Protecting Your Cargo Trailer from Theft

August 30, 2019 by

Protecting Your Cargo Trailer from Theft

Normally, when you’re loading your trailer it’s filled with some incredibly valuable possessions. Whether you’ve loaded a motorcycle or boat, or even if you’re moving home and have it filled with valuable possessions, your trailer security is a serious priority. If you leave your goods exposed and easy to grab, then sooner rather than later, somebody’s going to take a serious interest in your things. Read on to find out how to avoid making everything on your cargo trailer up for sale to the nearest thief.


The first and most overlooked aspect of trailer security is parking. Where you park your car has a huge impact on how easy you’re making it for thieves to access your items. See that spot which is off the main street, with no foot flow? The one in a dark, hidden lane that even you can barely see? That’s asking for trouble. Choose a well-lit spot which is in the public eye, so that your trailer’s always in eyesight. Parking security also applies at home. If you’re able to park your trailer in your garage, this adds to the security of your items significantly.

Your trailer’s appearance is important too. Make it unique by adding a few personal stickers or logos, or even painting it in your favorite colour. First of all, no thief will want to rob such a recognizable item, and secondly, you’ll recognize it straight away if it does go missing.

Another good idea is getting an alarm fitted. Each and every one of us knows how shrill, piercing and annoying the sound of a decent alarm siren can be. Have your trailer fitted with one to deter any would be thieves.


One final step before you get there would be to consider some trailer locks. The most obvious type of trailer lock to secure the hitch between your vehicle and trailer, but there are other types worth considering too.

Manufacturers produce a huge range of hitch locks, each of them with a unique design and protection. But if the thief can just open the door and get access to your goods that way, it still won’t be doing the full job, will it? As well as locking your utility trailer to your vehicle, you should consider securing the trailer door. Finally, you should consider locking each of the wheels too. In the unlikely event that any thief gets past the hitch lock, you’ll have up to four extra layers of security. The name of the game is immobilizing your trailer.


Here at McFarlane Trailers, we have all the accessories you could need to keep your trailer secure. We have a huge range of locks and alarms for sale, and along with our expert staff advice, we’ll make sure that your cargo trailer and its contents are secure.