Taking Care of Your Dump Trailer in Winter

January 24, 2020 by

Taking Care of Your Dump Trailer in Winter

It is time to say goodbye to autumn and hello to winter. That means that it is also time to prepare your dump trailer to take on the snow, ice, dirt and salt on wintery roads. A little preparation can help keep your trailer in the best shape possible. It will also keep you safer. After all, you don’t want anything coming loose due to rust or corrosion while you are driving.

Start With a Good Cleaning

Clean out your dump trailer thoroughly. Any debris and dirt could become a hot point for damage to your trailer. Additionally, all dump trailers need a good cleaning from time to time. Now is as good a time as any to do so.

Lubricate and Inspect Moving Parts

Check out all the moving parts of your trailer. This includes the wheel, lift, gates and other parts. Make sure everything is thoroughly lubricated. During the hotter weather of the summer and autumn, that grease gets used up quickly. Some fresh lubrication will help to keep those parts moving easily during the cold weather.

Pay special attention to the wheels. Since they carry the weight of your trailer and cargo, they tend to take the most punishment from use. Make sure they are in good working order and make any necessary repairs now.

Also, make sure your lift is in good shape. As one of the key workhorses of your dump trailer, it needs a little maintenance from time to time. Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated for winter.

Address Any Rust

Rust is a reality for many dump trailers. They are designed to take some abuse and keep going. However, as you probably know, rust worsens if left unaddressed. Deal with minor issues now and you won’t find your trailer rusted through later in the winter or next spring. During the colder, wetter months, new corrosion can happen quickly.

Repaint It

If your trailer is painted, that coating helps protect the metal underneath. However, dump trailers are often used hard. We design our trailer with galvanized heavy-duty flooring, but some of the sides are painted. While we use robust paints, it can still get scratched up throughout the year. That scratched and chipped paint can be where rust and other issues begin.

Give your trailer a fresh coat of paint. Since you cleaned it for the winter anyway, this is the perfect time to deal with a new paint job. If you are unsure what type of paint to use for your trailer, feel free to contact us.

Store It Properly (If You Aren’t Using It)

Many people don’t continue to use their dump trailers much in the winter. For example, if you use yours for a landscaping business, you likely have a slow period in the winter. If you won’t be using your dump trailer, store it properly. Take the battery out if it has one. Find someplace like a garage or shed that will keep your trailer out of the elements for the next few months.

Keep It Clean (If You’re Using It)

If you are using your trailer during the winter, make sure to wash off the salt, snow and ice regularly. These factors can easily make your trailer rust if left unattended. A thorough rinsing should usually be enough. However, you may need to scrape off persistent ice.

Winterize Properly, You’ll Be Glad You Did

Dump trailers don’t last forever. They are intended to be used for hard work. However, with proper care, your McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service dump trailer will continue to serve you well for many years to come. Reach out to us to learn more about properly winterizing your trailer.