3 Common Uses For A Landscape Trailer

March 2, 2022 by

3 Common Uses For A Landscape Trailer

Landscape trailers are pieces of utility equipment adapted to perform landscaping jobs. These trailers have various features, including tailgates that can be used for loading and moving tools and equipment. Some trailers also feature cabinets and tool racks built into the trailer’s frame. If you are a landscape engineer, a lawn care business owner, or an avid gardener, you may benefit from a landscape trailer. Here are three common uses for landscape trailers

1. Transporting and Storing Tools 

Most people use utility trailers to transport equipment and tools. In fact, most utility trailers are also listed as equipment trailers in online stores and equipment catalogues. These trailers can be used to transport and store lawnmowers, power tools, and other types of care tools. By storing your necessary items in your trailer, you’re keeping your important things on your property and away from potential thieves. Storing items in your trailer can also save you money. You won’t have to spend money on gas transporting equipment to a job site every day, and you won’t have to pay for a storage facility.  

Most landscape trailers are large and wide, allowing you to organize various tools in different sections. Having your equipment with you in your trailer at all times means you can accept last-minute jobs or work on your yard at your convenience. 

2. Moving Furniture 

Why hire a moving team or rent a large van if you already own a landscape trailer? Landscape trailers can be used to haul appliances, furniture, and other large pieces of equipment. Utility trailers are designed to transport large items and ideal moving vehicles for your business or personal use. However, make sure you properly wrap up all fragile furniture so nothing is damaged during the ride. 

3. Cleaning Up Trash 

Owning a landscaping business often involves regularly hauling trash, debris, and other materials that accumulate during yard work. Even recreational gardeners who spend a lot of time in their yards usually collect waste and debris while working. You don’t want to leave trash lying around but getting a dump truck to remove it can be expensive. Landscape trailers make the process of cleaning up much more manageable. You can even put trash in the trailer as you work, so it is easy to haul after the job is done. You can even store loose debris in your trailer for a few days before discarding them to keep your yard tidy. 

Things To Consider When Buying Landscape Trailers

Buying a utility trailer is a big decision, and you should do your research before heading to the store. 

You should consider the size, colour, and shape of the trailer you want. If you own a lawn care business, buying a large trailer to accommodate all your tools is best. A small trailer is often sufficient for those performing small jobs on their own yards. There are also options when it comes to style and colour options. While landscape trailers typically come in neutral colours, more vibrant colours are available upon request. It may also be possible to have the logo of your business decals on the side as an advertising tactic. 

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