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The Importance of Servicing Your Enclosed Utility Trailer

The Importance of Servicing Your Enclosed Utility TrailerThe trailer is one of the most important parts of any towing setup. Nevertheless, you may take it for granted, not giving much thought to its maintenance because it doesn't use oil as your towing vehicle does. Still, enclosed utility trailers do have moving parts, which means that they need regular maintenance if they are going to stay in good shape. Here are some answers to questions you may have about maintaining your trailer.

How Important Is It To Maintain Your Trailer?

Regular maintenance on your trailer helps it meet or exceed its expected useful lifespan. This means that your money goes further following your purchase. Maintaining your trailer regularly also helps you to avoid unpleasant surprises that result from your trailer breaking down on the road in the middle of towing something large and cumbersome.

How Often Should You Service Your Enclosed Utility Trailer?

Generally speaking, it should be sufficient to have your trailer serviced at least every six months. There are some specific features that you should check more often according to manufacturers' recommendations. These include the breakaway functionality, tire pressure, and wheel torque. If you have access to the service manual for your trailer, this should include a maintenance schedule for you to follow. 

What Are Some Specific Maintenance Tasks That Enclosed Utility Trailers Require?

The manufacturer of your trailer may also publish trailer maintenance checklists that you can use as a guide. While it is best to use a maintenance checklist written specifically for your trailer, this is not always necessary. If you can find a list for a trailer that has all the same components as yours, you can still use it.Examples of maintenance tasks that typically need to be performed on an enclosed utility trailer include the following:
  • Tires: Check your tires for cracks that indicate dry rotting. If you find any, your tires need to be replaced. Your tires also need replacement if the tread has reached the wear bar or is less than 2/32 of an inch deep. You also need to check the air pressure in the tire often, which can fluctuate with changes in the weather.
  • Hitch: An improperly aligned hitch can make steering difficult or cause the trailer to sway from side to side. You should check the hitch frequently for damage, and if you are experiencing problems that may relate to improper alignment, you should have it adjusted.
  • Brakes: Problems with the brakes or the trailer brake controller could cause the trailer to jackknife or skid when stopping. When you grab each brake shoe and try to rock it back and forth, the resistance from the brake drum should be equal and the movement should be smooth without any stuttering or play.
  • Body: Keep the body of the trailer free from corrosion by keeping it clean and using sprays, coatings, sealants, or waxes. Keeping the trailer clean also helps you to identify minor problems early on.

Do You Need To Grease the Wheel Bearings?

Whether you need to grease the wheel bearings depends on what kind of trailer you have. Newer trailers are more likely to have wheel bearings that are lubed for life. However, if your trailer is older, you may still have to grease the wheel bearings. How often you do this depends on the size of your trailer and how often you use it. Grease the bearings every six months when the trailer is not in use or every 2,000 to 12,000 miles when it is.

Do You Need To Perform Trailer Maintenance Yourself?

You do not need to perform the required maintenance on your trailer yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the processes or have an issue that you cannot identify and resolve yourself, you can take it to the service department at McFarlane. Find out more about the trailer maintenance and repair services we offer.

Learn Why the Mission Enclosed Trailer Brand Stands Out!

Learn Why the Mission Enclosed Trailer Brand Stands Out!When you are in the market for a new trailer, you have plenty of options. There are different styles, including custom-made enclosed trailers, from many different manufacturers. Mission is one of the brands that McFarlane Trailer Sales are proud to stock. Once you learn more about the brand, you'll have a better understanding of why.

Types of Enclosed Trailers Made by Mission

Mission produces both open and enclosed trailers. Both have strengths and weaknesses; enclosed trailers are useful if you need to protect your cargo from the elements or wish to shield it from prying eyes. Within the category of enclosed trailers, there are several specific varieties available from Mission.

Cargo Trailers

An enclosed cargo trailer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available for hauling. These aluminum trailers with tall sides and a roof can be used to carry almost anything. They are typically used for items of some value that can therefore benefit from protection from the elements. Antique furniture and professional equipment are examples of items that custom-made enclosed trailers may be useful for carrying.

ATV Trailers

All-terrain vehicles and motorcycles can cause a conundrum when you need to transport them from one place to another. You may not want to drive them to your destination, and you may not be able to do so in some cases. On the other hand, a cargo trailer may not be suitable for transporting them regardless of how versatile they may be in other situations. In cases such as these, you require a trailer designed and built specifically for ATVs or motorcycles.

Car Hauler Trailers

Of course, sometimes you need to haul a vehicle larger than a motorcycle or an ATV. You may need to move your car from one place to another without damaging it. Neither a cargo trailer nor an ATV trailer is up to the task; you need one designed specifically to haul cars. Mission offers several car hauler trailers, including a gooseneck trailer and a stacker trailer that offers two tiers of cargo storage.

Snow Trailers

Snow trailers are used to haul snowmobiles and other winter sports equipment. Mission has several snow trailers available, including crossover trailers that combine the advantages of open and enclosed trailers.

Features of Enclosed Trailers by Mission

All types of Mission-enclosed trailers come with desirable features that make them stand out from the crowd. For example, all are made out of aluminum. As a result, they are durable but lightweight. This makes them easier to tow behind more types of vehicles, and it also cuts down on fuel consumption.Depending on the type of trailer, there are also many colour options available. These range from the more traditional, such as black, pewter, charcoal, and silver, to the bold and eye-catching, such as orange, red, and yellow, to the elegant and understated, such as forest green and indigo blue. Your trailer is likely to stand out no matter what colour you choose.A problem that you can sometimes run into with an enclosed trailer is insufficient lighting on the interior. Mission trailers have an option for interior LED lighting. This is convenient because it is always there when you need it, and because LEDs are long-lasting, you should never have to replace any bulbs.You don't always get to choose the conditions under which you load and unload your trailer. Fortunately, Mission trailers have water-resistant decking to help prevent compromise of your trailer floor from exposure to the elements.One of the best features of Mission trailers is the ability to choose options. The result is a custom-made enclosed trailer tailored to your needs. Find out more about Mission trailers at McFarlane.

Is Buying a Used Equipment Trailer Worth It?

Is Buying a Used Equipment Trailer Worth It?Trailers are versatile tools for farming, construction, and other jobs, but they can be expensive for smaller operations. When faced with the purchase price for a brand-new trailer, many people choose to find used trailers for saleUsed trailers are an excellent option when you do not have the funds or financing available to purchase a newer model. However, buying used can also present several risks to the buyer. For instance, if you are purchasing a trailer from a private seller, you do not really know the condition or history of the trailer. Additionally, there are several unscrupulous sellers, including lots.  If you opt for a used trailer, you want to buy from a trusted seller. Still, there is much more to consider when buying used rather than new. 

Trailer History 

Before you purchase a used trailer, you want to know its history. Any seller should present a clear title of ownership. You need to ensure there are no liens on the trailer. Some people will attempt to sell a trailer they do not legally have the right to sell. For instance, they might try to sell the equipment when a bank or equipment financing company has a lien against it. Purchasing a trailer without a clean title can leave you responsible for the debt. It is also possible that the original owner will pocket the money from the sale without paying off the original debt, meaning you may wake up to a repossession. 

Trailer Body and System 

When you purchase a used car, you likely take it for a test drive or have a buddy do a quick inspection before you spend the money. A trailer purchase entails the same attention to detail. You want to inspect the frame for rust, bends, cracks, or previous repairs. You should also ask about any previous maintenance issues. Existing bends and cracks can indicate overloading issues, which might be reason enough to avoid the sale. Depending on the trailer, you will also need to inspect the electrical systems. It is crucial that all lights work when connected to your vehicle. Trailers without lights are a safety hazard and could lead to serious injury and accidents. You will also want to inspect the braking and suspension systems. If possible, connect the trailer to your vehicle and test the brakes and their response. Additionally, assess the brake rotors and pads. How much life is left in them? The suspension system should appear in good shape. Look for cracks and other signs of overloading and stress. The bearings throughout should be well lubricated and sealed. One sign of bearing issues is a hum that is high pitched as you drive around. 

Trailer Financing 

When looking for a used trailer, you may come across sellers wanting to unload a current equipment loan with the trailer. In some cases, you can assume the payments of the seller, which can work to your benefit as the loan is already paid down. However, you might want to find a used trailer for sale that allows you to take out financing. The advantage of using financing is that you can purchase and use the trailer without being out the entire purchase price. Instead, you make monthly payments toward the loan while using the equipment to make money. Essentially, the equipment can pay for itself. A used trailer can be an excellent option, but you need to be careful who you purchase from. McFarlane Trailer Sales is a trusted seller of trailers and carries a variety of designs, both new and used. The specialists at McFarlane’s ensure that every trailer is inspected and safe for operation. If you are looking for a new or used trailer, or just in the market for some trailer parts, look no further than McFarlane. 

Why You Should Buy an Enbeck Aluminum Trailer

Why You Should Buy an Enbeck Aluminum TrailerA trailer is a big investment, so when you're ready to start looking for one, you need to do some research to find a trailer that meets your needs. If you want to get the most for your money, you can't go wrong with an Enbeck aluminum trailer. Here's what you need to know when you start looking at aluminum trailers for sale.

Enbeck Trailers Are Made of Aluminum

Traditionally, trailers were made out of durable steel. While steel construction was often durable, it was also heavy and bulky. Steel trailers are still available, but they are much less convenient than aluminum trailers. When you're searching for a trailer to buy, consider an aluminum trailer from Enbeck as an alternative to traditional trailer materials.Aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material for trailer construction. Not only is the material lightweight, but it also provides incredible protection from rust and corrosion. If you take proper care of our Enbeck trailer, it can last for many years.You may think that aluminum trailers are less durable than steel ones because they are constructed of a lighter material. In reality, aluminum trailers are just as durable as steel ones. In fact, aluminum can also last longer than steel because it is resistant to corrosion. Aluminum trailers from Enbeck require little maintenance and are designed with the best materials available so they can last you for many years. When you buy an Enbeck trailer, you can be confident that you are getting the most for your money.

Enbeck Trailers Are Light

Aluminum is lighter than steel, so Enbeck trailers are lighter than many trailers made out of traditional materials. This advantage means that you don't have to maximize the horsepower in your vehicle to pull a trailer. Because aluminum is up to 15% lighter than steel, it causes less wear and tear on your vehicle without compromising on the amount of weight you can carry. It's always best to check the specifics of your Enbeck trailer for weight requirements, but in general, you can't carry the same load as on a steel trailer with less hassle.The lightweight construction of Enbeck trailers reduces the strain on your towing vehicles. You can haul these trailers with many vehicles that have moderate towing capacity, so you don't have to buy the most expensive towing vehicle available to move your trailer to a new place. You'll also save on maintenance for your vehicle by placing less wear and tear on it with a lighter trailer.

Enbeck Trailers Are Versatile

Whether you're looking for a way to haul work equipment, vacation supplies or toys for a weekend off-roading, Enbeck trailers are the perfect solution. We carry a variety of Enbeck trailer styles to meet various needs. In our vast inventory, you'll find high-quality EEnbeck trailers in the following styles:By producing such a vast array of trailer types, Enbeck guarantees that you can find a trailer that meets your needs. These trailers are versatile and can help you haul any type of cargo whether you're travelling across the country or just across town.

Shop For Enbeck Trailers at McFarlane Trailer Sales

If you have decided that an Enbeck trailer is right for you, it's important to buy from a reputable dealer. McFarlane Trailer Sales is ready to help you find an Enbeck trailer that meets our specific needs so you can haul plenty of cargo for both personal and professional reasons. We stock a wide variety of trailers and parts, so our lot is the place to go when you're looking for aluminum trailers for sale. Contact us today to ask about the trailers we have in our inventory.