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Tips for Protecting an Aluminum Trailer During the Cold Weather Seasons

Tips for Protecting an Aluminum Trailer During the Cold Weather SeasonsWhether you store your trailer through the cold winter months or use it as part of your workday, the cold temperatures and elements are rough on aluminum. Aluminum trailers are pretty easy to maintain, but you do need to do the work. Here are some tips for maintaining your trailer through the winter. If you’re looking for aluminum trailers for sale, contact McFarlane Trailer Sales.

Keep Your Trailer Clean

After each use, hose your trailer off with water after sweeping it out. If the temperatures are going to get below freezing, wipe off any excess water. Periodically, you want to do a deep clean. Use a mild soap and scrub brush to scrub off dirt and grime. If you are dealing with caked-on mud or stubborn stains, you might need a power washer and stronger detergent. If you are storing your trailer, do a final fall cleaning before storing it. When spring comes around, you’ll be ready to go.

Polish The Trailer

Although aluminum doesn’t rust, it can get dull or discoloured. Use a polish made for aluminum. They come in spray and paste forms. Use a rag to apply it to a small area. Buff the area with a different rag while the polish is wet. Repeat over the rest of the trailer. You can stop there or use a coat of paste wax on the trailer to extend the time the polish lasts.

Check The Tires

When the temperatures drop, tires lose pressure. Before taking the trailer out on the road, check the pressure and reflate if necessary. Don’t rely on your eyes. Get a tire gauge, because you can’t tell if a radial tire is under-inflated just by looking. If you store your trailer over the winter months, the part of the tire that touches the ground can deteriorate faster than the rest of the tire. Remove the tires and store them in a dry place over the winter to make the tires last longer. Check the wheels and lug nuts for tightness during the winter months, too.

Inspect The Safety Chains and Connections

If you’re storing your trailer through the winter, ensure all the safety chains and coupler hitch balls are clean before being put away. If you’re using the trailer, visually inspect the chains for wear and damage.

Test the Brakes and Any Electrical Components

When you use the trailer, check the connections for the brakes to ensure that everything is working correctly. Listen for noises when you’re applying the brakes. It’s easy to check the rotors during tire rotation. If it’s been more than 12 months since the brakes were replaced, you might ask your mechanic to do a double check before driving on snowy or icy roads.

Check The Suspension

Your trailer will move smoother when the suspension works effectively. Check all the components of the suspension, the fasteners and welds. Make sure the trailer is level. Check the springs, axles and shock absorbers before the winter season. If you see any rust, it is probably time to replace them. Make sure all fasteners are properly tightened.

Don’t Forget to Check The Towing Vehicle

Protecting your trailer on the road means driving safely during all types of road conditions. Make sure the towing vehicle. Go through the same checklist on the towing vehicle, brakes, tires, connections and suspension. It doesn’t take long to double-check before getting on the road, but it can save you a lot of headaches later on.Extend the life of your trailer and make sure that it holds its value. Shop for new and used aluminum trailers for sale with McFarlane Trailer Sales.

Look For These 3 Things Before Buying a Used Trailer

Look For These 3 Things Before Buying a Used Trailer

Buying a Used Trailer: 3 Tips To Ensure It's the Right One

If you are looking for used trailers for sale, you have likely come across many ads and various sellers claiming to sell the best. Searching for a used trailer online is challenging because pictures and even write-ups are often deceiving, so professionals always encourage customers to visit their lots and check out their inventory.On-site visits allow you to assess the trailers, but they also allow you to talk about your options with a knowledgeable salesperson. Using a basic contact us form is not the best way to learn about your financing options or limited-time offerings. Ultimately, when looking for a used trailer, in-person visits to inspect inventories are the only way to go.

3 Things To Consider Before Buying a Used Trailer

As you look around and assess your options, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the choices. Perhaps the dealer you visit has a decent inventory, and everything is offered at a reasonable price. How do you choose the trailer that best suits your needs? How do you know if it is a quality used trailer or a dud? Professionals recommend reviewing three traits to determine if a trailer is a quality buy and the right purchase for you.1. Trailer FloorPeople often overlook the trailer floor when purchasing used, but it is vital to the integrity of the unit. You want to perform a thorough inspection of the floor. The floor should be stable. If there are wood planks, assess them for rot and dampness. Walk over the bed and inspect the metal components for signs of corrosion or rust.Also, you should take a close look at the kingpin area. You do not want to see any prominent signs of dishing — the presence of large indentations. Dishing can signal previous damage to the front cross members.2. Trailer TiresThe tires must stand up to daily abuse and use. Before buying a used trailer, take a close and thorough look at the tires. You want to ensure they are designed for trailer use. Also, check each tire's pressure to ensure there is no uneven loss.Finally, look to see if there is any obvious damage to the tires. You'll also need to inspect the tread patterns. If there are signs of uneven wear, that can indicate issues with the axles.3. Trailer SizeWhile it seems obvious, know the trailer size you want. Double and triple-check your measurements. People often buy a used trailer thinking it is a great deal, only to realize when they get it home that it is not large enough for their cargo.Additionally, it is wise to drive to the trailer dealer in the towing vehicle. Too many people forget to check that their vehicle is compatible with a used trailer before buying it. Never rush into a purchase. You need to slow down and double-check measurements and connections before paying out.

Look for a Reputable and Respected Dealer

It is common to see used trailers for sale on websites and on the sides of the road. While some of these trailers might be good deals, others are not. Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you are spending it on a quality product at a respected and reputable dealer. Contact McFarlane Trailer Sales if you are in the market for a used trailer. The company is well-established and respected. Carrying a variety of new and used trailer options, McFarlane has what you're looking for at affordable prices. Beyond the quality of the inventory, the company also offers financing options to qualifying buyers. If you're ready to buy a new or used trailer, head to McFarlane Trailer Sales.

Every Enclosed Trailer Should Have These Accessories

Every Enclosed Trailer Should Have These Accessories

Make Sure Your Trailer Has These Accessories

Having an enclosed trailer is very beneficial, whether you are hauling items, doing yard maintenance, helping someone move into a new home or performing some other type of work. However, it is important that you keep certain items in your vehicle to ensure that you can complete each job you have quickly and thoroughly. Here are some of the accessories that you should have in your custom-made enclosed trailers.

Moving Blankets

It is always a good idea to keep blankets in your vehicle in case you break down on the side of the road and it becomes cold outside. However, there are even more good reasons for keeping blankets in an enclosed trailer. If you are hauling furniture and other cargo, wrapping the cargo in blankets helps to prevent damage to those items. Accruing damage during transport is one of the main concerns of people who are moving, so always carry blankets in your trailer to help mitigate this worry for yourself and anyone you are helping.In addition to helping prevent damage, sitting items on blankets can also help to ensure that those items do not shift during transport. Shifting can cause damage and also pose a hazard while driving. As the weight of a vehicle changes, it may cause the vehicle to sway in a certain direction or become too low to the ground, which can be dangerous when travelling down the road.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are another good method to use to prevent items from shifting while being transported. Nets come in many sizes and materials, from thick materials used to secure heavy items to weaker materials that are sufficient for securing smaller items. Consider purchasing cargo nets if you transport items such as:
  • Heavy furniture
  • Books and magazines
  • Antiques and other valuables
  • Electronics such as television sets and computers 
  • Toys and sports equipment that might be prone to rolling around 
This of course is not an exhaustive list but just a few examples of some commonly transported items. Cargo nets are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, so it never hurts to use them to prevent potential damage to cargo that you transport. Nets take up very little space and can be easily stored in the trailer when not in use.

E-Track Straps

An e-track strap securely fits around a large, heavy object to keep it in place during transport. Trucks hauling an enclosed trailer with cargo may encounter bumps and sharp curves going from one location to another, so straps can help keep items from shifting and becoming damaged. Straps come in a wide variety of sizes, so you should be able to buy whatever suits the type of cargo you will carry. There are many online videos and tutorials demonstrating how to secure an item in a trailer properly.While it may seem like a lot to have to purchase these accessories, it is well worth the cost if it means that the items you transport are less likely to become damaged. Blankets, nets and straps are essential accessories that should be in possession of anyone who assists with moving small and large items.

Buying an Enclosed Trailer

McFarlane Trailer Sales sells a large variety of trailers for all different needs. Pay us a visit and talk to one of our sales professionals if you are in need of a trailer for any kind of work. You do not want to be stuck with the wrong type of equipment, so our team will be happy to speak with you and help you decide which trailer best suits your needs.

4 Fall Maintenance Uses for a Dump Trailer

4 Ways to Use a Dump Trailer for Fall Yard MaintenanceAutumn is a popular time for property owners to pay closer attention to the maintenance of their homes and yards. One reason for this is that the fall season is the last time for people who reside in many locations of North America to do yard and other outside work before snow and cold weather sets in, which makes it more difficult to perform outdoor maintenance. Another reason is that autumn brings fallen leaves and branches that can clog gutters and cause damage to equipment sitting outdoors. Here are four ways to use a dump trailer to perform fall maintenance in your yard.1. Debris Removal Fall is a good opportunity to remove debris from your residential or commercial lawn before the snow starts to fall and make debris removal much more of a hassle. One reason to remove excess debris outside is to prevent rodents and other pests from taking up residence in the warm and dark space provided by the debris. Some types of debris to consider removing with your landscape trailer include:
  • Leaves that have fallen off trees
  • Branches laying in the yard as a result of dying or decaying trees
  • Fruit like apples and pears left over from the autumn harvest
Even though things like leaves do not weigh very much, they are very bulky and people who maintain yards can benefit from the use of a dump vehicle. On the other hand, items like branches and tree limbs do weigh a significant amount, and a homeowner helps ensure their safety by using the proper equipment to remove them rather than trying to carry the items themselves.2. Fertilizer EnhancementAlthough most people do not think of fall as the time of year to help their grass grow, the cooler and moister conditions of fall make for the perfect time of year to fertilize the yard. If you have a large yard, using a small dump trailer to carry the fertilizer around your property can make the job easier.While fertilizing, you may opt to perform other landscaping duties such as trimming trees, mowing grass or planting seeds for flowers to bloom in the spring. Rather than carrying yard equipment around yourself, consider using a trailer to lug the equipment around your property.3. Mulch PlacementFall may be your last opportunity to place mulch, and employing a dump trailer allows you to do this more efficiently. Using a trailer with a flatbed ensures that you have easy access to the mulch, however, you have to be careful that the mulch does not spill if you are driving fast or going around sharp corners. Mulch tends to be quite heavy, especially in large quantities, so consider purchasing a dump trailer if you do not already own one if you plan to do any mulching.4. Disposing of Old Plants and TreesMany plants and trees die off in the fall, so this season is a good opportunity to get those uprooted and cleared away before they cause further problems. This can be very dirty work, so having a flatbed to place and transport the dead vegetation is extremely helpful. Before purchasing a trailer to perform work such as tree disposal, consider how large of a trailer you will need. If you are deciding between something smaller and larger, it is usually recommended to go with the larger equipment as long as it is still within your budget. This is because you never know when you might need to carry more items on the trailer, but you can always carry a smaller amount on a larger trailer.Give McFarlane Trailer Sales a call if you need equipment prior to completing fall yard maintenance.