4 Reasons to Choose McFarlane for Your Trailer Sales and Service Needs

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4 Reasons to Choose McFarlanes for Your Trailer Sales and Service Needs

Trailers are handy tools for businesses, rural life, and recreation. When looking for a new or used trailer, you must be careful that the retailer or individual seller is licensed or trustworthy. Shopping for a trailer from an established, trusted trailer sales and service brand is always best.

McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service is a known and respected retailer in Canada. With over a decade in the industry, McFarlane has a sterling reputation with several community supporters in New Hamburg, Ontario.

With McFarlane, you’re choosing more than just a trailer – you’re selecting quality, reliability, and exceptional service. Read on to discover why McFarlane should be your first choice for all your trailer sales and service needs.

4 Reasons To Choose McFarlane Trailer Sales

Whether you depend on a trailer for work or recreation, purchasing it used or new from a reputable source is crucial. Also, as any trailer owner knows, the hauling vehicles require maintenance and service inspections, so it is best to purchase a trailer from a retailer that can help care for and maintain it.

McFarlane is your one-stop shop for all your trailer needs, including future service. Still, if you are not yet convinced, consider the four reasons to choose us over other retailers.

1. A Trusted Trailer and Service Provider

McFarlane Trailer Sales has a long history in Ontario. The retailer serves the entire tri-city area and boasts an impressive selection of trailers, including:

Also, the company offers custom-made trailers if it doesn’t have precisely what you need. In addition to offering quality service, McFarlane believes in giving back and supporting community events.

Some past events the business has supported include:

  • New Hamburg Full Throttle Charity Ride
  • New Hamburg Fall Fair Demo Derby
  • Local Christmas parade
  • A  trailer donation to the Mennonite Relief Sale
  • Stuff-A-Trailer Food Bank Drives (since 2011)
  • New Hamburg Softball (Score Board Trailer)
  • Wilmot Family Resource

2. Quality Trailers for Every Need

Obviously, the one thing McFarlane specializes in is utility trailer sales and service. Utility trailers run the gamut from enclosed or open options, car haulers, equipment trailers, Horse and Livestock trailers and even gooseneck or dump options.

Whatever your hauling needs, McFarlane has the trailer for you. Consider a custom trailer option if you cannot find a ready-made trailer right off the lot..

3. Professional Assistance and Advice

Sometimes, you may know that you need a trailer, but you may not know what type suits your needs best. With the number of trailers available and the size of McFarlane’s inventory, no one can blame you for possibly feeling a little overwhelmed.

To help narrow the choices, McFarlane always has a knowledgeable sales team on the floor or ready to pick up the phone. Talk to a representative about your trailer needs or what you want to haul to learn more about the best options.

4. Professional Maintenance Services

Trailers are vehicles with numerous moving parts. All the parts on a trailer require regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and the trailer’s life.

While some maintenance is DIY-friendly, some tasks require getting into the nitty-gritty of the unit. If you have a new trailer, it is not worth risking the warranty on a DIY repair. McFarlane offers professional maintenance services to ensure the health and performance of your trailer.

Trailer Sales and Service Near Me

Are you in the market for a new or used trailer? If so, come to McFarlane Trailer Sales and talk to our sales team. The team can help you find the right trailer for your hauling needs, and if that trailer doesn’t yet exist, they can help you design and build it. The next time you are in need of a trailer or need your current one serviced, don’t wait to visit us!