An In-Depth Look at Moritz Dump Trailers

May 22, 2020 by

Moritz Dump Trailers

When you are searching for a dump trailer, it can be hard to tell certain models apart. Many of them look similar and have more or less the same specifications. However, this does not mean that they are all equal. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we strive to educate and inform all our customers. Below, we take a closer look at Moritz dump trailers, their features, and reasons to choose this line of products.

Moritz Trailer Features

Moritz dump trailers are feature-rich and ready to take on whatever tasks you can throw at them. These are some of the standard and optional features you can enjoy with one of these powerful pieces of equipment:

  • 8-Inch Cold-Formed I-Beam: The trailer’s frame is made from 8-inch I-beams. This gives it a very strong foundation, meaning you can take on major cargo with these trailers. No matter what you need to haul, your Moritz trailer will be up to the task.
  • Spring-Latch Coupler: When connecting the trailer to the hitch, the coupler is spring-latched. You don’t need to pull anything back or fuss with any safety chains. Just line it up and lower the trailer onto the hitch with the jack.
  • EZ-Lube Hubs: The wheels feature EZ-lube hubs. This makes maintaining your wheels with grease much easier.
  • Easy-Open Gate: One of the best features of the Moritz dump trailers is the easy-to-open rear gate. Simply lift up on the spring-loaded latch to open. There’s no need for safety chains or cam bar.
  • Gate Hold Back: When you open the gate, you can latch it open using the gate hold back. This is spring-loaded on the side of the trailer. Simply open the gate up all the way and it will automatically latch open. Then, lift up on the latch to release.
  • Optional Trip Lever: The gate can be opened upwards like a tailgate. You can get an optional trip lever to make this easy to manipulate from the side of the trailer. Better yet, this can be activated from your truck using a simple lead.
  • Optional Hydraulic Jack: You can choose to have your trailer fitted with a hydraulic jack instead of a hand crank. This makes raising and lowering the trailer as easy as a push of a button (literally).

Every inch of the Moritz line of trailers has been carefully thought out. The metalwork is high-quality and designed to last. All the controls have been designed with real-world needs in mind.

Reasons To Consider a Moritz Trailer

Overall, Moritz dump trailers are very easy to use. They feature strong construction with robust parts such as the 8-inch I-beams and diamond-plated fenders. Whatever you’re doing, you can be confident your trailer will always be up for the task.

With helpful features like the spring-loaded gate latch and coupler, you can easily use your trailer. Most parts can be used one-handed if you are carrying something at the same time. Plus, with the optional trip lever, you can easily spread your load while driving your truck. This is perfect for using your trailer to spread gravel along a pathway.

The attentive thought that is put into each feature of the Moritz trailers makes them worth serious consideration. If you are looking for a well-made and user-friendly trailer, this should be on your list.

Find Dump Trailers That Are Right for Your Needs

Come to McFarlane Trailer Sales to find the right trailer to meet your unique requirements. We have a diverse selection of dump trailers and other styles to choose from. Check out each of our product lines, including Moritz trailers. We look forward to helping you find the right new or used trailer. Contact us today to learn more.