McFarlane’s Offer GPS Units For All Trailers

April 13, 2023 by

McFarlane's Offer GPS Units For All Trailers

Transporting goods requires a trailer, plain and simple. Trailers, of course, are used to haul everything from livestock to heavy equipment, and they come in a wide range of sizes and types to meet different needs. But with the convenience of trailers comes the risk of theft, which is why many trailer owners are turning to GPS units for added security and peace of mind.

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we understand the importance of protecting your investments. That’s why we have partnered with Wheresafe to offer GPS units for trailers of all types. Here are some of the benefits of using GPS technology for your trailer.

1. Real-time Location Tracking

With a GPS unit installed on your trailer, you can monitor its location in real time from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. This is especially useful if you’re transporting high-value loads or have multiple trailers that need to be monitored.

2. Theft Prevention

Trailers are often targeted by thieves because they can be easily disconnected from a vehicle when no one is looking, or when they are parked overnight. But with a GPS unit, you can receive instant alerts if your trailer moves outside of a predefined area or if it’s moved during off-hours. This allows you to take quick action and alert law enforcement to recover your stolen property, whether you have an enclosed cargo trailer, flatbed or landscape trailer

3. Increased Efficiency

Knowing the exact location of your trailers can help you optimize your fleet’s routing and reduce downtime. With GPS tracking, you can monitor trailer utilization and identify inefficiencies that may be costing you time and money. It also helps you see if any of your drivers are off track, and can pinpoint locations in the event of a hijacking.

4. Improved Customer Service

Moreover, GPS tracking can help you improve customer service by providing accurate delivery estimates and location updates. This can help you keep customers informed and reduce the likelihood of missed or delayed deliveries. A happy customer is a loyal customer. 

5. Reduced Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies offer discounts for trailers equipped with GPS units. By installing a GPS unit, you’ll be able to provide proof of the trailer’s location, which can lower your insurance rates.

McFarlane’s Partnership With Wheresafe

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible products and services. That’s why we have partnered with Wheresafe to offer GPS tracking for our trailers. Wheresafe is a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions for trailers, and they offer a range of features and services to help you protect your investments.

Their GPS units are easy to install and come with a user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor your trailers from anywhere. You can set up geofences, receive alerts, and track your trailers in real time using the Wheresafe app or web portal.

In addition to GPS tracking, Wheresafe also offers theft recovery services to help you recover your stolen property. Their team of experts works with law enforcement to locate and retrieve stolen trailers, and they offer a 100% recovery guarantee.

The Trailer Parts and Accessories You Need

Using GPS technology for your trailer is a wise investment, and we understand the importance of protecting your assets. Our partnership with Wheresafe ensures that your trailer stays safe and in your yard. We also offer a full range of component parts via a searchable catalogue on our website. Our goal is to give you a fast and convenient customer experience that keeps your fleet operating in top form seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Contact us today to find the right accessory for your needs.