Benefits of a Side Dumping Trailer for Landscapers

Landscape Trailers

At McFarlane’s, we know how important trailers are to landscapers. They are used daily to transport everything from tools, machinery and equipment to garden waste and grass cuttings. Any successful landscaper will tell you that versatile landscape trailers are an essential tool if you want your business to be efficient and cost-effective.

Buying a trailer is a significant financial commitment for any landscaping company. When making your decision, it is important to remember that while the initial outlay might appear costly, in the long run, the right trailer will pay for itself by enabling you to grow your business, take on new clients and earn more money.

Primary Use of the Landscaping Trailer

Before you rush out and buy a trailer you need to decide what you will primarily use the trailer for. Do you only need it to transport equipment? Is it just for hauling away grass cuttings and debris? Or do you need it to fulfil both functions? Once you have decided on the main function of the trailer, you will be able to make a more informed choice.

Advantages of a Side Dumping Trailer

An option that is often overlooked by landscapers, but that has many advantages, is the side dumping landscape trailer. At first glance, the side dumping trailer might not seem like the obvious choice but this versatile, easy to operate option can make a huge difference to your business, and like most trailers, it can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.

If you’re buying the trailer to primarily haul away grass cuttings and garden debris, a 6’ x 10’ tandem-axle side dumping trailer is perfect. This heavy-duty trailer, with removable sides and aluminum tarp kit, is simple to operate, easy to load and has ample capacity to suit most of your needs. One of the best features is that you don’t have to struggle to maneuver the trailer into position to dump soil or compost in front of a house. You merely pull up next to the curb and unload the trailer quickly, safely and easily. A side dumping trailer is also convenient because you don’t have to park across a road, potentially blocking traffic, to dump out of the back of the trailer. The trailer can also be fitted with hooks for spades, rakes and other garden tools.


An unmodified side dumping trailer might be all you need, but depending on your budget, you may want to make a few modifications. You can take a basic flatbed trailer and fit a 5×8 hydraulic side dump box on the front and still have regular usable deck space towards the rear. This makes the trailer ideal for simultaneously transporting both equipment and garden waste. You simply load your equipment on the rear of the trailer and use the front dump box to transport a variety of materials to or from a job site. The obvious advantages of this design are that it can carry a large amount of garden waste in the front and still have space at the back to accommodate other landscaping equipment like mowers and blowers. When the front dump box is not needed for garden waste or compost you can remove the rear side panel and store it on the front headboard to give you more deck space for equipment. This type of side dumping landscape trailer is ideal for a lawn care business that needs to haul large quantities of lawn clippings quickly and easily on a daily basis.

A side dumping landscaping trailer is a great addition to any landscaping business and can be easily customized by McFarlane‘s to meet your specific needs.