McFarlanes Trailer Sales: Why Buy a Tonneau Cover For Your Truck?

July 18, 2023 by

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McFarlane Trailer Sales is more than a trailer retailer; the company also sells car  and truck auto parts and accessories, including items to protect your truck bed, such as a tonneau cover. The covers are ideal accessories for pickup owners, especially those looking for versatility in truck bed protection.

If you’re not yet sold on a tonneau cover in Canada for your pickup bed, consider the flexibility and benefits of the option. A tonneau cover is a fabric or other material cover for a pickup truck. They can be retractable, rollable, or foldable for driver convenience. Also, some covers are solid with a lifting mechanism. Discover the many benefits of the tonneau cover design and why McFarlane is your go-to retailer.

4 Benefits of Tonneau Covers for Trucks

Who doesn’t love a pickup truck? The open beds are versatile and offer many hauling advantages. That said, the openness of the truck bed can also present security risks and storage issues.

Sometimes, drivers need to cover truck beds to secure materials or protect them against the elements. Also, empty truck beds can affect fuel efficiency, making truck tonneau covers in Canada beneficial to drivers’ pocketbooks.

With their versatility and design flexibility, tonneau covers provide numerous advantages for truck owners. If you’re not yet sold on purchasing a tonneau cover, consider its four primary benefits.

1. Organization

A common issue many truck owners face is bed order disruption. An owner may organize items in a truck bed before starting on a drive, only to find everything mixed around when they arrive at their destination.

Open truck beds allow wind to circulate among loose items. Depending on driving speed, the wind can get powerful enough to move objects around or even lift them out of the truck bed.

A truck cover in a tonneau style prevents excess wind from entering the truck bed. Without the wind, drivers can feel confident that items in the truck bed remain in their proper order.

2. Security

A tonneau-style cover can also help keep cargo safe. Open truck beds are bait to criminals; they present an easy and unprotected target. A tonneau cover hides items in a truck bed, making accessing them more challenging for thieves.

Depending on the tonneau cover you purchase, it may have extra security features, like a locking mechanism. When selecting a cover, look for options that are difficult to remove, anything that could potentially slow down a would-be thief.

3. Safe Transport

People use pickup trucks to transport various objects and materials, from luggage for a family vacation to mulch for spring landscaping. Because of the open design of pickup beds, anything you haul in the bed is vulnerable to the elements.

A truck tonneau cover in Canada protects against rain, wind, snow, and anything else that may harm your haul. Also, because of the flexibility of many tonneau designs, you still maintain easy loading and unloading capabilities. A sales representative can help you better understand the benefits of truck bed covers and their design features.

4. Gas Mileage

A truck tonneau cover can also improve the gas mileage of your pickup truck. Open pickup beds create a lot of drag because they are aerodynamically inefficient. Depending on your driving habits, installing a tonneau cover can increase gas mileage by 5% or better.

Tonneau covers for trucks are beneficial. The design helps truck owners organize their haul by keeping loose items out of the wind. Also, because the cover hides items in a truck bed and may even have locking mechanisms, it provides security. The cover also protects materials and gear from the sometimes harsh Canadian elements. Finally, in what is likely a shocker to most truck owners, a tonneau cover can also improve gas mileage. If you’re ready to purchase a tonneau cover or want to learn more about different suppliers, styles and prices, contact the salespeople at McFarlane Trailer Sales.