Renting a Trailer from McFarlanes for DIY Projects

May 3, 2019 by

Some people are DIY enthusiasts and others only when they have to but whatever your reason, there are times when you will need a trailer to haul your materials from the store to your home. Small projects may only require a few supplies but if you are tackling a major home reno or garden makeover, you might require a large amount of material and that is when you need to rent a trailer. The best thing about renting a trailer is that you can get exactly what you need when you need it and when you are done, you simply return it.


Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and the beauty of renting is that you can choose the perfect trailer for the job and you don’t need to look at too many of the specs or get something that is multipurpose.

Before you rent a trailer, think about what you are going to be doing and how much material you will have to transport. Also, think about the type of material as that will influence how robust the trailer will need to be. You do not want to overload or damage the trailer as you will be liable for any repairs.

If you are getting your garden ready for the spring, then you will need to rent a basic landscape trailer. Since you are renting for a once off job, you won’t need a trailer with all the bells and whistles. For most garden projects a simple open flatbed trailer will be perfect, especially for collecting compost or removing garden waste.

If you are doing a home reno or large DIY project, you might have to rent a trailer for a few days. Take a look at the materials that you will be transporting and then decide what type of trailer best suits your needs. The trailer will have to be big enough to transport your largest supplies. If you are transporting timber, you will definitely need a longer trailer than if you are just buying paint and smaller items.


Trailers can be either open or enclosed and what you choose will depend entirely on your project. An open flatbed trailer is just that, open and flat. It is great for transporting garden material, building rubble and timber. Alternatively, an enclosed trailer comes with a roof and is a great option if you have supplies and materials that you want to protect from the elements.

An enclosed trailer is usually the best option in the winter as it will keep your supplies dry. If you are using an open trailer in the winter, you will probably need to buy a tarp to protect your materials from the rain. Another advantage of an enclosed trailer is that if your project is going to take a few days or weeks you can use the trailer to store your supplies and simply lock the doors at night.


When renting a trailer, you will need to consider your towing vehicle. Not every vehicle is suitable for towing every kind of trailer and the towing capacity of a vehicle is determined by the manufacturer for your safety and can’t be changed. It takes into account your vehicle configuration, chassis, engine, transmission, rear axle, and weight and can vary significantly between different makes and models. If you need to rent a larger trailer to transport building supplies, then make sure that your vehicle will be able to tow it. Fortunately, this is not as complicated as it sounds, and if you rent your trailer from a reputable company, like McFarlane’s, they will make sure that your tow vehicle is up to the job.

McFarlane’s has a wide range of trailers to rent or buy, so make us your first stop for all your trailer needs.