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Camping Season is Here! Did You Know McFarlanes Offers RV Trailer Accessories?

Camping Season is Here! Did You Know McFarlanes Offers RV Trailer Accessories?

4 Must-Have RV Trailer Parts and Accessories Available From McFarlane's

While it is possible to camp at any time of year, most people find it more enjoyable when the weather is warm. Therefore, summer is considered the camping season, and spring is a perfect time to prepare by buying RV trailer parts and accessories and by having trailer maintenance. McFarlane's can help you with both because, in addition to providing trailer service and repair, we also sell the accessories and parts that you need, including the following essentials.

1. Surge Protector

A sudden surge in electricity could damage the entire electrical system in your RV. Every device in your camper that uses electricity could be affected. A power surge usually lasts a matter of seconds, but it could be powerful enough to render your entire RV unusable. Not only could this deprive you of priceless travel experiences, but it could also cost you quite a bit of money. RVs are not inexpensive, and the more advanced they are, the more pricey they can be.

Power surges in campgrounds can occur due to brownouts (brief power outages) or electrical storms. They can also occur if the pedestal is wired incorrectly. This can happen if the campground owner did his or her own wiring or allowed a guest to do so in exchange for a free stay. These are not best practices, but they can happen.

Improper wiring can also cause the metal frame of the RV to become electrified, a condition known as "hot skin." Coming into contact with the hot skin of an electrified RV can cause anything from a light-tingling sensation to a deadly electric shock. You can safeguard your investment, and possibly your life, with a surge protector for your RV.

2. Water Hoses

You actually need three water hoses for your RV: One to bring fresh water into the camper, one to carry away drainage from the sinks and shower, and one to act as a sewer line for the toilet. Choosing hoses in different colours helps you to tell them apart. You can choose any colours you want, but make sure to keep track of which colour matches which function.

You need to make sure that your fresh water hose is sufficiently long to reach the spigot. A length of 25 feet is usually sufficient, but you may want to carry an extra length of 25-foot hose in the colour you have chosen to represent fresh water for the few situations in which 25 feet is not long enough.

3. Levelers

It is difficult to make campsites perfectly level, and most campground owners don't bother. However, if your camper is on an incline, not only can it be uncomfortable, but it could cause damage to your RV's fridge. Most campers have absorption refrigerators, and parking on an incline can damage these over time. A leveller can even out your trailer, protecting your fridge and helping to keep you more comfortable.

4. Water Pressure Regulator

Nothing is more potentially damaging to your RV than water. If you hook up to a water spigot with pressure that is too high, it could flood your RV. As with a power surge, a flood could render your RV a total loss. You can prevent this with a water pressure regulator. High-quality regulators allow you to set the desired pressure so that it will never be more than your lines can handle.

McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service Also Offers RV Trailer Parts and Accessories

We are an Ontario trailer dealer that sells parts and accessories both online and in person. Don't give up if you can't find what you are looking for on our website. You can come in with the brand name of the part you need or a picture, and we can track it down for you.

Discover More About the EZ Hauler Enclosed Ultimate Contractors Trailer

Discover More About the EZ Hauler Enclosed Ultimate Contractors Trailer

4 Versatile Features of Contractor Trailers 

No matter the nature of your contracting business, choosing the right enclosed trailer for your hauling and light transport needs may seem puzzling at first, especially if this is your first trailer purchase. With so many options to choose from, you may not know where to begin. However, at McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service, we offer a wide variety of these trailers, along with parts, servicing and some information about a few of the features that make contractor trailers so versatile.

1. A Durable Frame 

Whether you own a small landscaping or construction business or need a trailer that helps you transport materials and complete jobs on a site, enclosed trailers can provide you with a long-lasting aluminum frame that is lightweight yet durable. The fibreglass exterior comes in a variety of colours and customizable options that allow you to create the kind of contractor trailer that meets your individual needs.

2. Built-In Ramps and Side Doors 

Moving equipment out of some trailers means using temporary ramps that can take up space, which means less room for hauling all your equipment. Our trailers feature built-in ramps that fold into the interior space that offers you several advantages, including:

  • Faster loading and unloading of materials
  • Safer moving practices that keep employees safe
  • Creates a more efficient work environment

When it comes to built-in features, our trailers also feature handy side door access, which means you can step into the trailer's interior without having to climb through the back where your employees might be unloading equipment. Grab tools, safety equipment and even food and drinks from your cooler without having to block the rear trailer doors.

3. A Customizable Space 

When you first decide to browse contractor trailers, you may wonder, "Do enclosed trailers for sale near me have any customizable options or accessories?" At McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service, we offer many different custom choices to tailor your closed trailer to your needs and comfort. From a variety of different size choices that suit a small business or mobile company to a wide variety of colours and interior designs that give your trailer a personal touch.

Customizable trailers also offer you a number of different hitch options. From gooseneck hitches to detachable styles for smaller trailers, we can customize your hitch to suit whatever jobs you have planned with your new trailer.

4. Your Business Becomes Fully Portable 

Enclosed trailers provide you with complete portability for all of your business needs, especially if you stow and carry a wide variety of tools, such as drills, hammers, ladders and portable light sources. This type of trailer has a roomy interior that not only allows you to carry all your tools of the trade but provides you with customizable space to ensure each item is secured for transport. Once you arrive on the job site, you can save time by unloading your tools with your trailer's built-in ramps and setting up your workspace quickly.

You can also ensure your customers' happiness by using an enclosed contractor trailer, as the ability to carry everything you need for an on-site job means fewer trips to nearby home hardware centers to rent or buy tools. This means more hours working on the actual job, which can result in faster, more focused results and possibly improved reviews and feedback on your social media sites. This could lead to future work and the continued growth of your business.

Questions? Let Us Help 

If you have any further questions about how customizable trailers can help you improve your contracting business, contact us today and let our experienced employees show you what McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service can do for you.

Looking For A Motorcycle Trailer or Accessories? McFarlane’s Has Got You Covered!

Looking for A Motorcycle Trailer or Accessories? McFarlanes Has Got You Covered!

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you know that transporting your bike can be a challenge. You need a motorcycle cargo trailer that's sturdy enough to handle the weight of your bike, yet easy to tow. You also need a trailer that's equipped with the right features to keep your bike safe and secure during transport.

What We Do 

That's where McFarlane Trailer Sales comes in. We are a leading dealer of motorcycle trailers and accessories, and we have everything you need to transport your bike safely and easily. We carry a wide variety of trailers to choose from, including enclosed trailers, open trailers, and tilt-deck trailers. We also have a wide selection of accessories available, such as wheel chocks, tie-down straps, and loading ramps.

High-Quality Materials

Our trailers are typically made with aluminum or steel and are built to last. We offer a variety of warranty options to protect your investment. We also have a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right trailer for your needs and answer any questions you have.


Motorcycle trailers keep your bike safe and secure during transport. They're equipped with tie-down points that keep your bike from moving around, and they have ramps that make it easy to load and unload your bike.


Motorcycle trailers are a great way to protect your bike from theft. An enclosed motorcycle trailer is especially effective because it keeps your bike out of sight from potential thieves. Most people will not take the risk of breaking into a locked, closed trailer if they cannot see what's inside. This allows you to park in plain sight, overnight, and rest easy.

Ease of Use 

Motorcycle trailers make it easy to transport your bike to and from events, such as races, shows, and track days. You don't have to worry about lifting and unloading your bike onto a truck or SUV, and your bike doesn't need a special parking spot.

Types of Motorcycle Trailers

There are many different types of motorcycle trailers available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some of the most popular types of motorcycle trailers include:

  • Enclosed trailers: Enclosed trailers are the most secure type of motorcycle trailer. They're enclosed on all six sides, so your bike is protected from not only thieves, but also sun, rain, dust, and insects.
  • Open trailers: Open trailers are less secure than enclosed trailers, but they're more affordable. They're a good option if you need to transport your bike on a budget.
  • Tilt-deck trailers: Tilt-deck trailers make it easy to load and unload your bike. The hydraulic deck of the trailer can be angled appropriately, so you can easily roll your bike onto the trailer.

Accessories for Your Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

There are a variety of accessories available for motorcycle trailers, such as:

  • Wheel chocks: Wheel chocks keep your bike from rolling around during transport.
  • Tie-down straps: Tie-down straps secure your bike to the trailer.
  • Loading ramps: Loading ramps make it easy to load and unload your bike.

Excellent Customer Service 

In addition to our high-quality products and services, we're also committed to providing memorable and professional customer service. We understand that buying a trailer is a big investment, and we want to make sure you're happy with your purchase. That's why we offer a variety of financing options and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you're looking for a motorcycle trailer, trusting McFarlane Trailer Sales is a choice you won't regret. We have a wide variety of trailers to choose from, and we can help you choose the right trailer for your needs. Contact us today to get started.

McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

Gooseneck Vs. Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches: Which Do You Need for Your Hauling Needs? 

Whether you haul trailers to transport animals, your landscaping business or simply for recreation, choosing the right hitch for your towing needs can provide you with greater stability and may place less stress on your truck's engine. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer gooseneck trailers and a wide variety of other hauling and hitching needs, along with some helpful information about what type of hitch to choose once you are ready to purchase a new trailer.

The Gooseneck Hitch 

Many people who haul heavy-duty trailers often use gooseneck trailer hitches to move large loads. You might consider this type of hitch depending on the type of hauling you do, including:

  • Moving equipment or vehicles
  • Livestock transfer
  • Farm or ranch work

Unlike common hitches that connect to the rear of a truck for towing lighter loads, such as small campers, these types feature a metal ball that you install in the bed of your truck. This ball is part of a coupling system that allows you to mount a trailer by connecting it to the truck's underside with safety brackets. This creates a powerful towing system that allows you to haul up to 30,000 pounds. `

Gooseneck Hitch Pros and Cons 

Choosing a gooseneck hitch can provide you with some advantages, especially if you do not want your trailer system to interfere with the look of your truck bed. Many gooseneck balls fold flat against the truck bed when not in use, and the installation process is not as invasive as a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. The coupling system is also simple to use.

This type of hitch also comes with a few disadvantages as well. You may want to explore other options if you haul tall trailers, as the gooseneck hitch may not provide you with all the stability you require, especially on long trips. These hitches may also make trips noisy, especially on old or rough roads.

The Fifth-Wheel Hitch

If you have smaller loads or trailers that you haul for recreational needs, then you might consider installing a fifth-wheel trailer hitch in the bed of your pickup. Unlike the gooseneck hitch, a fifth-wheel type connects to an existing fifth-wheel of a camper or other type of trailer that uses a fifth-wheel to provide it with greater freedom of movement stability while in motion. The components of this type of hitch include a kingpin, metal jaws or a locking bar to give your hauling experience stability and a smoother ride.

Fifth-Wheel Hitch Pros and Cons 

Much like gooseneck trailer hitches, the fifth-wheel style also has its advantages and drawbacks. One of its greatest pros is its versatility, as it can tow loads as small as 16,000 pounds or as great as 30,000. It also provides you with a quieter ride while towing. However, it is usually more expensive to install in your truck bed when compared to gooseneck hitches and the assembly is usually bulky or heavy.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Hitch 

If you feel unsure about which trailer hitch best suits your needs, come see us at McFarlane Trailers Sales and Service. We have a wide variety of new trailers for sale, along with the experience and know-how to help you choose a hitch that will meet all of your needs. We also carry trailer parts, and accessories and offer trailer installation and repairs. With all the different services we offer, you can find everything you need all in one place.

Get In Touch Today 

Our knowledgeable sales and service people stand ready to assist you with all your trailer hitch needs. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have and haul your future loads with confidence and ease.