3 Benefits of Buying An Enclosed Trailer

January 27, 2022 by

Benefits of Buying An Enclosed Trailer

When you’re ready to purchase a top-quality trailer, look no further than McFarlane Trailer Sales. With our wide selection from top brands like Wells Cargo, Mission, EZ Hauler, and Bravo and Pace, plus our custom-made enclosed trailers, you’re sure to find the right model at our dealership. We even offer used trailers to fit both your budget and your hauling needs.

To narrow down your options, think about your requirements when it comes to protecting and securing your cargo, as well as the space you’ll normally need for what you’re hauling. Choosing an enclosed model might be the best way to tick all the boxes, so take a closer look at the benefits of this type of trailer.

Weather Protection

There’s almost nothing you can haul that wouldn’t be better off staying out of the elements. Whether it’s blazing sunshine in the summertime or frigid wind and snow in the winter, weather conditions can do a number on your precious cargo. An enclosed hauler provides shelter and protection for:

  • Vehicles: An enclosed trailer helps maintain the pristine condition of a classic car on its way to a show and avoid rust and corrosion on bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, or boats.
  • Vulnerable Items: Enclosing your cargo prevents destruction from wind, rain, and sun when you’re hauling anything that isn’t weatherproofed.
  • Workspaces: Four walls and a roof defend against damage to amenities such as electrical outlets and cabinetry if you use your trailer as a portable workshop.

Secure Transport

The security of your cargo is an important consideration, whether you are sticking close to home or going on long hauls. Moving your payload in an enclosed trailer can minimize the risk that comes with transporting valuable equipment.

Unlike an open trailer, an enclosed model keeps cargo from falling off the bed, even if it hasn’t been tied down securely. Your load is also safer from theft and vandalism with an enclosed trailer, and it’s easy to add security systems such as padlocks for an extra level of protection.

Even if you don’t move cargo, you’ll have less to worry about when you want to leave your enclosed trailer at your worksite and head home for the day. Just lock it and leave it, knowing that whatever your trailer holds it’ll be safe from prying eyes and grabbing hands.

Added Space

If you worry that you don’t haul enough payloads to make investing in a new trailer worth it, remember that you can make great use of an enclosed model by employing it in any number of ways. An enclosed trailer provides additional storage space that will stay put for as long as you need it to. It can even function as an extra room for your home or business.

Taking advantage of our customizable options can make your enclosed trailer even more versatile. Just add shelving and tables to transform your trailer into a hobby space or workshop, or outfit it for easy transport and clean-up of outdoor recreational gear. An enclosed trailer can also be designed to support almost any mobile business, from auto detailing to catering to pet grooming. It’s possible to order a trailer built to your specifications regardless of how you plan to use yours.

For protection, security, and versatility, check out your options at McFarlane Trailer Sales. While an enclosed trailer might be just what you’re looking for, that’s just the start of what we offer. We pride ourselves on standing behind every hauler we sell, whether you purchase an open bed, flatbed, tilt bed, or enclosed trailer. We also offer easy financing and feature a wide selection of trailer parts, so give us a call today.