Tips for Protecting an Aluminum Trailer During the Cold Weather Seasons

October 28, 2022 by

Tips for Protecting an Aluminum Trailer During the Cold Weather Seasons

Whether you store your trailer through the cold winter months or use it as part of your workday, the cold temperatures and elements are rough on aluminum. Aluminum trailers are pretty easy to maintain, but you do need to do the work. Here are some tips for maintaining your trailer through the winter. If you’re looking for aluminum trailers for sale, contact McFarlane Trailer Sales.

Keep Your Trailer Clean

After each use, hose your trailer off with water after sweeping it out. If the temperatures are going to get below freezing, wipe off any excess water. Periodically, you want to do a deep clean. Use a mild soap and scrub brush to scrub off dirt and grime. If you are dealing with caked-on mud or stubborn stains, you might need a power washer and stronger detergent. If you are storing your trailer, do a final fall cleaning before storing it. When spring comes around, you’ll be ready to go.

Polish The Trailer

Although aluminum doesn’t rust, it can get dull or discoloured. Use a polish made for aluminum. They come in spray and paste forms. Use a rag to apply it to a small area. Buff the area with a different rag while the polish is wet. Repeat over the rest of the trailer. You can stop there or use a coat of paste wax on the trailer to extend the time the polish lasts.

Check The Tires

When the temperatures drop, tires lose pressure. Before taking the trailer out on the road, check the pressure and reflate if necessary. Don’t rely on your eyes. Get a tire gauge, because you can’t tell if a radial tire is under-inflated just by looking. If you store your trailer over the winter months, the part of the tire that touches the ground can deteriorate faster than the rest of the tire. Remove the tires and store them in a dry place over the winter to make the tires last longer. Check the wheels and lug nuts for tightness during the winter months, too.

Inspect The Safety Chains and Connections

If you’re storing your trailer through the winter, ensure all the safety chains and coupler hitch balls are clean before being put away. If you’re using the trailer, visually inspect the chains for wear and damage.

Test the Brakes and Any Electrical Components

When you use the trailer, check the connections for the brakes to ensure that everything is working correctly. Listen for noises when you’re applying the brakes. It’s easy to check the rotors during tire rotation. If it’s been more than 12 months since the brakes were replaced, you might ask your mechanic to do a double check before driving on snowy or icy roads.

Check The Suspension

Your trailer will move smoother when the suspension works effectively. Check all the components of the suspension, the fasteners and welds. Make sure the trailer is level. Check the springs, axles and shock absorbers before the winter season. If you see any rust, it is probably time to replace them. Make sure all fasteners are properly tightened.

Don’t Forget to Check The Towing Vehicle

Protecting your trailer on the road means driving safely during all types of road conditions. Make sure the towing vehicle. Go through the same checklist on the towing vehicle, brakes, tires, connections and suspension. It doesn’t take long to double-check before getting on the road, but it can save you a lot of headaches later on.

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