge trimmers. If you want to keep working throughout the winter, you might consider offering snow removal services and then you will need to purchase a snow blade for your lawnmower. If landscaping is also part of your business then you will need a variety of smaller tools, including shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, pruners, loppers, hedge shears, and picks and these should be stored in lock boxes or racks.All this equipment needs to be loaded onto your trailer and this will determine not only the size but also the weight capacity of the trailer and the tow capacity of your vehicle. At a minimum, a half-ton truck rated for towing is required to tow your average landscape trailer, though considerably more towing power may be necessary depending on what you haul. You also need to ensure that you have the right brakes on your trailer, the federal regulations stipulate that any trailer exceeding 3,000 pounds in gross vehicle weight (GVW) must be equipped with its own electric brakes.When you buy a landscape trailer make sure you do your research and speak to a dealer about the various options. McFarlane’s will be able to help you find the perfect trailer for your landscaping business.

Safely Towing a Trailer in Winter

Safely Towing a Trailer in WinterTowing a trailer at the best of times can be challenging, but towing in the winter can be dangerous and you need to keep yourself acutely aware of your surroundings. It is best not to tow in poor weather conditions, especially if there is a lot of snow and ice on the road, but sometimes it is unavoidable and then you need to take the following precautions.

Maintain your trailer

Always ensure that your trailer is properly maintained. This is important whenever you are going to make a long trip, but it is doubly so when you are driving in adverse weather conditions.

Be prepared

Check your roadside emergency kit before you start your journey. Make sure your kit is always stocked with flares, water, and first-aid essentials. In winter add a spare pair of warm gloves, a hat, ice scrapers, and tire traction mats. If you are making a long trip and are not sure if there will be snow on the roads, it is a good idea to have a set of snow-ready tires in your trailer. Snow tires and chains can keep you on the road when the weather turns nasty, and are especially useful for slowing down safely or breaking on icy roads.

Lose the excess weight

Try to keep your trailer as light as possible. The more weight you have to haul the longer it will take you to stop in an emergency, and this can be compounded by ice on the road. Take a close look at your cargo and see what you can leave behind or save for another trip.

Watch your speed

Visibility is severely reduced in bad weather conditions and you need to drive slowly. Keep at least 8 seconds between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Driving slowly may mean you take longer to get to your destination but at least you will get there.

Brake correctly

Braking hard on icy roads can cause you to jack-knife or skid. When you need to slow down or stop, make sure you brake in a straight line. It is also important to familiarize yourself with your brake control’s manual override. Your trailer brake will have a manual override that lets you hit the trailer brakes directly from the controller, bypassing the tow vehicle brakes. If you go into a skid or slide on an icy road the manual override can help you get out of it safely. When going uphill, try not to use your brakes and rather back off your accelerator and maintain your momentum.

Clear the snow

Before you set off on your trip, take a broom and clear the snow off the top of your trailer. This will prevent large chunks from dropping onto your tow vehicle when you brake. It will also mean that you won’t be dropping snow and ice onto the road as you drive and this will make it safer for other drivers on the road behind you.

Plan your route

Make sure you plan your route before you leave home, and identify a few places where you can safely pull over and wait for the weather to clear if things get too bad. If the route is unfamiliar to you, there are apps that you can use to help you find suitable stopping points along your planned route. Whether you are looking to buy a cargo trailer or service your current one, McFarlane’s can help you. We have one of the widest selections of cargo trailers for sale in Ontario and will ensure that your trailer is well maintained and ready to take on the winter weather.