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Things to Consider Before Customizing Your Trailer

Things to Consider Before Customizing Your TrailerBuying a trailer is a huge investment, and, therefore, it’s good to get something that’s worth your money. While there are many trailer choices and options available in the market, it’s not enough to walk into a dealership and grab an affordable one. You need to consider several other factors before purchasing one, and especially if you’d want a utility trailer customized to your needs.Just as you’d draw a list before you go shopping, so do you need a trailer requirements list to help you make the right choice. Therefore, before walking into a dealership, make sure you know exactly what’s suitable for you.

Here’s What To Consider If You’re Planning To Customize Your Trailer.Establish Your Needs

Of course, the trailer must first meet your needs before any other requirements. After all, you’re buying it to serve a given purpose. So, before checking on the available custom made enclosed trailers, it’s important to think about the function of the trailer. Do you need a trailer to haul building materials or for recreational activities? Once you establish why you need a trailer, go ahead and highlight some of the features you’d like the trailer to have to serve the given purpose. For instance, how big should it be? Does it need sides and a top? What about a top? What load capacity do you need? All these should be answered in your trailer requirements list.


Next, you should think about how you’ll tow the trailer. Remember, your towing vehicle should be compatible with your trailer. Whether you’ll haul the trailer using the family car, truck, or a minivan, be sure to get the right trailer size for easy towing. Again, how far will you be towing the trailer? Can your hauling vehicle comfortably cover that distance? With such questions in mind, you’ll be able to choose the right trailer size. Usually, each vehicle has a specified towing capacity. Check the owner’s manual to find out if the vehicle you have in mind can meet your trailer needs.

Trailer Storage

While most people overlook this factor, it’s very important to establish how your trailer will be stored. Are you planning to store it in a garage or outside? If your trailer is going to share the garage with your car, then the garage should be spacious enough to comfortably hold the two. However, that doesn’t mean you expand the garage. You can get a sizeable trailer that can fit in your garage alongside a car. On the other hand, if you’re planning to store the trailer outside, make sure there’s a shelter in place to protect it from sun, wind, and rain. And again, the size of the shelter will determine the size of the trailer you get.

Buy Or Get A Custom Made Trailer?

As to whether you should buy or get a custom-built trailer entirely depends on your personal preference. But of course, it’s always better to go for the custom made trailer that meets your needs. In case you’d like to add unique customization, or a special function, you should work with McFarlane’s to design and build a custom trailer that meets your trailer specifications.It pays to customize your trailer to meet specific needs. Even so, you need to consider several factors before customizing the trailer to get exactly what you need. You can choose to buy the custom made enclosed trailers already available in the market, or design one by yourself. But even then, consider the factors listed above.

Winter: The Best Time to Buy a Used Trailer

Winter The Best Time to Buy a Used TrailerAre you planning to buy a trailer? Well, that’s a huge investment, and, therefore, be sure to purchase one at the right time so that you don’t throw your money down the drain. In case you didn’t know, figuring out when to buy a trailer can save you lots of money. There are many used trailers for sale, and, therefore, you have a variety to choose from. Even so, buy at the right time to save some money.While most impulsive buyers would time the good weather and purchase a trailer at this time, it pays to buy one when there are only a few buyers interested. At least you won’t end up feeling robbed after purchasing one.

Here’s When To Buy A Used Trailer, In Case You Need One.Buying A Trailer During Winter

The best time to buy a trailer is during winter, and especially in October and November when the sales go down. If you walk into any dealership during this time, you’ll get offers and discounts that are much better than the ones you’d get during the peak months. Because of the low sales volume, they’ll be willing to sell the trailer at a discounted price compared to spring and summer. So, if you’d like to buy a trailer within your budget, wait until winter sets in.

Before A New Model Is Released

When a new model is about to be unveiled, the dealers usually start clearing their stocks to refresh their inventory. While not all dealerships will offer the same discounts, with proper research and a little patience, you’ll get a good offer. Usually, new trailers are released towards the end of winter, which still makes winter the ideal season to buy a trailer. As new trailer models come out, most owners would want to sell their old trailers to get the incoming models. As such, they sell them at a lower price to catch up with the new models.

When The Snow Starts To Melt

If you don’t mind buying a used trailer, it would be best if you buy one at the onset of summer and spring. Usually, at this time, the manufacturers roll out the trailer models, and as such, the old ones are sold at heavy discounts. Additionally, most trailers have a low resale value during this time as most owners tend to do away with their old trailers. Consider getting a used trailer that’s at most 2 years old to save a few dollars.When it comes to buying a used trailer, don’t make rash decisions and throwing your money down the drain. Knowing what you want and when to get it will save you a lot of money. If you know when the new trailer models will hit the market or when the sales will take a downturn, you can take advantage of this and get your trailer at a relatively cheap price. Usually, we have used trailers for sale throughout the year. So, contact us today to find the right one for you.

Winter Tips for Safe and Efficient Trailer Use

Winter Tips for Safe and Efficient Trailer UseIf you’re an expert in towing a single axle utility trailer, driving on snow-covered roads shouldn’t be a problem. However, most highway drivers, including the highly experienced ones, don’t change their skills when driving on icy roads. They forget that such driving conditions need some special skills and expertise for one to get to their destination safely. To overcome the towing challenges that come with poor weather conditions, arm yourself with the following tips.

Keep Your Speed In Check

Most trailer accidents are a result of excessive speed. While it’s legal to tow at the set speed limit, the speed may just be too fast for a snow-covered road. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination. For your safety and to avoid going into a skid, just tow the trailer slowly with lots of stopping distance.

Ensure All Systems Are Working

Towing a faulty trailer on an icy road is more than risky. The trailer may break down in the middle of the trip, and that’s the last thing you’d want to happen on a snowy day. Therefore, before embarking on a long journey, make sure all systems are up to date. During your regular check, ensure that the brakes, defroster, heater, and lights are working properly. Clear the windows and the mirrors of any stains for better visibility.

Keep Some Weight On The Axles

Apart from having your trailer fitted with snow-ready tires, you need extra traction for safe winter driving. While you can achieve a good road grip with proper tire pressure and quality tires, you need to keep additional weight on the tires. If you didn’t know, the additional weight provides extra traction which is needed for you to safely maneuver the snow-covered roads. Sandbags work well for this purpose.

Keep The Trailer Top Snow-Free

Don’t haul a trailer with a snow-packed top, not unless you want to deal with chunks of snow on your tow vehicle during the trip. If you’re towing a trailer covered with snow at the top, you’re likely to shed off some snow into the road, and that increases the trailer’s chances of skidding. Therefore, before you depart, get a broom and clear the snow that’s accumulated on top of the trailer. You may not remove all of it, but at least, whatever will be left is manageable.

Keep Your Battery On Check

You won’t get far with a faulty battery, and, therefore, check the battery before embarking on your journey. Usually, old batteries fail when the temperatures get cold. So, get a new battery in case the one you’re using has lasted for some time. At least with this, you can drive smoothly without breakdowns along the way. You can best do this during the regular maintenance check.

Take An Emergency Kit With You

While you may already have the necessary safety measures in place, it pays to get armed with an emergency kit. Of course, your single axle utility trailer is already packed with one, but there’s no harm in confirming whether the kit contains all the essentials. Make sure you have enough first aid supplies, traction mats, extra warm gloves, and any other item you’ll need for the cold weather.

Keep A Safe Driving Distance

Make sure you leave plenty of space in front, behind, and on the sides of your hauling vehicle whenever possible. Avoid traveling as part of a pack on the highway to maximize the space around your vehicle. Driving too close to other vehicles can lead to unexpected collisions if the vehicle ahead or behind makes an error. So, always keep a safe distance.With these tips, you’re ready to tow your trailer on the icy roads of winter.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Dump Trailer

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Dump TrailerEvery season comes with major concerns and, as always, preparation is essential. As the summer season comes to an end, you must think of how to take care of your dump trailers. This may seem like a non-issue to some folks, but when springtime comes around; you realize how high the cost of negligence can be. Trailer maintenance doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. All that is required is a little will, effort, and proper preparation.With just a few maintenance steps, you will ensure the longevity of your dump trailer and avoid expensive repairs when spring comes.

Clean It

During the winter, no one ever wants to be outside washing anything and with this, it is easy for the trailer to get a little messy. However, if you want your trailer in pristine condition during spring, then you have to wash it as often as possible. This can even mean simply spraying with a hose now and then. Doing this will help remove harmful salt from the trailer and limit rust.

Tire Maintenance

When tires are put in storage for a long period, then the risk of damage becomes higher. Tires degrade easier when not properly maintained in storage during the winter. One way to ensure good maintenance of the tires during the winter months is to take care of the valve stems. You can do this by caring for and protecting them from dirt. As a result, you will be preventing tire leakage.

Properly Store It

If you do not plan to use your dump trailers over the winter season, then proper storage is essential. It’s recommended that you store your trailer indoors to prevent components freezing. One way is to keep it in a cool and dark garage with its tires inflated. Remember that asphalt is the best surface for storing the tires.

Inspect For Rust And Corrosion On All Steel Parts

It’s recommended that you inspect your trailer thoroughly before storage. As you do these, check to see if there are any paint chips or scrapes that require some touch-ups. What you must keep in mind is that these areas may develop rust over time if not attended to right away. Whether you own an all-steel trailer or not, inspection is essential. Give special attention to the seams where tubing attaches to the side sheet metal. This is because moisture easily gets trapped in this area.


When you put your trailer for storage, you must understand that there is a high risk of corrosion. Therefore, it is important that you put in place measures against corrosion. One effective way is to keep greasing the steer axles. Greasing will help you even if you plan to use your trailer during the winter months. Greasing helps protect against the chemicals used to melt snow on the roads.

Emergency Kit With De-Icing Solutions

Even after taking care of all the maintenance items for your dump trailers, you must ensure that you have an emergency kit. This is so that you always have what is essential for any repair needs that may arise during the winter months ahead. For instance, deicing sprays often come in handy when you want to remove ice from the brakes and other parts of the trailer.Taking time to properly prepare to store your trailer during the winter will prove to be of great benefit. You will essentially be protecting your investment in the long run by preventing any possible damage. By maintaining your dump trailers properly, you will get to appreciate the many attached benefits.