Trailer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Trailer

As spring comes to an end, it’s time to make sure that the wear and tear from winter’s cold and spring’s rain will not affect your summer hauls. Pay special attention to your brakes, tires, grease, and suspension, as these will be the most likely to break down if not treated with care. You can […]


We Do Annual Trailer Safety Inspections!

In Canada, trailers need to be inspected annually for safety if they are used for commercial purposes. Getting your inspection is not only the law, but it is essential for ensuring that you can use your trailer safely. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we provide annual inspections and stickers. Just bring your trailer by to take […]


Improper Trailer Axle Maintenance Could Mean Trouble

Like any moving, mechanical part, it’s essential that trailers are maintained and looked after during their lifetime. Whether you’re renting your trailer for a short time or buying one to use regularly, you should know that it will need some upkeep. Even if it’s brand new, there are several different ways it can age, and […]