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3 Benefits of Buying An Enclosed Trailer

Benefits of Buying An Enclosed TrailerWhen you’re ready to purchase a top-quality trailer, look no further than McFarlane Trailer Sales. With our wide selection from top brands like Wells Cargo, Mission, EZ Hauler, and Bravo and Pace, plus our custom-made enclosed trailers, you’re sure to find the right model at our dealership. We even offer used trailers to fit both your budget and your hauling needs.To narrow down your options, think about your requirements when it comes to protecting and securing your cargo, as well as the space you’ll normally need for what you’re hauling. Choosing an enclosed model might be the best way to tick all the boxes, so take a closer look at the benefits of this type of trailer.

Weather Protection

There’s almost nothing you can haul that wouldn’t be better off staying out of the elements. Whether it’s blazing sunshine in the summertime or frigid wind and snow in the winter, weather conditions can do a number on your precious cargo. An enclosed hauler provides shelter and protection for:
  • Vehicles: An enclosed trailer helps maintain the pristine condition of a classic car on its way to a show and avoid rust and corrosion on bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, or boats.
  • Vulnerable Items: Enclosing your cargo prevents destruction from wind, rain, and sun when you’re hauling anything that isn’t weatherproofed.
  • Workspaces: Four walls and a roof defend against damage to amenities such as electrical outlets and cabinetry if you use your trailer as a portable workshop.

Secure Transport

The security of your cargo is an important consideration, whether you are sticking close to home or going on long hauls. Moving your payload in an enclosed trailer can minimize the risk that comes with transporting valuable equipment.Unlike an open trailer, an enclosed model keeps cargo from falling off the bed, even if it hasn’t been tied down securely. Your load is also safer from theft and vandalism with an enclosed trailer, and it’s easy to add security systems such as padlocks for an extra level of protection.Even if you don’t move cargo, you’ll have less to worry about when you want to leave your enclosed trailer at your worksite and head home for the day. Just lock it and leave it, knowing that whatever your trailer holds it’ll be safe from prying eyes and grabbing hands.

Added Space

If you worry that you don’t haul enough payloads to make investing in a new trailer worth it, remember that you can make great use of an enclosed model by employing it in any number of ways. An enclosed trailer provides additional storage space that will stay put for as long as you need it to. It can even function as an extra room for your home or business.Taking advantage of our customizable options can make your enclosed trailer even more versatile. Just add shelving and tables to transform your trailer into a hobby space or workshop, or outfit it for easy transport and clean-up of outdoor recreational gear. An enclosed trailer can also be designed to support almost any mobile business, from auto detailing to catering to pet grooming. It's possible to order a trailer built to your specifications regardless of how you plan to use yours.For protection, security, and versatility, check out your options at McFarlane Trailer Sales. While an enclosed trailer might be just what you’re looking for, that’s just the start of what we offer. We pride ourselves on standing behind every hauler we sell, whether you purchase an open bed, flatbed, tilt bed, or enclosed trailer. We also offer easy financing and feature a wide selection of trailer parts, so give us a call today.  

3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Single Axle Utility Trailer

Things To Consider Before Buying A Single Axle Utility TrailerBuying a single axle utility trailer is one of the best investments you can make for your business or for recreation. Utility trailers are versatile and significantly improve the functionality of any vehicle you tow them with. Even so, you do need to consider a few things before making a final decision on which trailer is right for you and your needs.

1. Can Your Vehicle Tow This Trailer?

Before you purchase any trailer, it’s crucial that you determine the capabilities of your existing vehicle. Talk to your mechanic and consult your manual to determine what your vehicle can handle based on its specs and current condition.When you determine the capability, try to use 80% or less of that capacity. For example, if your truck has a tow rating of 10,000 lbs, the gross weight of the trailer should be 8,000 lbs or less. This reduces wear and tear on the vehicle and ensures better towing stability.You also need to determine whether your vehicle has an existing tow package. If it doesn’t, you might need to install a hitch and trailer connections. Depending on the weight you intend to carry and the gradient of the areas you travel through, you might also need a bigger transmission cooler.Finally, consider the hitch setup. Some utility trailers are bumper pulls, while others require gooseneck configurations. Bumper pulls tend to be less expensive but gooseneck trailers are more stable and tend to have higher weight capacities. Note that you need a pickup truck to tow a gooseneck trailer.

2. What Is Your Intended Use?

Consider what you need it for today and what you might use it for a year from now. If you need a utility trailer for work and play, consider the different requirements of both and see how best a custom trailer can meet those needs. Here are some examples:
  • Clean-Ups: When you have multiple people working on a cleanup site, utility trailers are a perfect choice. There is easy access for each person to secure everything from bags of leaves to pieces of old furniture.
  • Construction: Pickup trucks are great for construction, but even the longest bed and cab configurations are no match for utility trailers. You can use trailers to carry machines, tools, lumber and other essentials for the job.
  • Recreation: With the cost of RVs and camping gear rising, people have turned to utility trailers as nice alternatives. They are great for hauling camping gear, recovery gear, kayaks and even attaching a rooftop tent with the appropriate racks.

3. Is the Single Axle Utility Trailer Right Trailer for You?

Tow vehicle compatibility and intended use are the two biggest determining factors for whether this trailer is right for you. However, there are a few more factors to keep in mind:
  • Weight: Each axle increases the weight limit for your utility trailer. Consequently, you might need more than just one axle if you plan to haul heavy loads. If you’re transporting UTVs or large trees, for example, you might need a different trailer.
  • Maneuverability: Most trailer owners find single-axle trailers much easier to maneuver and back into tight spots. If you have limited space or need to back the trailer around tight curves, the single axle utility trailer might be the best option for you.
  • Cost: If you’re looking for a low-cost trailer to get you started, you would be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option. You can lower prices even more by buying one used.
At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we sell both custom-built and used trailers. This makes it easy for you to find the right single axle utility trailer that suits your needs and your budget. Whether you want to grow your business or just have a new hobby the trailer can help out with, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to get started.

The Advantage of Buying a New Trailer at McFarlanes

The Advantage of Buying a New Trailer at McFarlanesWhen it's time to buy a trailer for business or a hobby, you want to get the most for your money since a trailer is a big expense. You may start looking at used trailers for sale since they are often more cost-efficient, but there are numerous reasons to consider buying a new trailer. Here's what you need to know to decide if a new trailer is right for you.

New Trailers Have Warranties

Just like cars, trailers come with warranties so you are not responsible for the cost of repairs if something on the trailer malfunctions prematurely. Unlike used cars, however, used trailers don't transfer their warranties to the new owner. You won't have a warranty on a trailer unless you buy a new one.

New Trailers Are Customizable

When you buy a used trailer, you have to take it as-is. If you buy a new trailer, on the other hand, you have the option to customize it to fit your unique needs. Create a customized trailer to haul all of your equipment for your lawn care company or tailor your trailer to carry all of your camping gear. The options are nearly endless when it comes to trailer customization if you choose to buy new.

New Trailers Last Longer

Because a trailer is a huge expense, you want the one you buy to last for many years. When you buy a used trailer, chances are good that it was used hard by its previous owner. You may only get a couple of years of use out of a used trailer. New trailers will last longer because they have no wear and tear when you take ownership. You can be confident that your investment in a new trailer will last many years.

New Trailers Require Less Maintenance

Used trailers often have a lot of wear and tear from their previous owners. Because of this, you will likely need to perform extra maintenance on trailers that you buy secondhand. If you buy a new trailer, you don't have to put as much maintenance into it to keep it running smoothly. You probably will not have to perform maintenance on a new trailer for at least several years after buying it.

Find a Great Selection of New Trailers at McFarlanes

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we carry a wide variety of new trailers from brands you know and trust. Each of the trailers on our lot is made with the latest technology and high-quality parts to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Our inventory includes models from the following brands:When you decide to buy a new trailer, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options on the market. At McFarlane's, we have a team of friendly staff members who are ready to help you find the perfect trailer for you. We will take your individual needs into consideration and help you choose the trailer that best meets those needs. We can even help you with customization options and financing if needed. We are committed to helping you find the perfect trailer for you, so you can expect us to guide you through the entire buying process.A new trailer is a great investment whether you need it for business purposes or a hobby. Finding the right new trailer is important, and you can trust the team at McFarlane's to help you find the perfect one. If you think a new trailer is the right option for you, stop by our lot today or contact us today to ask about our inventory and start the trailer-buying process.

Why is a Dump Trailer More Convenient than a Dump Truck?

Why is a Dump Trailer More Convenient than a Dump Truck?If you own a business that requires you to move material from one point to another, such as a landscaping or construction company, you could benefit from equipment that makes it easier to not only transport the material but unload it as well. Dump trailers and dump trucks both have the capacity to tilt the cargo bed to release the material inside. The difference between the two is that a dump truck is a self-contained, self-sufficient vehicle, while a dump trailer has to be hooked up to another vehicle to be able to transport its cargo from one place to another.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dump Trailers?

Dump trailers are more versatile than dump trucks. They have some of the same features as dump trucks, such as a strong lifting mechanism and a wide bed, so they can handle the same types of material in approximately the same way. However, trailers offer more customization options than dump trucks because of the wider range of designs and styles available. Furthermore, a dump trailer is removable, so the vehicle used to tow it can also be used for other purposes, if desired, merely by unhooking the dump trailer from it as needed.Another advantage of the dump trailer is that it is much more affordable than a dump truck. However, that assumes that you already have a vehicle available to pull the trailer. If you do not already have a suitable vehicle, you have to buy another one, which adds to the overall cost. Even if you already own a vehicle that you wish to use to tow your dump trailer, you must first make sure that it has the necessary capacity. It may be that your current vehicle lacks the necessary strength. Be sure to factor in the weight of the load in addition to the mass of the trailer itself. Additionally, take the terrain over which you must haul the material. The vehicle you have may be adequate to haul the trailer over some types of terrain but not others. Fortunately, because dump trailers are versatile and customizable, it may be possible to adapt a trailer for compatibility with the vehicle you already have to better suit your needs.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dump Trucks?

If you frequently haul very large and heavy loads, a dump truck may be preferable to a dump trailer. Dump trucks have a hauling capacity of 14 tons, meaning that they can handle any load, large or small. Compared to dump trailers, dump trucks are more stable during operation, even when the load is awkward or heavy because they consist of a single integrated vehicle. The combined nature of the dump truck also means that there is no need to purchase a separate vehicle for towing.However, with a price tag of up to $100,000, you may not be able to justify the cost of purchasing a dump truck. Even if you have to purchase a separate vehicle to tow a dump trailer, the combined price may be less than what you would spend to purchase a dump truck. If you haul materials only occasionally, you may not be able to justify the cost.There are fewer varieties of designs and styles of dump trucks than there are of dump trailers. As a result, compared to a trailer, a dump truck is less versatile. There are also fewer choices when it comes to dump truck size. This can be awkward if you have to haul loads that are smaller than the dump truck's maximum capacity.If you do only occasional dumping, haul loads of varying sizes, or have a limited budget with which to purchase equipment, a dump trailer may be the piece of equipment you are looking for. McFarlane's stocks a variety of new and pre-owned dump trailers from top Canadian manufacturers in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Learn more about our selection.