Why Renting a Trailer Could be Right for Your Business

Why Renting a Trailer Could be Right for Your Business

Rent or buy? That is a dilemma for many businesses. There are several reasons why a company may choose to buy a cargo trailer or even own an entire fleet of trailers, but there are also times when renting makes more sense. Before you rush out and look for cargo trailers that are for sale in your area, you need to carefully consider the advantages of renting. Continue reading for the advantages of renting a trailer.

No storage issues – If you want to extend the lifespan of your trailer, it is best to store it under a roof, but storage costs money and trailers take up space that could be better utilized by your business. If you only need a trailer for one quick job or on the odd occasion during the year, then it makes sense to quickly rent one rather than owning a trailer that stands in a storage unit gathering dust and costing you monthly storage fees. When you rent a trailer, you can simply return it once the job is done. You don’t need to find storage space and you do not have the hassle of licensing, registration and insurance.

Financial benefits and considerations – With most businesses operating on tight budgets and focusing on the bottom line, doing a cost-benefit analysis before you invest in a cargo or utility trailer can help you compare the costs of renting versus buying, and enable you to make an informed decision. When comparing the cost of renting and buying, you need to take into consideration the rental for the period of use, cost of a new trailer, the life span of a trailer, costs of repairs and maintenance, storage costs and financing options. Few companies can afford to buy a cargo trailer and then have it stand idle for months. However, there may be times in the year when you need extra transport and renting can help you make it through your busy season without disappointing any of your customers or losing business.

Renting a trailer means you have no financing issues. Financial institutions require a substantial

down payment on a cargo trailer and in some instants long-term leasing or renting can still be more cost-effective than buying. Renting also means that you do not have to dip into your company cash reserves or worry about things like your debt-to-service ratio. Many new businesses and start-ups do not have the capital or access to finance that is needed to buy a trailer, but they can easily rent one.

No Repair Costs – Trailers may be robust and designed to work hard but they do require regular maintenance to keep them on the road. When you own a trailer, all repairs and maintenance are your responsibility but when you rent, that changes. Most reputable rental companies keep their fleet well-maintained as this makes good business sense.

If you are only buying one trailer, you have to ensure that it can do all the jobs you need it to, and this can sometimes be difficult. You may have to compromise and get something that is able to do various jobs but is not necessarily ideal for any of them. Renting is a more flexible option, allowing you to get what you need for each specific job, especially when you rent from a trusted dealer with a full line up of rental options, like McFarlane’s.

At McFarlane’s you can get anything from a big cargo trailer to a small utility trailer, depending on your requirements and budget. We have a full fleet of rental trailers and not only can you find what you need, but we can also advise you on what type of trailer will work best for you.

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