Why a Moritz Dump Trailer Is Perfect for Any Task!

February 28, 2020 by

Moritz Dump Trailer

Looking for a dump trailer to outperform the competition? At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services, one of our leading dump trailers is made by Moritz. Learn more about this high-quality manufacturer, the advantages of Moritz trailers and how you can get more out of your commercial or everyday dump trailer.

Rugged Designs

Durable 10-gauge steel, cold-formed I-beam and heavy-duty hydraulic systems combine to make a trailer that keeps going through any obstacle. Moritz trailers use a range of high-end materials with convenient features that are designed for everyday use.

A gate holdback system prevents your gates from getting in the way as you lift the box of your dump trailer. A scissor hoist or cylinder hoist moves your trailer up and down with precision performance. If you don’t need to dump materials on your farm, construction site or around your home, enjoy the convenient steps and aluminum ramps to load up your trailer with all your professional equipment. Haul an ATV to your favorite trailhead or pack up a skid steer to take to your next jobsite with ease.

The best part of a Moritz trailer is its customization. If a typical dump trailer can’t accommodate the weight requirements you need, talk to your local dealer and work with Moritz to create a trailer that hauls the loads you need.

Excellent Performance

Haul just about anything around your construction site with a Moritz trailer. Be sure to check the weight rating of your trailer so you can confidently load it up. Here are some common materials to haul in your Moritz trailer to make your job easier:

  • Sand
  • Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Gravel
  • Stone
  • Pallets
  • Metal piping

DIY hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts, professional landscapers, farmers and general contractors all love versatile trailers from Moritz. A dump trailer does not have to be used to just haul loose materials for dumping. The sturdy floor, walls, gates, and ramps make these trailers great for hauling heavy equipment and materials. At the end of a long workday, you can even use it to transport furniture and boxes as you help a friend or family member move to a new home.

Wide Variety of Options and Accessories

As a leader in trailer manufacturing, Moritz can customize your new dump trailer to match your professional and hobby needs. Take charge of your trailer design by choosing from a wide range of options. Select a trailer that matches the weight capacity and physical size your project needs. Choose between a gooseneck or bumper pull trailer to get the most out of your equipment. This allows you to confidently haul loads day in and day out.

After the big designs, it’s time to personalize your trailer with all the add-ons and extras that help make it your own. Rims, D-rings, tarp systems, side wall heights, and spare tire location are all up to you. Discuss your trailer requirements with your local Moritz dealer to settle on a trailer option that gives you everything you could want out of a workhorse of a trailer.

Pick out a colour that matches your truck, your company logo or your preference. Moritz trailers can come with a trip lever, hydraulic jack upgrade or a wireless remote for added convenience on the road and on the job.

Find Your Moritz Dump Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services

At McFarlane Trailer Sales & Services, we offer a wide range of trailers that fit your budget and your work project. Shop for trailers today to compare Moritz dump trailers with other brands and trailer types. If a Moritz is not your idea of a dream trailer, look for other name-brand trailer options online or at our location in New Hamburg, Ontario.