McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

May 24, 2023 by

McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

Gooseneck Vs. Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches: Which Do You Need for Your Hauling Needs? 

Whether you haul trailers to transport animals, your landscaping business or simply for recreation, choosing the right hitch for your towing needs can provide you with greater stability and may place less stress on your truck’s engine. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer gooseneck trailers and a wide variety of other hauling and hitching needs, along with some helpful information about what type of hitch to choose once you are ready to purchase a new trailer.

The Gooseneck Hitch 

Many people who haul heavy-duty trailers often use gooseneck trailer hitches to move large loads. You might consider this type of hitch depending on the type of hauling you do, including:

  • Moving equipment or vehicles
  • Livestock transfer
  • Farm or ranch work

Unlike common hitches that connect to the rear of a truck for towing lighter loads, such as small campers, these types feature a metal ball that you install in the bed of your truck. This ball is part of a coupling system that allows you to mount a trailer by connecting it to the truck’s underside with safety brackets. This creates a powerful towing system that allows you to haul up to 30,000 pounds. `

Gooseneck Hitch Pros and Cons 

Choosing a gooseneck hitch can provide you with some advantages, especially if you do not want your trailer system to interfere with the look of your truck bed. Many gooseneck balls fold flat against the truck bed when not in use, and the installation process is not as invasive as a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. The coupling system is also simple to use.

This type of hitch also comes with a few disadvantages as well. You may want to explore other options if you haul tall trailers, as the gooseneck hitch may not provide you with all the stability you require, especially on long trips. These hitches may also make trips noisy, especially on old or rough roads.

The Fifth-Wheel Hitch

If you have smaller loads or trailers that you haul for recreational needs, then you might consider installing a fifth-wheel trailer hitch in the bed of your pickup. Unlike the gooseneck hitch, a fifth-wheel type connects to an existing fifth-wheel of a camper or other type of trailer that uses a fifth-wheel to provide it with greater freedom of movement stability while in motion. The components of this type of hitch include a kingpin, metal jaws or a locking bar to give your hauling experience stability and a smoother ride.

Fifth-Wheel Hitch Pros and Cons 

Much like gooseneck trailer hitches, the fifth-wheel style also has its advantages and drawbacks. One of its greatest pros is its versatility, as it can tow loads as small as 16,000 pounds or as great as 30,000. It also provides you with a quieter ride while towing. However, it is usually more expensive to install in your truck bed when compared to gooseneck hitches and the assembly is usually bulky or heavy.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Hitch 

If you feel unsure about which trailer hitch best suits your needs, come see us at McFarlane Trailers Sales and Service. We have a wide variety of new trailers for sale, along with the experience and know-how to help you choose a hitch that will meet all of your needs. We also carry trailer parts, and accessories and offer trailer installation and repairs. With all the different services we offer, you can find everything you need all in one place.

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