Getting the Most out of Your Used Trailer Purchase

Getting the Most out of Your Used Trailer Purchase

Buying a new trailer can be exciting, not just because of its features, but because of what it can do for your business. A brand-new trailer, however, is expensive and not everyone can afford to purchase the latest model on the market. But that does not mean giving up on your dream of owning a trailer, it just means that you need to look at used trailers that are for sale from a reputable source.

We have all heard the stories of sketchy sellers and disappointed buyers. And this has made many people wary of the used trailer market, but you don’t have to be. You just need to do your homework, know what to look out for and buy from a reputable seller. Even if it costs slightly more and takes longer, you will not regret doing your due diligence and paying for peace of mind.

Inspect the Trailer From Top to Bottom

Before you buy a used trailer, you need to take a close look at the trailer, inspecting it from all angles and getting down and dirty to look for any potential problems. Check the trailer floor thoroughly, ensuring that it is sturdy and free of rust. Most trailer problems start with the chassis, so it is important to get underneath the trailer and see for yourself that everything is as it should be. While you are crawling around under the trailer examine the suspension and check the leaf springs and spring hangers for breaks, cracks and repair sites.

When you inspect the wheels, don’t just kick the tires and move on, check each tire for cracks, plugged holes, dry rot, uneven wear, and bulges. Then make sure that the bearings are lubricated and properly sealed. Inspect the brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors and magnets to make sure that the brakes are in good working order, you do not want them to fail. Also, make sure that the hitch is correctly mounted and latches and unlatches easily. Remember that if the trailer is not in great shape, it might be cheap to buy but it could cost you a lot in the long run in terms of repairs and downtime.

Check the Title

Besides the physical condition of the trailer, you also need to check that it has a clear title. If you are buying through a reputable dealer, the trailer should have a clear title because the dealer will have done their due diligence and will not risk their reputation by buying illegal goods. However, if you decide to buy privately, you need to do the legwork and contact all the previous owners to ensure that the trailer is not borrowed or stolen.

Brand Quality and Reputation is Important

Before you buy a used trailer, take the time to research the quality of the brand that you are interested in. Leading trailer manufactures, like Canada Trailers, produce quality products that are built to last. Canada Trailers supplies trailers in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest utility models to heavy-duty construction options, Canada Trailers are designed for the harsh Canadian climate and are robust enough to work in all conditions, this makes them highly competitive and desirable in the used trailer market. If well maintained, a used Canada Trailer will work hard for you for a long time and that is why they are always on McFarlane’s list of favourite brands for both new and used trailers.

At McFarlane’s, we have a large selection of used trailers for sale and we can offer you expert advice and peace of mind, ensuring that you buy a good quality trailer that suits both your needs and your budget.