Find Your Perfect Trailer: A Guide For Selecting the Right Trailer at McFarlane’s

4 Reasons to Choose McFarlanes for Your Trailer Sales and Service Needs

Finding the best trailer for your business, farm, or home can feel more than a little overwhelming. With so many options available, how do you ensure you make the best choice?

Look no further than McFarlane Trailer Sales for all your trailer needs.

Whether you're in the market for dump trailers, deckover trailers, heavy-duty trailers, or single-axle enclosed trailers, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key considerations that will help you find the perfect trailer to suit your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Trailer for Your Unique Needs

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into different trailer options, assess your specific needs.

How will you use your trailer? Are you hauling heavy equipment, transporting materials, or moving livestock? Understanding why you need a trailer will guide you toward the right choice.

Dump trailers, for instance, handle heavy loads and make unloading materials more efficient. Whether you're a contractor, farmer, or homeowner, there's a dump trailer with features perfect for your unique requirements.

Exploring Types and Sizes

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer various trailers to cater to diverse needs:

  1. Deckover Trailers: These trailers have wide deck space and ample room for hauling large and heavy items. If you're moving construction equipment or oversized supplies, a deckover trailer might be your ideal choice.
  2. Dump Trailers: A dump trailer is a true workhorse. With a hydraulic lifting mechanism, it simplifies material unloading and handling. These trailers are a game-changer for construction sites, farms, and landscaping projects.
  3. Heavy-Duty Trailers: When you need a trailer that can withstand demanding tasks, heavy-duty trailers step up to the plate. They can carry substantial loads without compromising on performance.
  4. Single-Axle Enclosed Trailers: Perfect for protecting your cargo from the elements, single-axle enclosed trailers are versatile and well-suited for hauling smaller loads, making them great for businesses that require secure transportation.
  5. Tilt Trailers: Tilt trailers bring a new level of convenience to hauling. Their tilting mechanism allows for easy loading and unloading, particularly useful for equipment and machinery.

Consider Important Features

While browsing our selection of dump trailers, pay attention to the following features to ensure you're making an informed decision:

  1. Weight Capacity: Each trailer comes with a designated weight capacity. It's crucial to match this capacity with your intended load to ensure safe and efficient transportation.
  2. Load Carrying Capacity: Similar to weight capacity, the load carrying capacity specifies how much weight the trailer can handle. Choose a trailer that accommodates your heaviest loads.
  3. Electrical Wiring: Depending on your needs, you might require trailers with specific electrical wiring for lights, brakes, and other accessories. Double-check these features to ensure they align with your requirements.
  4. Brakes: Safety is paramount. Many trailers come with brake systems that enhance control and security while towing. Ensure the trailer you choose has the appropriate braking mechanism.

When browsing new trailers for sale, remember these factors to make an investment that pays off in the long run.

Shop McFarlane Trailer Sales for Quality Trailers

Selecting the right trailer doesn't have to be a challenge. With this comprehensive guide, you're ready to make an informed decision.

Understanding your needs, exploring the types and sizes available, and considering essential features are the keys to finding the perfect trailer. McFarlane is your trusted partner in this journey, offering a diverse range of trailers, including dump trailers and enclosed cargo trailers, engineered for durability, performance, and reliability. Invest in a trailer that works as hard as you do – visit McFarlane Trailer Sales today and take the first step toward transforming your hauling experience by submitting a contact form.

Now at McFarlanes: Take a Look at the Darkhorse Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Find Your Perfect Trailer_ A Guide For Selecting the Right Trailer at McFarlanes

Are you looking to buy a new trailer? You have so many options to consider, not only regarding personal preference but also in terms of designs and features. Utility trailers are likely among the most versatile options for consumers and business owners.

A utility trailer is versatile and lightweight, typically made from fewer materials and mechanical elements than other, larger trailers. The lightness of the trailer makes it perfect for spontaneous and planned hauling endeavours, such as moving furniture, camping, transporting construction equipment, or carrying landscaping gear.

Now, McFarlane Trailer Sales carries the impressive Darkhorse Trailer brand. If you are ready to take the leap and purchase a versatile and impressive utility trailer, consider the features and benefits of the enclosed Darkhorse cargo trailer.

Darkhorse Trailer Features and Models

Trailers can come open or enclosed. Open trailers are lighter weight than enclosed options and provide alternative loading points to only the rear. While open options are nice, they are not as secure as enclosed cargo trailers. Also, despite easy loading, open trailers can present problems when tying down loads, especially when those loads are awkward in size and shape.

Trailers like the Darkhorse enclosed cargo trailer provide more security for your haul and allow for safe transportation without the tie-down headaches. Sure, you still should secure your haul, but it is easier in an enclosed space. Ultimately, the Darkhorse model provides more advantages than open trailer options, including durability and haul protection.

Durability and Security for Your Cargo

The Darkhorse cargo trailer, DHW series, is a durable and secure piece of transportation equipment. The DHW utility trailers series offers widths between 5ft and 8.5ft, including 6.5ft and 7.5ft — one of the first manufacturers to do so. The trailer uses high-quality steel construction with a 0.75-inch durable floor. Also, the trailers come in various heights, including custom options, to suit your hauling needs. Finally, the roof is aluminum, and the side walls are plywood. The tongue and bumpers have a rubberized armour coating for added protection.

As for security features, DHW series trailers come with standard 36-inch RV doors and latches. They use LED lighting inside and outside. Also, backup lights are standard safety features. The connections and mechanisms include:

  • 2-inch coupler with safety chains for single-axle
  • 2-5/16-inch coupler with safety chains for tandem axle
  • No hassle breakaway switch
  • Durable steel latches
  • Reinforced doors and locks

Options To Enhance Your Trailer With Custom Features

A utility trailer should cater to your hauling needs. Why buy a cargo trailer like Darkhorse, with its standout features, if it doesn't have all the features you want?

The beauty of Darkhorse trailers and other brands carried by McFarlane Trailer Sales is they allow for customization. You can purchase a standard 1500 or 2500 DHW series trailer and add the items you need to create the most useful trailer for your needs. Some options you may want to add to your new Darkhorse trailer include additional lighting, shelving, tire racks, and other storage options.

You can choose the options that work best for you. McFarlane Trailer Sales can help you find the right trailer and options, ensuring you are happy with your purchase.

Reach Out to McFarlanes for Help With Choosing the Right Utility Trailers

Enclosed utility trailers are versatile, durable, and secure. The Darkhorse DHW series cargo options are top-of-the-line models with only standard features. You can genuinely make the trailers your own with customization if you wish. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales for available product lines, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns by visiting our Ontario location and speaking with a sales representative.

Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

Are you looking to buy a landscaping trailer but are uncertain about the type and size you need? A utility trailer is a versatile, lightweight, and durable option for most landscaping endeavours.

Utility trailers come in open or enclosed and single-axle or tandem-axle options. The specific features will depend on the manufacturer and model. McFarlane Trailer Sales carries several popular brands, including Enbeck, Millroad, and One Sixteen.

Some people may not realize the advantages of standard utility trailers, even single-axle options. Utility trailers, regardless of size, are workhorses with many features and customization options, meaning owners can genuinely create the trailer of their dreams.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer and Experience Its Benefits

Utility trailers offer higher weight capacities than standard cargo trailers, making them excellent options as haulers. Landscaping requires the movement or transportation of various materials and tools; therefore, a utility trailer is an effective landscaping trailer.

A typical landscaper may need to transport equipment to a job site. While on the site, they may need to collect debris, such as tree limbs, brush, outdoor furniture, and other items. A large enough utility trailer is capable of transporting equipment and yard debris without meeting weight restrictions.

Finally, utility trailers are excellent landscaping options because they are affordable, lightweight, durable, and customizable. Because the trailers have fewer mechanical elements and materials, the price is lower than beefier trailer models and options.

Still, the trailers can hold up to the regular wear and tear of landscaping projects. Even with the advantages of utility trailers in the landscaping field, some professionals may be hesitant to make a purchase, especially when reviewing only standard features.

Customization Options

You are not stuck with standard trailer features. A custom utility trailer is an option that allows you to take advantage of the features you love while adding features that make your life easier.

The level of customization a customer chooses depends on personal preferences and hauling needs. One customer may want to purchase an enclosed trailer and add LED lighting to the interior, especially if they use the trailer as a workspace. Another customer may need to swap the hitch receivers for something compatible with their tow vehicle. Other common additions to utility trailers include:

  • Fender upgrades
  • Shelving
  • Storage

Personalization Options

When you purchase a landscaping trailer, it will look like every similar model on the market. There is nothing wrong with standard appearances, but most owners want their trailers to showcase purpose or identity.

It is common for trailer owners to personalize their vehicles. You can personalize a trailer by installing custom features for specific jobs, painting it with unique colours, or applying graphics. All of these options are affordable and accessible.

If you are using your trailer for a landscaping business, it is a good idea to apply graphics and paint the trailer brand colours. You can use your trailer as a form of marketing; it acts as a billboard of sorts as you drive around or park at job sites.

Different Uses and Adventures

When considering customization and personalization with trailer parts and accessories, don't forget a utility trailer is more than a landscaping trailer. Utility trailers are versatile and can fit into your life in numerous ways. Some of the uses for these trailers beyond landscaping include:

  • Construction
  • Camping
  • Moving
  • Hauling

From ATVs to lawnmowers and everything in between, a utility trailer can handle it. Consider a utility trailer for not only your business but also your leisure.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales

If you are ready to purchase a landscaping trailer, consider the versatility and affordability of a utility trailer. The durable build, enclosed or open design, and single or tandem-axle structure make utility trailers capable haulers. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales for the latest inventory, and visit the Ontario location to talk to a sales representative.

Summer Activities That Your Pace Enclosed Trailer is Useful For

useful tips for ways to use your enclosed trailer

The summer months bring endless possibilities, and having the right tools helps you seize those possibilities to the fullest. Your enclosed trailer is far from a one-time-use item. Use it for summer activities both big and small, whether it's a large-scale DIY project or a much-needed outing with your friends and family. From practical to fun and adventurous, your Pace enclosed trailer is useful for a wide range of applications.

Practical Summer Activities

For many, enclosed trailers are synonymous with the idea of moving to a new home. That idea exists for a good reason, as using one is a highly practical way to move larger items like furniture while also keeping them protected from the elements. Moving day is made easy to quickly transport items of all sizes.

Another practical summer activity is one that lets you generate some income when you're not using your trailer for yourself. Rent out your trailer to others who are preparing for a move or any other adventures they might have in mind.

Trailers are also great for facilitating yard work. Pick up plants, trees, and sod for landscaping or even use it as storage for equipment and tools when not in use. A trailer can be a huge boon for DIY landscaping projects or for those looking to start a local yard work or handyman business.

Exciting Summer Trailer Adventures

Big toys mean big adventures and your Pace enclosed trailer is equipped to transport the biggest toys there are and keep your ATV or dirt bike safe inside. Reliably transport your offroad vehicle to the trails or dunes and then let your sense of adventure handle the rest.

Even if you prefer to rent your vehicles from a supplier near your offroading destination, an enclosed trailer can still be invaluable in transporting other gear. This might include safety equipment, mountain bikes, camping kits, or any other items that might make your adventure more memorable and enjoyable.

Choosing an trailer for summer activities provides the cargo and utility capabilities to get your gear to the site of your adventure. It is still crucial, however, that you find the right-sized trailer to accommodate any vehicles or other gear that you might choose to transport. When you choose to shop at McFarlane, you get professional assistance in finding the right one for your needs.

Worry-Free Camping

Making the most of a wonderful nature outing requires lots of equipment, but an enclosed trailer makes it easy to haul everything from campsite necessities to the most lavish of creature comforts to your destination. Throughout the duration of your camping trip, a trailer also serves as a perfect storage solution that protects your gear and refreshments from the weather and even from animals.

While camping certainly does entail transporting a wide range of gear, it is important to keep in mind that even a smaller enclosed trailer can typically contain all the things necessary for an enjoyable retreat with friends or the whole family. Many small cargo trailers for summer activities are towable by small to midsize cars, meaning that families can have a worry-free camping experience without having to rent or invest in a larger vehicle for the trip.

Choose the Right Enclosed Trailer for Summer Activities 

Pace is a manufacturer that prides itself on the safety, durability, and reliability of its cargo trailers. Your Pace enclosed trailer can be a reliable companion not only for the specific purpose you purchase it for but also for a wide range of summer activities and adventures. From moves and landscaping to offroading and other summer trailer adventures, a Pace cargo trailer can fit the bill. Contact McFarlane Trailer Sales online or give us a call for help finding the right trailer for your summer activities.

The Great Debate: Single Axle Trailers or Tandem Axle Trailers – Which One is Right for You?

great debate among people looking to buy a trailer

Are you in the market for a trailer to transport goods but not sure whether a single-axle or tandem-axle trailer is best suited for your needs?

Over the years, there has been much debate over which type of trailer offers more advantages. In this blog post, we'll be weighing up the pros and cons of both types of trailers so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you – be it as a homeowner looking to move furniture, an agricultural business transporting produce or large livestock farmer hauling hay bales. Learn all about how single-axle and tandem-axle trailers compare!

What are Some Pros and Cons

What is a tandem axle trailer? Quite simply, a tandem axle trailer has two axles close together working in tandem. The extra axle is the obvious benefit of the trailer over single axle options. With an extra axle, tandem trailers can carry heavier loads than single-axle options and offer higher payload capacities.

This also means the trailer has an extra set of wheels — this is the giveaway that a trailer is, in fact, tandem. The additional wheels and heavier loads can make tandem trailers more challenging to maneuver and control.

To understand more about the pros and cons of each trailer, it's important to take a closer look at each style.

What Are the Benefits of a Single-Axle Trailer

Designed to be lightweight yet durable, these versatile trailers can handle almost anything you can throw at them. They're ideal for a variety of uses such as hauling equipment, transporting motorcycles or even just moving furniture.

The compact footprint of a single-axle trailer makes it easy to navigate tight spaces or narrow country roads. A reliable trailer like the Enbeck utility trailer offers convenience, reliability and value, making it a smart investment for any contractor or homeowner in need of a dependable hauling solution.

The smaller size of the trailer makes maneuvering tight spaces easier. Because the unit is lighter, it helps with better fuel economy than larger tandem models. Also, its straightforward construction and minimal maintenance demands mean the trailer is cheaper to purchase and maintain than tandem models.

What Are the Benefits of a Tandem Axle Trailer?

Unlike single-axle trailers that have just one set of wheels, tandem axle trailers have two sets, which spread the trailer's weight evenly and give it added stability. This means you'll have better control on the road, especially during sudden turns or emergency stops.

Tandem axle trailers can also carry heavier loads making them perfect for hauling everything from small boats to construction equipment. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a commercial driver, a tandem axle trailer is a smart investment that will prove invaluable on the road.

The large trailer size does mean it is more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces, but it is more stable at highway speeds. The large deck of the trailer and heftier suspension, with load weight spread evenly across each axle, means it is more capable of handling heavier, complex loads than single-axle trailers.

How Do You Choose Between a Single Axle or tandem-axle trailer?

When looking at single axle vs tandem axle trailers, the primary question to ask yourself is what type of loads you are hauling. If you frequently transport heavy, complex loads, a tandem trailer is best, not only because of its size and capabilities. Tandem trailers must have a braking system, a necessary safety feature for heavier hauls.

Find Your Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales

Whether a single or a tandem axle trailer is right for you depends on several factors, primarily the type of hauls you transport. Heavier loads demand the space and complexity of tandem options. If you are unsure which trailer type is right for you, come down to McFarlane Trailer Sales and check out the different brands and options for yourself. We are always happy to help.