Common Commercial Uses of a Flatbed Trailer

December 2, 2022 by

Common Commercial Uses of a Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are the backbone of the trucking industry. They can carry a lot of heavy cargo across the country to make sure everyone has access to the goods and merchandise they need to live comfortably. Here are four of the most common commercial uses for a flatbed trailer and how you can find one to benefit your trucking fleet.

Hauling Construction Equipment

Big construction projects often require the use of oversized machineries such as excavators, diggers and bulldozers. This equipment cannot legally be driven on roadways, so it must be carried to different work sites. Flatbed trailers are ideal for hauling construction equipment because they are big and open. You don’t have to worry about your machinery being too big for an enclosed trailer if you choose a flatbed trailer instead. Just make sure to secure the machinery effectively so that it does not fall off the trailer during transport.

Moving Scrap Metals

With concern for the current climate crisis skyrocketing, many people are recycling various materials in an effort to do their part to save the environment. One of the most popular materials for people to recycle is scrap metal. From old appliances to fencing, scrap metals are often hard to organize to fit neatly in a confined space. This characteristic makes scrap metal difficult to move in an enclosed trailer. The materials just do not fit properly in a small space. Flatbed trailers are a much better option because they are open. Most scrap metals are not affected by the weather, and attaching to a flatbed trailer does not risk damaging them when they are hauled across the country to be recycled.

Moving Agricultural Equipment and Goods

Farmers and ranchers often need to move large pieces of equipment. Because most ranches are made up of many aces, it’s helpful to have trailers to haul the equipment across the property. Flatbed trailers are versatile and can also be used for hauling hay and feed to care for the animals on the ranch. They come in a wide variety of sizes so that ranchers can select the one that is compatible with the size of their vehicle. Flatbed trailers simplify the act of ranching so that farmers can focus on growing their businesses instead of how they will move equipment across their property.

Transporting Building and Construction Materials

Building and construction materials are often big and bulky. Fitting them into a conventional trailer is tricky because they must fit into a space with room for the door to close. Using a flatbed trailer to haul these items is usually a better solution because they can hang off the side of the trailer a little if necessary. All items transported on a flatbed trailer must be secured to the device, but the design of flatbed trailers makes them ideal for carrying:

  • Steel pipes
  • Concrete blocks
  • Fence posts
  • Scaffolding
  • Lumbar

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