A Closer Look at Tilt Deck Trailers

A Closer Look at Tilt Deck Trailers for Sale

Time is money. When you’re on a tight schedule and need to get a job done quickly and efficiently, it helps to have the right equipment. When you buy a utility trailer you want it to be quick and easy to operate. This is where tilt trailers come into their own. Tilt trailers are designed and built to haul heavy objects, like vehicles, boats, and machinery. More importantly, they are the key to hassle-free loading and unloading of large or cumbersome cargo.

Tilt deck or tilting trailers are very popular with construction companies, industrial operations businesses, haulage companies, and people who regularly need to transport vehicles, machinery and equipment. They are quick and efficient to load and this improves turnaround time for businesses that operate under tight deadlines.

The key to the operation of a tilt trailer is hydraulic cylinders with reservoirs and proportioning valves that allow for easy tilt rates. Torsion axles combine with smart deck designs to reduce load angles, making loading and unloading a safe and easy process. By simply pulling a lever, or a button you are able to tilt the trailer quickly, easily and, most importantly, safely.

Safety First

Employee safety is important in any business and the right equipment makes the work environment safer for all staff members. The hydraulic cylinders that operate tilt trailers make them safer and easier to use than ones that need to be manually tilted or lifted. A tilt trailer also removes the need for heavy or cumbersome ramps, a great solution to another safety concern.

Tilt trailers come in various lengths and sizes, making it possible to transport almost anything. There are two types of tilt trailers for sale.

Full Tilt Deck Trailers

A full-tilt deck trailer does exactly what the name suggests – the deck tilts completely for ease of use. When loading or unloading the trailer, the deck is able to tilt easily and safely, all the way to the ground, with the assistance of a hydraulic jack system. This effectively eliminates the need for ramps and once the deck has been tilted it is easy to drive a vehicle or roll equipment onto the trailer.

Industrial Tilt Deck Trailers

The other type of tilting trailer is the Industrial Tilt Deck Trailer. The system is ideal for hauling gear with a couple of attachments. In this design, which is also operated by hydraulic cylinders, the front deck of the trailer does not tilt. These trailers are available in different lengths and widths and are highly versatile.

When choosing a tilt deck trailer it is important to consider the width between the fenders. This needs to be wide enough so that when objects are loaded onto the trailer they fit probably and can be loaded without damaging either the cargo or the trailer.

If you’re looking for a good quality tilt trailer, the sales team at McFarlane Trailers will be able to guide you and help you choose a tilt trailer that suits your needs. We have years of experience in the field and have a wide selection of trailers for sale.