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5 Things To Consider When Buying a Trailer for Your Motorcycle

5 Things To Consider When Buying a Trailer for Your MotorcycleMotorcycle trailers are an ideal way to haul your bike. Whether you’re hauling a dirt bike to the next trailhead or taking your cruiser with you on vacation, there are many reasons to use a quality trailer to load up your ride. Here are five important things to consider when shopping for trailers for your motorcycle and where you should go to get the best selection of affordable trailers.1. Storage CapacityNot all bikes and trailers are created equal. Just because a trailer is rated for hauling a motorcycle doesn’t mean it can fit your bike. Check the weight of your motorcycle and any extra equipment to see the minimum weight rating required for your trailer. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your bike to find a trailer with plenty of room. Ask about the weight rating of the rear ramp. There’s nothing worse than cracking, bending, or damaging a ramp that isn’t rated for your bike’s weight.2. Towing LimitYour bike-hauling trailer is also limited by your vehicle. Check the towing limits of your truck, SUV, or other vehicles before you invest in a heavy-duty trailer. Match the towing capacity with the total weight of your bike, gear, and trailer. Don’t push the limits of your vehicle and damage it on your first ride, but select a lightweight option that won’t overload your four-wheeled ride. Aluminum and open trailer designs are great options to reduce the total weight of your trailer to allow for safe towing.3. Enclosure TypeAn enclosed trailer is an ideal option for most bike owners. A complete enclosure protects your bike from water, flying stones, insects, and other debris on the road. Keeping your bike safe in an enclosed trailer is the best way to protect its paint job and ensure a dry bike when you get to your destination. Whether you’re driving in winter or summer, the best protection comes from an enclosed trailer.There are a few advantages to an open trailer, however. Open options are versatile and can be used to haul other loads easily. They are far more lightweight and affordable than an enclosed trailer, making them a great option for hauling with an SUV and motorcycle transportation on a budget.4. ManufacturerThere are plenty of manufacturers to choose from when it comes to motorcycle trailers. Compare brand names to find the ideal size, frame style and color. These trailers can come in steel or aluminum framing and have a range of stylish color options.Aluminum trailers are lightweight, rust-resistant, and convenient for long-term use in high moisture environments. These sturdy trailers can withstand snow, rain and other wet conditions without needing keep-up on the paint job to prevent rust. Steel trailers are reliable and affordable, so they’re a common option from many trailer manufacturers.5. AccessoriesDon’t forget all those accessories that make a trailer your own. Save money on aftermarket accessories by finding a trailer that has the brakes, ramps, lights and tie-down features you need. Don’t settle for a generic trailer, but tailor your investment to match your specific bike and towing vehicle.Some commonly missed accessories include tie-down points, running lights and a spare tire. These features improve the safety and convenience of your trailer. Whether you’re hauling your bike down the road or across the country, be sure your trailer keeps it safe and secure.

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An In-Depth Look at Moritz Dump Trailers

Moritz Dump TrailersWhen you are searching for a dump trailer, it can be hard to tell certain models apart. Many of them look similar and have more or less the same specifications. However, this does not mean that they are all equal. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we strive to educate and inform all our customers. Below, we take a closer look at Moritz dump trailers, their features, and reasons to choose this line of products.

Moritz Trailer Features

Moritz dump trailers are feature-rich and ready to take on whatever tasks you can throw at them. These are some of the standard and optional features you can enjoy with one of these powerful pieces of equipment:
  • 8-Inch Cold-Formed I-Beam: The trailer’s frame is made from 8-inch I-beams. This gives it a very strong foundation, meaning you can take on major cargo with these trailers. No matter what you need to haul, your Moritz trailer will be up to the task.
  • Spring-Latch Coupler: When connecting the trailer to the hitch, the coupler is spring-latched. You don’t need to pull anything back or fuss with any safety chains. Just line it up and lower the trailer onto the hitch with the jack.
  • EZ-Lube Hubs: The wheels feature EZ-lube hubs. This makes maintaining your wheels with grease much easier.
  • Easy-Open Gate: One of the best features of the Moritz dump trailers is the easy-to-open rear gate. Simply lift up on the spring-loaded latch to open. There’s no need for safety chains or cam bar.
  • Gate Hold Back: When you open the gate, you can latch it open using the gate hold back. This is spring-loaded on the side of the trailer. Simply open the gate up all the way and it will automatically latch open. Then, lift up on the latch to release.
  • Optional Trip Lever: The gate can be opened upwards like a tailgate. You can get an optional trip lever to make this easy to manipulate from the side of the trailer. Better yet, this can be activated from your truck using a simple lead.
  • Optional Hydraulic Jack: You can choose to have your trailer fitted with a hydraulic jack instead of a hand crank. This makes raising and lowering the trailer as easy as a push of a button (literally).
Every inch of the Moritz line of trailers has been carefully thought out. The metalwork is high-quality and designed to last. All the controls have been designed with real-world needs in mind.

Reasons To Consider a Moritz Trailer

Overall, Moritz dump trailers are very easy to use. They feature strong construction with robust parts such as the 8-inch I-beams and diamond-plated fenders. Whatever you're doing, you can be confident your trailer will always be up for the task.With helpful features like the spring-loaded gate latch and coupler, you can easily use your trailer. Most parts can be used one-handed if you are carrying something at the same time. Plus, with the optional trip lever, you can easily spread your load while driving your truck. This is perfect for using your trailer to spread gravel along a pathway.The attentive thought that is put into each feature of the Moritz trailers makes them worth serious consideration. If you are looking for a well-made and user-friendly trailer, this should be on your list.

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Versatile Ways To Use an Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed TrailerAre you looking for enclosed trailers for sale or searching for new ways to use your trailer? An enclosed trailer is an incredibly versatile tool to have around your home, at the job site, and on vacation. Check out these creative ways to use your trailer today.

Haul Furniture

Getting ready for a big move? Whether you, a neighbour or family member is preparing to move, an enclosed trailer is a convenient way to haul boxes, furniture, and other household items. Send your kid to college, help a friend move, or haul furniture to your cottage without worrying about damage from the elements.

Head to a Campsite

Rather than trying to cram all your camping gear into your vehicle, take advantage of a spacious transportation option when you’re headed out for a wilderness vacation. Bring your recreational vehicle along with you for an unforgettable experience in the wilderness. An enclosed trailer protects your gear from curious animals and ensures your tent, off-road vehicles and other gear arrive warm and intact.Check the weight rating of your trailer or shop for trailers with convenient rear ramps and high weight limits. Don’t overload an undersized trailer with a bike or ATV, but enjoy hassle-free transportation with a durable and lightweight enclosed trailer.

Transport Your Professional Gear

Construction workers need a reliable transportation option for their tools and equipment. Set up your trailer as a moving workshop with all your tools, workbenches, and materials. This prevents extra trips back to your shop or the hardware store when you’re working on a major project. Lock up your trailer at the end of the day and leave it at the job site to avoid commuting with a heavy load every day.Unlike an open trailer, an enclosed option gives you the protection you need. Don’t risk losing your costly tools and equipment due to theft or improperly secured items; be confident all your equipment will make it to the job site and back without any issue.As a tech professional, a creative way to use a trailer is as a movable office. Set up your office space to move your cozy work environment wherever you travel. Work in the middle of the wilderness, at the seaside or on any vacation without interrupting your workflow.

Store Items Safely

If you need temporary or permanent storage on your property, an enclosed trailer is an ideal space. Use it as a moveable shed and move it around your property as you work on your garden or lawn. Start slowly packing items that are going to be moved or sold so you can free up space in your home or garage.A movable storage option offers many creative and convenient ways to stow away your belongings. Put all your seasonal items in it and park it in a corner of your property out of your way. Consider loading it up with camping gear and other summertime essentials so you’re ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice.

Tackle Landscaping Projects

Gardening tools, mulch, a lawnmower, and other landscaping items are easy to store and transport in your enclosed trailer. This makes it easy to manicure your lawn and create custom garden areas or flower beds all-around your property. Don’t spend hours struggling with a wheelbarrow or pushing your lawnmower across your yard; create a moving garden shed for convenient DIY projects.

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We Do Annual Trailer Safety Inspections!

Trailer Safety InspectionsIn Canada, trailers need to be inspected annually for safety if they are used for commercial purposes. Getting your inspection is not only the law, but it is essential for ensuring that you can use your trailer safely. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we provide annual inspections and stickers. Just bring your trailer by to take care of this important legal requirement.

When Is an Inspection Required?

To be used legally, trailers need to have an annual inspection and a sticker showing that they have passed. However, there is an exemption that allows trailers used for personal purposes to avoid getting the inspection if they meet a few criteria:
  • The truck and trailer are being used for personal use (uncompensated).
  • The truck and trailer are not carrying cargo (equipment, tools, materials etc.) that would typically be used for commercial purposes.
  • The gross vehicle weight rating of the truck must be less than 6,500 kilograms.
  • The box on the truck must be unmodified and installed by the manufacturer. Alternatively, an unmodified replacement box that duplicates the original is acceptable.
In other words, trailers that are being used for commercial purposes need to have an inspection sticker. Additionally, if the GVWR is over 6,500 kilograms, an inspection sticker is required regardless of the use type. If the trailer is used for mixed purposes (occasional commercial), it may also be exempt. However, the GVWR of the truck, trailer, and cargo together must be less than 4,500 kilograms.

What Is Involved in a Trailer Inspection?

When you bring your trailer in for inspection, we will carefully examine it to ensure that it complies with relevant National Safety Standards and legislation. These are the main systems that should be checked:
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Body
  • Tires and wheels
  • Coupler/hitch
  • Electrical systems
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Lights
Additionally, your truck needs to be inspected, including its power train, steering, and all the above. If you pass the inspection, we provide you with a sticker to indicate that your trailer has been successfully checked. You must prominently display this sticker on your trailer.

Why Are Inspections Important?

You may wonder why you need to bother with getting your trailer inspected. Many people are slow to take care of this important step.First, it is important to remember that in Canada, trailers need to be inspected by law. So, if you want to use your trailer, especially for consistent commercial purposes, you need to get the sticker to comply with relevant highway laws. It doesn’t take long to get your inspection, so you may as well get it done and be in compliance with the law.Second, the inspection is for your safety. If your trailer’s brake system or wheels are not working smoothly, for example, you could suddenly lose control of your trailer on the road. With the heavy loads in some trailers, this could cause a severe accident. The inspection process helps to identify these issues early so that you can address them before they become serious problems.It is also important for the safety of others. Losing control of your trailer on the road could damage property and significantly harm people. You don’t want to have it on your conscience that failing to take care of your trailer caused an injury or worse to someone else. Plus, you could be liable for significant damages. Get your inspection; it is worth the small investment of time.

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