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Ways to Ensure An E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailer Holds its Value

Ways to Ensure An E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailer Holds its ValueWhether you own an E-Z Hauler trailer for personal or professional use, you want to preserve the value of your trailer because it is a huge investment. You need to make the most of the money you spent by keeping your trailer in good condition. This habit also raises the resell value of your trailer if you decide you don't need it anymore. Use these four tips to ensure you keep your trailer in great shape and maintain its value.

Buy a Trailer Made of High-Quality Aluminum

If you want your trailer to last for many years and still have some resell value, you need to make sure you purchase one that is made from top-quality materials. You may find cheaper trailers, but they won't be made of the best materials, so they won't hold their value for long. It's best to purchase a high-quality trailer from a reputable brand such as E-Z Hauler. These trailers are constructed of durable aluminum and designed to last for many years with frequent usage. As long as these trailers are cared for properly, they will maintain their value so that you can regain some of your money if you ever decide to sell your trailer.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Much like vehicles, custom-made enclosed trailers have longer lifespans when they are properly maintained. If you just buy a trailer and drive it until it is no longer functional without putting in the time and effort to maintain it, the trailer will probably malfunction prematurely. To extend the lifespan of your trailer and preserve its value, use the following maintenance tips:
  • Keep your trailer clean: Standing water and spilled liquids can damage the floor of your trailer. Make sure you wipe out the interior of your enclosed trailer every time you use it so that you keep it clean and tidy and prevent water damage.
  • Check your tires: Tires are crucial trailer components, and they lose air over time. Underinflated tires can lead to major issues, so it's best to check tire pressure before every long trip so that you can put more air in the tires as necessary.
  • Lubricate the trailer: Trailers are made of a lot of moving parts. Over time, lubrication wears off and metal fittings start rubbing together. Not only does this cause a lot of unnecessary noise, but it also causes the fittings to wear down prematurely. A little lubrication goes a long way in making sure that your trailer maintains its value.

Undercoat Your Trailer

Undercoatings are aluminum frames underneath your trailers that protect all of the interior components. It's best to buy a trailer that already has an undercoating. However, you can always invest in an undercoating if the trailer you purchase doesn't have one. An undercoating is necessary because dirt, dust and grime can negatively impact your trailer's components on the road.

Store Your Trailer Properly

When you aren't using your trailer, you need to store it in a safe place. Using a cool, dry garage is your best option. Store your trailer at minimum weight by unloading it whenever you aren't using it. It's also a good idea to prop your trailer up on blocks of wood so that you don't put unnecessary pressure on the tires.

Find Great Options at McFarlane Trailer Sales

Maintaining the value of your trailer starts with purchasing one that is made of high-quality materials. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, you'll find a great selection of trailers and trailer parts. As a dealer, we take pride in providing you with a vast inventory of high-quality trailers that make great investments and hold their value. If you are interested in custom-made enclosed trailers with a great resell value, contact us today to discuss your needs.

Learn More About the Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

Learn More About the Enbeck Single Axle Utility TrailerWe know that, when it comes to buying a new trailer, you have a wide range of choices. The selection can be overwhelming, so we would like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on one variety of the trailers you can buy from us, the single axle utility trailer from Enbeck, to outline its many uses and the benefits it has to offer. 

Uses for the Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

This is a flexible trailer with many possible uses, both professional and personal. Do you find that you frequently have to get rid of trash or debris in mass quantities? Maybe you work for a business in which scrap materials frequently need to be cleaned up. Maybe you do yard work at home, leaving behind large piles of grass and leaves that you don't want to leave piled up. In either case, a utility trailer makes it easier to haul debris and garbage away, so much so that you may want to help out the neighbours after you are done with your yard. If you do frequent remodelling or work around the house, a utility trailer can be an efficient way to bring building materials home from the store or move power tools around the yard. If you run a landscaping business, a utility trailer is effective for hauling your lawnmowers and other power equipment from one job to another. Utility trailers are good for more than just work. If you are interested in power sports, you can haul small vehicles, such as dirt bikes and ATVs, as well as other equipment, from place to place on your utility trailer. This is a hassle-free method of transporting your vehicles and equipment that is also cost-effective. 

Benefits of an Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

Generally speaking, a single axle utility trailer is easier to maintain than other types. Because there is only one axle, there are fewer movable parts, such as bearings and brakes, to wear out. A single axle trailer also has fewer tires than a double axle trailer, meaning less chance for blowouts. Enbeck trailers are made of aluminum alloy, making them lighter than comparable trailers made of steel without compromising on their pulling power. This means that you can haul the same amount of cargo but your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard to move it, which translates to fuel savings and less maintenance on your vehicle. Nevertheless, even an aluminum trailer has a maximum load, which you should be aware of before you buy. Aluminum trailers are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, nor do conditions of harsh sunlight, rain, or snow harm them. Should your new trailer get a dent in it, you should be able to return it to its original shape easily as aluminum is more malleable than steel. In these respects, an aluminum trailer is even more durable than its steel counterparts. Enbeck is a Canadian-based company that understands the conditions your trailer has to stand up to. Therefore, you can trust that local knowledge went into the design and manufacture of the trailers to make sure they can withstand whatever conditions you may encounter. 

Why Should You Buy From McFarlane's?

Our sales team guides you through the entire purchasing process. We listen to you to assess your needs and help you find a trailer best suited to you. A single-axle utility trailer is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment, but depending on the weight of the loads you intend to carry, you may need something more powerful. Our staff is knowledgeable and can make recommendations for a trailer that can meet your needs. Find out more about single axle trailers

McFarlane Trailer Sales: Tandem VS Single Axle

McFarlane Trailer Sales: Tandem VS Single Axle

How Do I Know if I Need a Single or Tandem Axle Trailer?

Trailers have endless uses. They're great for packing with canoes and kayaks for a day out on the lake. Or perhaps you need to tow your riding mowers for a landscaping business. Whatever the application, these haulers make getting around easy. Tandem axle utility trailer and single axle utility trailer towing options are both useful. Ask yourself the following questions to decide which trailer design is right for you.

How Can I Tell Them Apart?

A tandem bicycle needs two people to work together to achieve forward motion. A tandem axle unit uses two sets of wheels for movement and stability. The stability provided makes a massive difference in what you can pull. Single axle designs only have one set of wheels, so they cannot handle as heavy a load as a tandem axle.Tandem axle products are available in flatbed or cargo designs. The cargo element offers an enclosed space to protect the contents, much like a box truck. Enclosed options are less frequent on a single axle model. McFarlane Trailer Sales has many options to fit your unique transportation needs.

Why Would I Need Extra Wheels?

Tandem axle systems have extra wheels for two reasons. First, more wheels equal more even weight distribution. Spreading the weight allows the trailer to carry a much larger quantity. Second, the extra wheels provide stability. These units don't sway or bounce as much as a single axle product, resulting in a smoother, safer ride. Higher-end tandem haulers often have brakes, making for safer emergency stops.

What Size Do I Need?

Both choices come in various bed sizes. Tandem axle solutions are generally larger than single axle designs. The extra wheels, four in total, allow them to be longer and haul a heavier load. Due to their size, you'll need a truck to pull a tandem model.Single axle options are much smaller, and you can tow them using a car or an SUV. Their smaller size makes them easier to handle. Parking and navigating busy streets are much more straightforward with their small stature.

Do I Need To Worry About Clearance?

The height of single and tandem axle selections is comparable. The size will depend on your transport load if clearance is a concern. A large boat will sit higher than a riding lawnmower. That said, a closed cargo design will need more clearance than an open flatbed. Singles axle models also tend to sit a bit lower to the ground.

Which Trailer Is Easier To Maintain?

Due to the larger size, tandem axle trailers are generally more costly to own. More parts mean more to clean, take care of and replace. When the tires need replacing, you'll need to buy four new tires instead of two. Additionally, the brakes often included in tandem models will need repair and replacement over time.A tandem axle trailer will be easier to deal with mid-trip than a single axle if you get a flat tire on the road. You'll likely be able to make it to a service station on a tandem axle. A blown tire on a single axle trailer will stop your trip until you fix it. Due to their small build and fewer features, single axle trailers are more budget-friendly than tandem units. But if you need to transport something heavy or drive long distances, a tandem may save you frustration in the long run.When shopping for a new trailer, consider your haul load, driving distance and budget. Stop into McFarlane Trailer Sales and speak with our knowledgeable staff if you are still unsure. We have a variety of brands and styles in stock and can help you find the best option for your lifestyle.

3 Common Uses For A Landscape Trailer

3 Common Uses For A Landscape TrailerLandscape trailers are pieces of utility equipment adapted to perform landscaping jobs. These trailers have various features, including tailgates that can be used for loading and moving tools and equipment. Some trailers also feature cabinets and tool racks built into the trailer’s frame. If you are a landscape engineer, a lawn care business owner, or an avid gardener, you may benefit from a landscape trailer. Here are three common uses for landscape trailers

1. Transporting and Storing Tools 

Most people use utility trailers to transport equipment and tools. In fact, most utility trailers are also listed as equipment trailers in online stores and equipment catalogues. These trailers can be used to transport and store lawnmowers, power tools, and other types of care tools. By storing your necessary items in your trailer, you’re keeping your important things on your property and away from potential thieves. Storing items in your trailer can also save you money. You won’t have to spend money on gas transporting equipment to a job site every day, and you won’t have to pay for a storage facility.  Most landscape trailers are large and wide, allowing you to organize various tools in different sections. Having your equipment with you in your trailer at all times means you can accept last-minute jobs or work on your yard at your convenience. 

2. Moving Furniture 

Why hire a moving team or rent a large van if you already own a landscape trailer? Landscape trailers can be used to haul appliances, furniture, and other large pieces of equipment. Utility trailers are designed to transport large items and ideal moving vehicles for your business or personal use. However, make sure you properly wrap up all fragile furniture so nothing is damaged during the ride. 

3. Cleaning Up Trash 

Owning a landscaping business often involves regularly hauling trash, debris, and other materials that accumulate during yard work. Even recreational gardeners who spend a lot of time in their yards usually collect waste and debris while working. You don’t want to leave trash lying around but getting a dump truck to remove it can be expensive. Landscape trailers make the process of cleaning up much more manageable. You can even put trash in the trailer as you work, so it is easy to haul after the job is done. You can even store loose debris in your trailer for a few days before discarding them to keep your yard tidy. 

Things To Consider When Buying Landscape Trailers

Buying a utility trailer is a big decision, and you should do your research before heading to the store. You should consider the size, colour, and shape of the trailer you want. If you own a lawn care business, buying a large trailer to accommodate all your tools is best. A small trailer is often sufficient for those performing small jobs on their own yards. There are also options when it comes to style and colour options. While landscape trailers typically come in neutral colours, more vibrant colours are available upon request. It may also be possible to have the logo of your business decals on the side as an advertising tactic. 

Work with McFarlane Trailer Sales 

Are you considering buying your next landscape trailer from a dealer? Look no further than McFarlane Trailer Sales. We have a wide selection of trailers and trailer parts to accommodate any budget and project. Contact us today to discuss your needs with an equipment specialist.