McFarlane’s: Your Place for Vehicle Interior and Exterior Accessories

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Established in 2007, McFarlane Trailer Sales is a known and respected name in the trailer sales industry. While proud of its glowing reputation, the company wants consumers to know the business is about more than just trailers. McFarlane’s originally started in the auto parts and accessories world back in 1982. We have a long history in the Automotive world.

Trailers are McFarlane’s bread and butter, but we also sell vehicle interior accessories and exterior essentials. Everything a truck owner could want, they can find at McFarlane’s. In this article, we’re excited to showcase exceptional products designed to enhance and optimize your vehicle’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

McFarlane’s: Your Place for Vehicle Interior and Exterior Accessories

McFarlane Trailer Sales offer everything a vehicle owner could want for keeping their automobile in tip-top shape. Some essential vehicle exterior accessories might include mud flaps or bed liners. Interior essentials may consist of floor liners and seat covers.

If you never thought much about different vehicle accessories, consider the benefits of various products. McFarlane stocks six products in particular that many vehicle owners should appreciate for their many benefits.

1. Floor Liners

Floor liners help keep dirt and grime off of your vehicle’s interior. Any truck or car owner knows how difficult it is to get the mud out of interior carpets. A well-fitted liner or floor mat keeps the dirt contained to the rubber surface.

You can find mats that fit your vehicle’s make and model, meaning a secure fit. Rubber or plastic mats are easy to wash, and some have a ridge along the edge to help protect your vehicle’s interior from any spillage when removing them for cleaning.

2. Seat Covers

Like floor liners or mats, seat covers help protect your investment by keeping the vehicle interior clean. Exposed seats, whether fabric or leather, are prone to tears, spills, and stains. Seat covers protect the seat surface; most are waterproof and easy to clean.

Seat covers can also protect against UV rays, which can bleach fabric and dry out leather, causing cracking. The amount of protection you get from a cover depends on the product.

3. Mud Flaps

When looking into vehicle accessories in Canada, many owners overlook the benefits of mud flaps, especially for pickup trucks. As the name implies, mud flaps help protect your vehicle from excess mud and other road debris.

Mud, salt, water, and rocks can damage your vehicle’s undercarriage, especially when caked on. Mud flaps protect against overspray, keeping excess water, salt, mud, and debris away from the underside of your truck.

4. Bug Shields

Bug shields are also known as air deflectors. Spanning the leading edge of the hood, the shields deflect air, pushing the airstream upwards from the front of your vehicle. By redirecting the wind or air movement as you drive, bug shields keep bugs and other road debris off the windshield.

You can buy shields specific to your vehicle’s make and model. High-quality deflectors work better than universal options because they are specific to your vehicle’s curves and edges.

5. Splash Guards

Like mud flaps, splash guards have a lower profile and extend and attach over the wheel wells. Made of durable materials, splash guards help divert mud and debris, protecting your vehicle’s paint and other materials. The guards also reduce a vehicle’s splash radius.

6. Vehicle Covers & Tons More

Vehicle covers protect against sun and weather damage and fading. Covers typically match specific makes and models, but you can use other options.

Check out our two digital catalogues here to find these products and more. 

McFarlanes: Trailers and More

McFarlane Trailer Sales has so many accessories for the interested vehicle owner. Still, when it comes down to it, the business is primarily known for its trailer selection. You can buy a car cover and explore the options for equipment, livestock, flatbed, dump, or gooseneck trailers. You will also have the opportunity to view a variety of trailer accessories, designed to not only enhance functionality but also elevate comfort, tailoring your trailer precisely to your needs. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales inventory today.