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Why a Moritz Dump Trailer Is Perfect for Any Task!

Moritz Dump TrailerLooking for a dump trailer to outperform the competition? At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services, one of our leading dump trailers is made by Moritz. Learn more about this high-quality manufacturer, the advantages of Moritz trailers and how you can get more out of your commercial or everyday dump trailer.

Rugged Designs

Durable 10-gauge steel, cold-formed I-beam and heavy-duty hydraulic systems combine to make a trailer that keeps going through any obstacle. Moritz trailers use a range of high-end materials with convenient features that are designed for everyday use.A gate holdback system prevents your gates from getting in the way as you lift the box of your dump trailer. A scissor hoist or cylinder hoist moves your trailer up and down with precision performance. If you don’t need to dump materials on your farm, construction site or around your home, enjoy the convenient steps and aluminum ramps to load up your trailer with all your professional equipment. Haul an ATV to your favorite trailhead or pack up a skid steer to take to your next jobsite with ease.The best part of a Moritz trailer is its customization. If a typical dump trailer can’t accommodate the weight requirements you need, talk to your local dealer and work with Moritz to create a trailer that hauls the loads you need.

Excellent Performance

Haul just about anything around your construction site with a Moritz trailer. Be sure to check the weight rating of your trailer so you can confidently load it up. Here are some common materials to haul in your Moritz trailer to make your job easier:
  • Sand
  • Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Gravel
  • Stone
  • Pallets
  • Metal piping
DIY hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts, professional landscapers, farmers and general contractors all love versatile trailers from Moritz. A dump trailer does not have to be used to just haul loose materials for dumping. The sturdy floor, walls, gates, and ramps make these trailers great for hauling heavy equipment and materials. At the end of a long workday, you can even use it to transport furniture and boxes as you help a friend or family member move to a new home.

Wide Variety of Options and Accessories

As a leader in trailer manufacturing, Moritz can customize your new dump trailer to match your professional and hobby needs. Take charge of your trailer design by choosing from a wide range of options. Select a trailer that matches the weight capacity and physical size your project needs. Choose between a gooseneck or bumper pull trailer to get the most out of your equipment. This allows you to confidently haul loads day in and day out.After the big designs, it’s time to personalize your trailer with all the add-ons and extras that help make it your own. Rims, D-rings, tarp systems, side wall heights, and spare tire location are all up to you. Discuss your trailer requirements with your local Moritz dealer to settle on a trailer option that gives you everything you could want out of a workhorse of a trailer.Pick out a colour that matches your truck, your company logo or your preference. Moritz trailers can come with a trip lever, hydraulic jack upgrade or a wireless remote for added convenience on the road and on the job.

Find Your Moritz Dump Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services

At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services, we offer a wide range of trailers that fit your budget and your work project. Shop for trailers today to compare Moritz dump trailers with other brands and trailer types. If a Moritz is not your idea of a dream trailer, look for other name-brand trailer options online or at our location in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Buying a Used Trailer? Ask These 6 Important Questions First

Buying a Used Trailer Ask These 6 Important Questions FirstSometimes you have to do specialized hauling, in which case custom made enclosed trailers may be the right choice. However, even if you require a trailer that is custom made, it does not necessarily have to be a new trailer. You may be able to save money by purchasing a used trailer that has already been customized to specifications similar to yours.While you can get a good bargain this way, shop carefully and do your homework first. If the trailer ends up to be poorly suited to the task, or in poor repair, it could end up costing you more money in the long run.When purchasing a used trailer, you have the choice of buying online or purchasing from a dealer. The latter choice may be preferable as you may have the opportunity to inspect the trailer in person and determine if it is a good buy. In either case, however you choose to purchase, you should ask the following questions of yourself and/or the seller beforehand.

What Is the Trailer's Purpose?

There are many types of trailers available, including utility, flatbed, open, and enclosed. The type of trailer you need depends on the type of hauling you intend to do. In other words, you need a trailer that is well suited to its purpose. Once you have determined what purpose the trailer will serve, it will help you narrow down your search options. This is important in the interest of saving time because there are many used trailers available for sale.

How Much Weight Will You Be Towing?

Before purchasing a trailer, you must ensure that it can handle the payload that you intend to haul. Otherwise, this could pose a serious traffic hazard. It can also strain the vehicle unnecessarily that you use for towing. It is better to purchase a trailer with slightly more towing capacity than you will need. This way, you can avoid damaging the axles by overloading them.

How Will You Connect the Trailer to Your Truck?

The answer to the previous question can come to bear on this one. For a load between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds, you may be able to attach the trailer via a hitch at the vehicle's bumper. However, heavier loads may require a fifth wheel or a gooseneck trailer hitch that attaches in the pickup bed.If you already have either type of hitch installed in your truck, you may narrow down your search by looking for trailers that match. However, if necessary, it is possible to convert a gooseneck hitch to a fifth wheel and vice versa.

Is the Trailer in Good Condition?

If possible, you should perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle before purchasing and check the following components:
  • Brakes
  • Bearings
  • Floor
  • Hitch
  • Suspension
  • Tires
If you cannot perform the inspection yourself, you should at least ask the seller for a history of the trailer's maintenance and obtain pictures if possible to conduct a virtual inspection. Be on the lookout for sellers who may be looking to pass off a problem vehicle onto someone else.

Does It Have the Proper Weight Stickers and Serial Numbers?

The trailer should have proper weight stickers and manufacturing serial numbers intact. If not, it is possible that the vehicle may be stolen. If so, steer clear; buying a stolen trailer can get you in trouble with the law.

Is the Title Clear?

You should be able to track the ownership history with the cooperation of the seller. For the purchase to be valid, the title must be clear. Be proactive in making this determination, or it could cause you trouble in the long run.

Where Can You Find Custom Made Enclosed Trailers and More?

McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service offers new and used trailers of all types for sale. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a purchase.

Have Equipment To Haul? This Trailer Is Perfect for You

25ft K-Trail GooseneckWhether you are a landscaper, farmer, builder, excavator or any other professional who uses heavy equipment, you need the right trailer to help you move your gear. People often come to our team at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service to help them find trailers. When someone has something heavy to haul, we recommend the K-Trail 25’ + 5’ Heavy-Duty Gooseneck Equipment Trailer.

Features of the K-Trail Equipment Trailer

This trailer features a huge 25-foot deck with an additional 5 feet on the back thanks to the fold-flat ramps. With the strong gooseneck-style hitch, this trailer can handle any load you throw at it. The floor is hemlock decking, which is very durable and able to handle vehicle tires and tracks. The trailer rests on two 12,000-pound axles allowing a full 22,500-pound payload capacity. It is designed so that the low-profile deck sits 34 inches above the road, making loading and unloading easier. All the metal components are made from galvanized steel. There is a 54-inch chain rack and road-side winch track. The gooseneck is made with 12-inch I-beam aluminum and includes a mount for a spare tire.Overall, this is a tough trailer that can handle a lot of abuse. With its large size, dually axles and Hutch suspension system, this is the right choice for anyone who wants to take on serious cargo.

Advantages of This Trailer

The K-Trail Gooseneck Equipment Trailer continues to be one of our most popular models. It offers great benefits for anyone who needs to move heavy equipment:
  • Galvanized Steel: The metal components are made from galvanized steel. This material choice gives the trailer all the strength of steel without its greatest drawback: rusting. The galvanizing protects the trailer from the elements so you can keep moving your cargo no matter what.
  • Canadian-Made: Many of our customers love that K-Trail is building these trailers right here in Canada. Getting to support our nation’s business is always a good deal.
  • Superior Towing Capacity: The gooseneck design lets users take on heavier loads than would be possible with bumper pull trailers. Additionally, the strong I-beam construction, double axles and heavy-duty deck mean that this trailer can take any cargo you need it to.
  • Large Cargo Surface: The deck is a full 25 feet long and can be made up to 102 inches wide. With the additional 5-foot dovetail with fold-flat ramps, there is plenty of room to fit any heavy equipment you may need to haul.
  • Customization Options: We can customize your trailer to suit your specific needs. If you need different ramps, altered decking or other customizations, we are happy to help make you happy. Just talk with our team about your needs.

Common Uses

This trailer is popular with excavating companies, landscapers, farmers, construction teams and anyone else who needs to carry large grosses on trailers. It can handle anything from a bulldozer to heavy bales of hay.For many larger pieces of equipment, the gooseneck design is a must-have. Bumper-pull hitches are simply incapable of standing up to the strains of larger loads such as shunt trucks or road-paving equipment.Using this trailer requires a large truck and an appropriate mounting point. The McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service team will be happy to help you make sure you have everything you need to carry your heavy equipment.

Learn More

At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service, we specialize in helping customers like you find the right trailers for their needs. Whether you need a small utility trailer or a large heavy-duty one like this K-Trail, we can help you find the right fit. Explore our full selection of trailers for sale to see if we have something that is just right for you. Contact us to learn more about our available options.

Find Versatile Single Axle Utility Trailers at McFarlanes

Single Axle Utility TrailersAt McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service, we know that every customer’s needs are different. We offer a wide selection of single axle utility trailers in different sizes and styles and are confident that we have the perfect choice for your needs. However, figuring out which is right for you can be challenging. Below are some tips and guidance for selecting a utility trailer.

Consider What You Will Be Using It For

The first step in selecting a trailer is to define your needs. Consider what you will be using it for. Try to be as specific and exhaustive as possible. For example, you may be planning to move building supplies. However, this can mean a lot of things ranging from bricks to two-by-fours to door hardware.Most people use utility trailers for a variety of carrying needs. They are great for DIY and light commercial use or a combination of both. Think through all the likely possibilities. You don’t want to buy a trailer only to realize the next month that it isn’t big enough to move your couch, for example. Of course, you also want to be realistic. Not everyone needs to carry six fridges at a time.

Identify the Right Features

What features beyond size do you need for your single axle utility trailer? If you are planning to load vehicles or other heavy items, you may need ramps like the ones on our Millroad MF1480 Flat Deck trailer.Alternatively, steel sides can help keep things contained. This is ideal for transporting many small items such as bricks. Our Canada Trailers 5x8 trailer is a good example of this style.Some trailers also have drop-down sides and/or fronts. For example, our K-Trail Galvanized 5’ 6” x 10’ 3” trailer has a drop-down front that can make accessing the cargo in the trailer easier.

Think About the Conditions

Are you using your trailer only in the summer or will you be hauling things all year? Are you expecting it to take a beating during loading and unloading? Will you be carrying anything that can damage the trailer? These are important considerations for your trailer.Check out a Millroad aluminum trailer if you expect to be dealing with harsh conditions or corrosive materials. Aluminum is naturally rust- and corrosion-resistant. Alternatively, you may consider a steel trailer if you expect to be taking on jobs where the trailer could take a bit more wear and tear.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Many people forget to think about what they are going to do with the trailer when they aren’t using it. This may change your decision on trailer material and finish. If you expect to need to store it outside, you will likely need a more rugged trailer. However, if you're going to keep it in a garage, that may not be as important of a consideration. Additionally, this should affect the size of the trailer you pick. How much free space do you have for storing it? If it is a work trailer, this may not be as big of an issue. If you are using it for personal needs, an overly large trailer could dominate your driveway.

Choose Your Trailer

The above guidance should help you narrow down your search for a trailer. There are lots of factors to consider when you select a single axle utility trailer. Fortunately, McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service has plenty of options to choose from.Whether you need a large, flat trailer or small trailer with sides, we have something that can work for you. Feel free to contact our team if you need help choosing the right option for your needs. We are happy to lend our expertise to your decision-making process. Check out all our single axle utility trailers today.