Ways to Ensure An E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailer Holds its Value

March 31, 2022 by

Ways to Ensure An E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailer Holds its Value

Whether you own an E-Z Hauler trailer for personal or professional use, you want to preserve the value of your trailer because it is a huge investment. You need to make the most of the money you spent by keeping your trailer in good condition. This habit also raises the resell value of your trailer if you decide you don’t need it anymore. Use these four tips to ensure you keep your trailer in great shape and maintain its value.

Buy a Trailer Made of High-Quality Aluminum

If you want your trailer to last for many years and still have some resell value, you need to make sure you purchase one that is made from top-quality materials. You may find cheaper trailers, but they won’t be made of the best materials, so they won’t hold their value for long. It’s best to purchase a high-quality trailer from a reputable brand such as E-Z Hauler. These trailers are constructed of durable aluminum and designed to last for many years with frequent usage. As long as these trailers are cared for properly, they will maintain their value so that you can regain some of your money if you ever decide to sell your trailer.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Much like vehicles, custom-made enclosed trailers have longer lifespans when they are properly maintained. If you just buy a trailer and drive it until it is no longer functional without putting in the time and effort to maintain it, the trailer will probably malfunction prematurely. To extend the lifespan of your trailer and preserve its value, use the following maintenance tips:

  • Keep your trailer clean: Standing water and spilled liquids can damage the floor of your trailer. Make sure you wipe out the interior of your enclosed trailer every time you use it so that you keep it clean and tidy and prevent water damage.
  • Check your tires: Tires are crucial trailer components, and they lose air over time. Underinflated tires can lead to major issues, so it’s best to check tire pressure before every long trip so that you can put more air in the tires as necessary.
  • Lubricate the trailer: Trailers are made of a lot of moving parts. Over time, lubrication wears off and metal fittings start rubbing together. Not only does this cause a lot of unnecessary noise, but it also causes the fittings to wear down prematurely. A little lubrication goes a long way in making sure that your trailer maintains its value.

Undercoat Your Trailer

Undercoatings are aluminum frames underneath your trailers that protect all of the interior components. It’s best to buy a trailer that already has an undercoating. However, you can always invest in an undercoating if the trailer you purchase doesn’t have one. An undercoating is necessary because dirt, dust and grime can negatively impact your trailer’s components on the road.

Store Your Trailer Properly

When you aren’t using your trailer, you need to store it in a safe place. Using a cool, dry garage is your best option. Store your trailer at minimum weight by unloading it whenever you aren’t using it. It’s also a good idea to prop your trailer up on blocks of wood so that you don’t put unnecessary pressure on the tires.

Find Great Options at McFarlane Trailer Sales

Maintaining the value of your trailer starts with purchasing one that is made of high-quality materials. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, you’ll find a great selection of trailers and trailer parts. As a dealer, we take pride in providing you with a vast inventory of high-quality trailers that make great investments and hold their value. If you are interested in custom-made enclosed trailers with a great resell value, contact us today to discuss your needs.