Learn Why the Mission Enclosed Trailer Brand Stands Out!

May 26, 2022 by

Learn Why the Mission Enclosed Trailer Brand Stands Out!

When you are in the market for a new trailer, you have plenty of options. There are different styles, including custom-made enclosed trailers, from many different manufacturers. Mission is one of the brands that McFarlane Trailer Sales are proud to stock. Once you learn more about the brand, you’ll have a better understanding of why.

Types of Enclosed Trailers Made by Mission

Mission produces both open and enclosed trailers. Both have strengths and weaknesses; enclosed trailers are useful if you need to protect your cargo from the elements or wish to shield it from prying eyes. Within the category of enclosed trailers, there are several specific varieties available from Mission.

Cargo Trailers

An enclosed cargo trailer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available for hauling. These aluminum trailers with tall sides and a roof can be used to carry almost anything. They are typically used for items of some value that can therefore benefit from protection from the elements. Antique furniture and professional equipment are examples of items that custom-made enclosed trailers may be useful for carrying.

ATV Trailers

All-terrain vehicles and motorcycles can cause a conundrum when you need to transport them from one place to another. You may not want to drive them to your destination, and you may not be able to do so in some cases. On the other hand, a cargo trailer may not be suitable for transporting them regardless of how versatile they may be in other situations. In cases such as these, you require a trailer designed and built specifically for ATVs or motorcycles.

Car Hauler Trailers

Of course, sometimes you need to haul a vehicle larger than a motorcycle or an ATV. You may need to move your car from one place to another without damaging it. Neither a cargo trailer nor an ATV trailer is up to the task; you need one designed specifically to haul cars. Mission offers several car hauler trailers, including a gooseneck trailer and a stacker trailer that offers two tiers of cargo storage.

Snow Trailers

Snow trailers are used to haul snowmobiles and other winter sports equipment. Mission has several snow trailers available, including crossover trailers that combine the advantages of open and enclosed trailers.

Features of Enclosed Trailers by Mission

All types of Mission-enclosed trailers come with desirable features that make them stand out from the crowd. For example, all are made out of aluminum. As a result, they are durable but lightweight. This makes them easier to tow behind more types of vehicles, and it also cuts down on fuel consumption.

Depending on the type of trailer, there are also many colour options available. These range from the more traditional, such as black, pewter, charcoal, and silver, to the bold and eye-catching, such as orange, red, and yellow, to the elegant and understated, such as forest green and indigo blue. Your trailer is likely to stand out no matter what colour you choose.

A problem that you can sometimes run into with an enclosed trailer is insufficient lighting on the interior. Mission trailers have an option for interior LED lighting. This is convenient because it is always there when you need it, and because LEDs are long-lasting, you should never have to replace any bulbs.

You don’t always get to choose the conditions under which you load and unload your trailer. Fortunately, Mission trailers have water-resistant decking to help prevent compromise of your trailer floor from exposure to the elements.

One of the best features of Mission trailers is the ability to choose options. The result is a custom-made enclosed trailer tailored to your needs. Find out more about Mission trailers at McFarlane.