Find Versatile Single Axle Utility Trailers at McFarlanes

February 25, 2020 by

Single Axle Utility Trailers

At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service, we know that every customer’s needs are different. We offer a wide selection of single axle utility trailers in different sizes and styles and are confident that we have the perfect choice for your needs. However, figuring out which is right for you can be challenging. Below are some tips and guidance for selecting a utility trailer.

Consider What You Will Be Using It For

The first step in selecting a trailer is to define your needs. Consider what you will be using it for. Try to be as specific and exhaustive as possible. For example, you may be planning to move building supplies. However, this can mean a lot of things ranging from bricks to two-by-fours to door hardware.

Most people use utility trailers for a variety of carrying needs. They are great for DIY and light commercial use or a combination of both. Think through all the likely possibilities. You don’t want to buy a trailer only to realize the next month that it isn’t big enough to move your couch, for example. Of course, you also want to be realistic. Not everyone needs to carry six fridges at a time.

Identify the Right Features

What features beyond size do you need for your single axle utility trailer? If you are planning to load vehicles or other heavy items, you may need ramps like the ones on our Millroad MF1480 Flat Deck trailer.

Alternatively, steel sides can help keep things contained. This is ideal for transporting many small items such as bricks. Our Canada Trailers 5×8 trailer is a good example of this style.

Some trailers also have drop-down sides and/or fronts. For example, our K-Trail Galvanized 5’ 6” x 10’ 3” trailer has a drop-down front that can make accessing the cargo in the trailer easier.

Think About the Conditions

Are you using your trailer only in the summer or will you be hauling things all year? Are you expecting it to take a beating during loading and unloading? Will you be carrying anything that can damage the trailer? These are important considerations for your trailer.

Check out a Millroad aluminum trailer if you expect to be dealing with harsh conditions or corrosive materials. Aluminum is naturally rust- and corrosion-resistant. Alternatively, you may consider a steel trailer if you expect to be taking on jobs where the trailer could take a bit more wear and tear.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Many people forget to think about what they are going to do with the trailer when they aren’t using it. This may change your decision on trailer material and finish. If you expect to need to store it outside, you will likely need a more rugged trailer. However, if you’re going to keep it in a garage, that may not be as important of a consideration. Additionally, this should affect the size of the trailer you pick. How much free space do you have for storing it? If it is a work trailer, this may not be as big of an issue. If you are using it for personal needs, an overly large trailer could dominate your driveway.

Choose Your Trailer

The above guidance should help you narrow down your search for a trailer. There are lots of factors to consider when you select a single axle utility trailer. Fortunately, McFarlane Trailer Sales & Service has plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you need a large, flat trailer or small trailer with sides, we have something that can work for you. Feel free to contact our team if you need help choosing the right option for your needs. We are happy to lend our expertise to your decision-making process. Check out all our single axle utility trailers today.