4 Fall Maintenance Uses for a Dump Trailer

October 7, 2022 by

4 Ways to Use a Dump Trailer for Fall Yard Maintenance

Autumn is a popular time for property owners to pay closer attention to the maintenance of their homes and yards. One reason for this is that the fall season is the last time for people who reside in many locations of North America to do yard and other outside work before snow and cold weather sets in, which makes it more difficult to perform outdoor maintenance. Another reason is that autumn brings fallen leaves and branches that can clog gutters and cause damage to equipment sitting outdoors. Here are four ways to use a dump trailer to perform fall maintenance in your yard.

1. Debris Removal 

Fall is a good opportunity to remove debris from your residential or commercial lawn before the snow starts to fall and make debris removal much more of a hassle. One reason to remove excess debris outside is to prevent rodents and other pests from taking up residence in the warm and dark space provided by the debris. Some types of debris to consider removing with your landscape trailer include:

  • Leaves that have fallen off trees
  • Branches laying in the yard as a result of dying or decaying trees
  • Fruit like apples and pears left over from the autumn harvest

Even though things like leaves do not weigh very much, they are very bulky and people who maintain yards can benefit from the use of a dump vehicle. On the other hand, items like branches and tree limbs do weigh a significant amount, and a homeowner helps ensure their safety by using the proper equipment to remove them rather than trying to carry the items themselves.

2. Fertilizer Enhancement

Although most people do not think of fall as the time of year to help their grass grow, the cooler and moister conditions of fall make for the perfect time of year to fertilize the yard. If you have a large yard, using a small dump trailer to carry the fertilizer around your property can make the job easier.

While fertilizing, you may opt to perform other landscaping duties such as trimming trees, mowing grass or planting seeds for flowers to bloom in the spring. Rather than carrying yard equipment around yourself, consider using a trailer to lug the equipment around your property.

3. Mulch Placement

Fall may be your last opportunity to place mulch, and employing a dump trailer allows you to do this more efficiently. Using a trailer with a flatbed ensures that you have easy access to the mulch, however, you have to be careful that the mulch does not spill if you are driving fast or going around sharp corners. Mulch tends to be quite heavy, especially in large quantities, so consider purchasing a dump trailer if you do not already own one if you plan to do any mulching.

4. Disposing of Old Plants and Trees

Many plants and trees die off in the fall, so this season is a good opportunity to get those uprooted and cleared away before they cause further problems. This can be very dirty work, so having a flatbed to place and transport the dead vegetation is extremely helpful. Before purchasing a trailer to perform work such as tree disposal, consider how large of a trailer you will need. If you are deciding between something smaller and larger, it is usually recommended to go with the larger equipment as long as it is still within your budget. This is because you never know when you might need to carry more items on the trailer, but you can always carry a smaller amount on a larger trailer.

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