A Custom Enclosed Trailer From Bravo Is Ready for Any Job!

March 24, 2020 by

Bravo Custom Enclosed Trailer

Check out the 2020 Bravo V-nosed 7’x14’ tandem enclosed trailer today at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service. This excellent trailer is just one of our many custom made enclosed trailers. Compare the top features of this trailer, consider common uses and learn how you can personalize your enclosed trailer to get the most out of your investment.

Top Features of the Bravo V-Nose Trailer

From tongue to ramp, this trailer has plenty of features for almost any use. With a width of 7 feet and a 14-foot length, you can haul plenty of materials or equipment. Stand and walk comfortably through your enclosed trailer with just over 7ft of height.

This trailer has a payload of 4,947lbs and has a GVW of 7,000lbs, with a curb weight of 2,053lbs. This translates into a durable trailer that can handle an impressive load. It’s rugged enough for a stable carrying capacity but lightweight enough to not overload your truck. The medium rear ramp door drops down for a convenient loading ramp. Pull in with your off-road vehicle or enjoy an easy walk in and out of your trailer.

A durable Drymax floor, two axles and Black Mod wheels ensure a long-lasting trailer. Once you hook up and hit the road, you’ll have high-visibility LED lighting and brakes on both axles to stay safe. Spring suspension prevents extreme jostling as you navigate bumpy roads.

Of course, as a V-nosed enclosed trailer, you’ll have the maximum storage space that’s protected from the elements. The sturdy tube walls protect your storage space from rain, snow, wind and UV rays. A side door makes it easy to quickly access small parts and materials stored in the front of your Bravo trailer.

Common Uses

An enclosed trailer is convenient for many professional projects and hobbies. Whether you work around the farm or on the construction site, use your trailer to haul tools and supplies. The front door and rear ramp make it easy to load up your trailer with construction materials, sawhorses, saws and all your hand tools. At the end of a job, roll all your tools back into your trailer and lock it up for safe storage. Farmers can easily store tools out of the elements and take them all around their property. If you run out of space in your truck, load up a trailer to haul it across the property.

This spacious Bravo trailer is large enough to carry motorcycles, ATVs or snowmobiles. As a toy hauler, you’ll love the large rear ramp. Drive up, strap your off-road vehicles down and gear up for a road trip to the next trailhead.

The best part of an enclosed V-nose trailer is its versatility. You don’t have to commit to it being a trailer for work or play. At the end of a stressful week, pull your tools out, drive up a dirt bike, pack up your camping gear and head out for an unforgettable long weekend.

Custom Options

Invest in shelving, spare tires, locks or other accessories for your trailers. If a stock trailer doesn’t have the specific features you need, personalize it with a few must-have accessories. From safety gear to storage items, accessories help you get more out of your enclosed trailer at work and around your property.

Compare With Other Trailers at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service

This impressive 14-foot enclosed trailer is just one amazing option available at McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service. Compare this 2020 Bravo trailer with other tandem axle enclosed trailers today to discover how you can enjoy an affordable, reliable piece of equipment for years of projects at home and on the job.