Benefits of a Flatbed from Canada Trailers

June 21, 2019 by

Benefits of a Flatbed from Canada Trailers

The North American trailer market is highly competitive. To survive and thrive in this market, trailer manufacturers need to be on top of their game at all times and offer a wide selection of trailers for sale. The continued success of Canada Trailers in this competitive industry is a testament to the quality and versatility of their products and the many benefits to owning one of their flatbed trailers.

Canada Trailers is a nationally recognized manufacturer with a growing international presence. They dominate the market in Canada and local influences can be seen in their model selections and trademark design. Perfect for working hard in difficult conditions, bad weather and rugged terrain. Their headquarters may be in Ontario, but Canada Trailers maintain a strong presence throughout the country via a network of authorized dealers, meaning that if you are looking for Canada Trailers for sale, you won’t have to look far. There will be a dealer near you with parts readily available.


Canada Trailers manufactures numerous model types, covering practically every type of trailer, including; flatbeds, utility trailers, dump trailers, car haulers, landscape trailers and a premium series for the more discerning buyer. This wide selection of trailers means that you are bound to find a new or used Canada Trailer to suit both your needs and your budget. Canada Trailers are locally made and designed to operate in the harsh Canadian climate, operating in low temperatures and heavy snowfalls. The trailers are manufactured to be used over rough terrain and are constructed with high quality, durable parts and premium materials that will last a long time. If you look after your trailer properly and ensure that it is in good working order, your Canada flatbed will work hard for you for many years.


Hauling large irregularly shaped machines, or equipment with wheels can present a range of challenges, including being difficult to secure and having a tendency to roll around or tip during transport. Flatbed trailers, with their low platforms and open construction, are the only trailers that that are specifically designed to safely transport large machinery and equipment, making them indispensable to countless industries, including mining, construction, and agriculture. Owning several different size flatbeds and utility trailers, with different build specifications and features, is useful for construction companies, factories, and heavy industry, allowing them to transport goods according to their own schedule and meet their client’s needs.


Landscaping businesses throughout Canada always need trailers and a good quality flatbed can be an extremely useful addition to your company. They come in various sizes; smaller flatbeds are useful for gardening and lawn services while larger flatbeds are ideal for commercial landscaping projects. The flatbeds can be customized with sidewalls, toolboxes and rear ramps to suit the needs of most landscaping businesses.


Flatbeds, or low boys in industry slang, with a low main platform designed to be close to the ground to improv e stability when transporting extremely heavy or awkwardly shaped loads, are always popular and sought after by our customers. At McFarlane’s, we stock a wide selection of the most reliable flatbeds that are robust and long-lasting with structural integrity and unrivaled performance. Depending on your exact requirements and budget, we can recommend one of several flatbed models from our extensive lineup. We have a wide selection of trailers for sale, so contact McFarlane’s today to find the ideal flatbed for you.