3 Common Uses For a Dump Trailer

April 5, 2022 by

3 Common Uses For a Dump Trailer

Most people buy dump trailers to assist with work around a construction site, farm, or other rural activities. Whether you purchase a trailer for personal or professional use, you can get more out of using the tool year-round.  

People often undervalue trailer purchases. For instance, many people will buy a dump trailer and assume it is only suitable for transporting dirt or waste materials from the site to the trash. However, there are many uses for trailers, and many of these uses can equate to more money in your pocket, allowing you to pay off the expense of the dump trailer quicker than expected. 

Are you ready to start making money with your trailer or find more uses for it? If so, consider the following three ways to get more use out of your dump trailer. 

1. Junk Removal

Dump trailers are excellent tools for collecting, removing, and transporting materials — it is what they are designed to do. Because of the unique design of these trailers, you can make a lucrative business out of junk collecting. Every state has countless people who can benefit from access to a dump trailer, especially hoarders. 

Even if an individual does not meet the clinical expectations of a hoarder, they may want to clear out their house, garage, attic, or other property or structure. Unfortunately, cleaning things out requires access to dumpsters or other waste removal containers.  

While a dumpster is an okay option for junk removal, a dump trailer is better suited to individual cleanouts. The low sides allow for risk-free disposal, meaning less chance of injury. Additionally, you can leave your trailer with a homeowner and have them call when it is ready to be hauled away. 

2. Snow Removal

When considering alternative jobs for your dump trailer, you might not immediately think of snow removal, but it is another lucrative option. Most people write off snow removal because they believe most HOAs and cities have snowplow services to handle clearing the roadways. However, snowplows are excellent pushers, not removers. 

A snowplow clears the main path of a roadway by diverting the snow to either side of it. Unfortunately, that still means that most of the snow is at the curbs. Sometimes, cities will experience heavy snowfalls, making it difficult for plows to find enough of a clearing for the snow on the street. In such situations, the cities will need to call in a snow removal service. 

You can be that snow removal service. Your trailer provides enough space and strength to transport loads of snow to other areas where it will not interfere with city operations. 

3. Landscaping

From snow to junk hauling, dump trailers are versatile and potentially lucrative tools. Another way you can use your trailer in the spring through the fall is to piggyback on other small businesses, such as landscaping services.  

Some small landscaping operations will not have access to a dump trailer. Trailers are beneficial to landscapers because they provide an option for transporting soil, rock, plants, mulch, etc. Even larger operations might outsource some transportation work to smaller dump trailer services for local work. 

If you have been putting off purchasing a dump trailer because you felt it was too limited and you wouldn’t get enough use out of it, think again. Dump trailers are among the most versatile trailers on the market. If you are interested in perusing a few different trailer models, check out McFarlane Trailer Sales. The company has a variety of dump trailer brands and models, including brands like K-trail and Canada Trailers to suit any buyer’s needs. Contact a representative and let them help you purchase the key to your future success: a dump trailer.