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Tackle Your Spring DIY Project With a Utility Trailer From Canada Trailers

Canada TrailersYour spring cleaning isn’t complete without the right equipment for the job. Whether you’re hauling away scrap, moving feed on the farm or picking up great deals on furniture, explore the many ways a Canada Trailers single axle utility trailer can help you tackle your spring projects. Compare key features, common uses and the price of this dynamic trailer for years of efficient cleaning.

Key Features

A spring suspension and 3,500-pound axle give you plenty of hauling capacity for heavy-duty loads. The 725-pound curb weight means this single axle trailer is light enough for even an SUV or car to pull a light load to your home or summer cottage.A solid ramp rear door is a great way to easily load up your professional equipment, furniture and other loads. Drop the door and easily walk up to your trailer bed for convenient loading and unloading.Sealed beam LED lighting makes for energy-efficient and long-lasting brake lights. The harness system protects wiring from moisture issues as you load up your trailer for year-round performance.Powder-coated, sand-blasted and phosphate-treated D-rings make easy tie-down points to store a lawn mower, dirt bike or couch for safe travels. Choose a trailer that offers safe and convenient tie-down points to prevent heavy loads from shifting or falling out of your open utility trailer.Don’t forget the convenience of an open-topped utility trailer. By leaving off the roof and much of the sides, an open design dramatically reduces the curb weight of your trailer. It’s easy to see what’s in an open trailer and you don’t have to worry about as much wind resistance. Of course, an enclosed trailer offers more protection from the elements, but an open design is easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about a leaking roof.

Common DIY Projects

A utility trailer is extremely versatile for professional and household projects. Pick up this convenient trailer for small construction projects. Save on gas money and avoid navigating busy city streets by choosing a compact trailer design instead of a full-sized work hauler. Here are other common uses for this size of trailer:
  • Moving furniture
  • Hauling professional lawn care equipment
  • Removing scrap metal
  • Transporting dirt bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles
Farmers, off-road enthusiasts, construction workers and many others love single axle utility options. Compare this trailer size and dimensions with other options to find out how you can enjoy compact, efficient transportation.Scrap metal on your property affects your curb appeal and can get in the way of your outdoor projects. Whether you have an outdated lawn mower, old water heater or loose scrap, find out how you can haul it in for recycling or sell it for scrap. This is a helpful way to earn some money while cleaning up your property.Drive your off-road vehicle onto your new utility trailer and set off for the nearest trailhead. If your off-road vehicle isn’t street legal or if you’re driving to a distant place, use your truck or SUV and utility trailer to take on a new, exciting trail. If you have a damaged off-road vehicle that you can’t fix on your own, load it up to take it to your nearby mechanic to restore your ride this spring.

Learn More at McFarlane Trailer Sales

Shop for single axle utility trailers at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service today to compare other leading brands with this versatile option from Canada Trailers. Gear up for an exciting spring cleaning project around your home or job site. Whether you’re looking for an efficient choice for occasional hauling or a durable trailer for heavy-duty work projects, find leading options and prices at our online store. Compare common trailer types and receive name-brand quality at a lower cost.

How To Make Money Using Your Dump Trailer!

Make Money Using Your Dump TrailerLooking for a great way to make some extra cash on the weekends? Invest in a quality dump trailer and enjoy these convenient opportunities to haul extra loads or transport your equipment to earn money on the side. Dump trailers are great for construction workers, farmers and now for anyone looking for a side job.

Haul Junk

If you have scrap metal or vehicles on your property, a heavy-duty trailer can help you haul all that scrap to the junkyard. Depending on the price of scrap, you can make a good deal of money on metal and vehicles that would otherwise sit and rust.Ask around your neighbourhood or workplace for individuals who need removal services. Many homeowners would be happy to have scrap metal removed for free from their property, which allows you to make money hauling unused items away to sell.Even if the scrap and junk isn’t worth money at the dump, you can still use your trailer to earn money this way. Simply charge homeowners for the haul-away services and make money by helping out with spring cleaning in your area.

Offer Snow Removal and Landscaping Services

Few homeowners enjoy taking care of their own landscaping and snow removal. Load up your trailer with a snowblower, ATV with a snow shovel, mulch, topsoil or lawn mowing equipment. All these items are difficult to load into a truck, so a dump trailer can give you the flexible transportation you need to provide these services to your friends and family or to start a side business.Hauling your lawn mower to another property is convenient and a great way to make money in the evenings. If you enjoy working outdoors and already have your own snow removal and landscaping equipment, all that’s missing is a trailer and some ramps to haul it around the community.A dump trailer is an excellent option for landscaping because it’s so versatile. Load up your wheelbarrow, lawn mower and other equipment and drop them off at the job site. Next, pick up a load of mulch or topsoil and enjoy easy dumping exactly where you need it.

Help Move Furniture and Household Items

Move furniture for retirees, newly married couples, college students and other households in your area. Moving can be a stressful time, so many households choose to hire a moving service. Haul household items with your new trailer to enjoy some extra cash. Whether you offer to load up items or simply transport them, pick up moving jobs to earn money in the evenings or over weekends.This is a great way to help out your community while making some cash. If you’re working with people in your area, you can charge less than professional moving companies because you have less distance to drive. Work with individuals who are hard up for cash and provide a service that benefits them while still earning you some money.

Save Money on Shipping Costs

While not a way to make extra money, picking up your own appliances and heavy equipment is a great way to save money. Don’t pay for shipping to your construction site or for your new refrigerator, water heater or furniture. Choose a dump trailer that’s large enough to handle these bulky items and pick them up in store for safe transportation and convenient savings.

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At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services, we offer a wide range of name-brand dump trailers. Contact us or shop for dump trailers today to enjoy an affordable, reliable money-making trailer. Compare warranties, trailer specifications and brand names to get more out of your truck and enjoy a little side money.

Are the Wheel Bearings on Your Trailer Failing? Call McFarlanes!

Call Mc Farlene for Trailer NeedsKeeping your trailer rolling smoothly down the road requires well-serviced wheel bearings. Find out how to protect bearings from damage and enjoy long-lasting results with quality repairs by our team at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service. Shop our trailers for sale or restore your reliable trailer today.

Benefits of Quality Wheel Bearings

Trailer wheels use wheel bearings to allow each wheel to spin independently and with reduced friction. Well-lubricated wheels keep your trailer driving smoothly and reduce the risk of overheating. Whether you’re hauling your trailer across the country or just pulling it around your property, be sure you keep your wheel bearings lubricated.A typical maintenance service for your bearings is repacking. This service replaces grease throughout the bearing and ensures a long life through good lubrication. If you’ve ever heard squealing wheels or felt excessive resistance as you tried to pull your trailer, you understand the benefits of lubrication.

Signs of Bad Wheel Bearings

Don’t let lack of lubrication stall your trailer or cause an accident. Here are some common signs to watch out for as you haul your work materials or off-road vehicles:
  • Grinding noises
  • Clicking
  • Resistance
  • Tire wear
  • Excessive heat
Listen for grinding and clicking noises by connecting your trailer and finding an area where it can be driven slowly and safely. An empty parking lot or your driveway is a great place to test your bearings. Stand safely to the side of your trailer as a friend slowly drives forward. Listen for sounds as the trailer tires pass you. Repeat the process on the other side to test the other wheels.The best way to check for resistance is to jack up your trailer. Secure your trailer with the wheel in the air. Be sure it’s properly supported and then try to move a wheel. It should spin freely and have a slight amount of play. If it doesn’t spin or has too much or too little play, it’s time to lubricate or adjust your wheels.Just like your vehicle’s wheels, your trailer’s wheels may wear out quickly if the suspension system or bearings need servicing. Check your trailer tires for signs of wear. If you experience uneven wear, it’s time to have your suspension and bearing system inspected. Don’t risk a blown tire or continue to replace trailer tires; take advantage of affordable repair services.Finally, checking for excessive heat requires you to drive at highway speeds for at least 10 miles. Once you’ve traveled this far, find a place to safely pull off the road and come to a stop. Place a hand near your trailer’s wheel hubs and carefully touch them. If they are too hot to touch, you need to lubricate your wheel bearings.

Inspection Services

Thankfully, your local trailer service provider can assist you in identifying any signs of wear or lack of lubricant. Work with a local expert to find out if your trailer in Ontario needs to have repair services or more lubricant. Preventative maintenance is far more affordable than repair parts, so be sure you have your trailer checked up and ask about routine inspection services.Care for your equipment to enjoy long-lasting quality. While your trailer may not need as much maintenance and servicing as your truck, making sure to complete a few key maintenance tasks can keep you hauling professional loads or accomplishing DIY projects.

Call McFarlanes To Restore Your Trailer

At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service, you’ll meet some of the best technicians in the business. Contact us today to discuss any concerns you may have with your trailer. Work with reliable professionals in your area to enjoy a full-service trailer repair or simple lubrication service. If you’re ready to trade up for a new trailer with a higher weight rating, ask us about our extensive line of trailers for sale.

A Custom Enclosed Trailer From Bravo Is Ready for Any Job!

Bravo Custom Enclosed TrailerCheck out the 2020 Bravo V-nosed 7’x14’ tandem enclosed trailer today at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service. This excellent trailer is just one of our many custom made enclosed trailers. Compare the top features of this trailer, consider common uses and learn how you can personalize your enclosed trailer to get the most out of your investment.

Top Features of the Bravo V-Nose Trailer

From tongue to ramp, this trailer has plenty of features for almost any use. With a width of 7 feet and a 14-foot length, you can haul plenty of materials or equipment. Stand and walk comfortably through your enclosed trailer with just over 7ft of height.This trailer has a payload of 4,947lbs and has a GVW of 7,000lbs, with a curb weight of 2,053lbs. This translates into a durable trailer that can handle an impressive load. It’s rugged enough for a stable carrying capacity but lightweight enough to not overload your truck. The medium rear ramp door drops down for a convenient loading ramp. Pull in with your off-road vehicle or enjoy an easy walk in and out of your trailer.A durable Drymax floor, two axles and Black Mod wheels ensure a long-lasting trailer. Once you hook up and hit the road, you’ll have high-visibility LED lighting and brakes on both axles to stay safe. Spring suspension prevents extreme jostling as you navigate bumpy roads.Of course, as a V-nosed enclosed trailer, you’ll have the maximum storage space that’s protected from the elements. The sturdy tube walls protect your storage space from rain, snow, wind and UV rays. A side door makes it easy to quickly access small parts and materials stored in the front of your Bravo trailer.

Common Uses

An enclosed trailer is convenient for many professional projects and hobbies. Whether you work around the farm or on the construction site, use your trailer to haul tools and supplies. The front door and rear ramp make it easy to load up your trailer with construction materials, sawhorses, saws and all your hand tools. At the end of a job, roll all your tools back into your trailer and lock it up for safe storage. Farmers can easily store tools out of the elements and take them all around their property. If you run out of space in your truck, load up a trailer to haul it across the property.This spacious Bravo trailer is large enough to carry motorcycles, ATVs or snowmobiles. As a toy hauler, you’ll love the large rear ramp. Drive up, strap your off-road vehicles down and gear up for a road trip to the next trailhead.The best part of an enclosed V-nose trailer is its versatility. You don’t have to commit to it being a trailer for work or play. At the end of a stressful week, pull your tools out, drive up a dirt bike, pack up your camping gear and head out for an unforgettable long weekend.

Custom Options

Invest in shelving, spare tires, locks or other accessories for your trailers. If a stock trailer doesn’t have the specific features you need, personalize it with a few must-have accessories. From safety gear to storage items, accessories help you get more out of your enclosed trailer at work and around your property.

Compare With Other Trailers at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service

This impressive 14-foot enclosed trailer is just one amazing option available at McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service. Compare this 2020 Bravo trailer with other tandem axle enclosed trailers today to discover how you can enjoy an affordable, reliable piece of equipment for years of projects at home and on the job.