Benefits of Buying a Trailer Over Renting

August 10, 2022 by

Benefits of Buying a Trailer Over Renting

3 Reasons to Buy a Trailer Over Renting

Buying your own trailer is a satisfying investment that is reliably available, reduces hidden costs, and offers you flexible control of your assets. Whether you’re looking for a new trailer or a used trailer for sale, McFarlane can set you up with what you need. 

1. There’s Always a Trailer Available 

It is a major setback for efficiency when you have a load that needs moving and all the trailers in your area are booked or rented out. You end up having to rely on colleagues, friends, and family to get it done, which creates stress and a feeling of obligation.

Not only this, but you may call ahead to a trailer rental facility, then drive there, only to find that the trailer you needed has been rented to someone else. This doesn’t happen when you own your trailer. Knowing that you can access your trailer at any time gives you convenience and peace of mind. 

2. No Hidden Costs 

Rental companies make their money on hidden fees and costs such as day-use insurance, deposits, mileage rates, after-hours fees, and cleaning fees. Even though these may be listed in the fine print of their terms and conditions, it usually creates a surprise at the end of the haul, sometimes causing you to go over budget.

It is often unclear what the costs even support. Rental companies have to list the costs they charge you, but they don’t have to explain or justify them. This creates a stressful lack of transparency and adds to your operational costs over time. 

Once you purchase your own trailer, you have independent control over which repairs and costs are needed and when you do them. Negotiating insurance rates is up to you. Maintaining your trailer on your own terms can be much more cost-effective, and you never have to worry about meeting a deadline of returning the trailer to its original location. 

3. Flexibility 

A great advantage of buying over renting is that you become the boss of your own trailer. Rental companies forbid subletting and loaning the trailer to another party who isn’t under contract with them. When you own, you have the flexibility to let others use your trailer as you see fit. 

You can also haul loads any time of day, month, or year, regardless of supply and demand in the rental market. Weekend hauls, late nights and long distances are no problem when you are in charge of deciding what happens with the trailer. 

Another aspect of flexibility is that you can use the trailer in multiple different configurations that a rental company wouldn’t allow. There are no restrictions on the type of load, location, distance, who can drive, and add-ons. If your landscape trailer needs to become an equipment trailer today, so be it. You decide, with very little red tape or pushback. 

Used Trailers for Sale at McFarlane

A great way to start out owning a trailer is to buy a used one. Not only do new trailers depreciate immediately (similar to new vehicles), used trailers are an affordable way to experience the benefits of ownership without a high-interest payment plan. We also offer financing and affordable down payments. 

Used trailers usually become available because the original owner upgraded to a new trailer. We guarantee that all of our trailers are mechanically sound and road-ready. Hydraulics, tires, tongues, and hitches are all fully inspected for undue wear and tear before we offer them to you. 

Contact us today to learn about the process. Leave behind the stresses and surprise costs of renting a trailer. Buy your own trailer and find a renewed peace of mind.