Discover More About the EZ Hauler Enclosed Ultimate Contractors Trailer

Discover More About the EZ Hauler Enclosed Ultimate Contractors Trailer

4 Versatile Features of Contractor Trailers 

No matter the nature of your contracting business, choosing the right enclosed trailer for your hauling and light transport needs may seem puzzling at first, especially if this is your first trailer purchase. With so many options to choose from, you may not know where to begin. However, at McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service, we offer a wide variety of these trailers, along with parts, servicing and some information about a few of the features that make contractor trailers so versatile.

1. A Durable Frame 

Whether you own a small landscaping or construction business or need a trailer that helps you transport materials and complete jobs on a site, enclosed trailers can provide you with a long-lasting aluminum frame that is lightweight yet durable. The fibreglass exterior comes in a variety of colours and customizable options that allow you to create the kind of contractor trailer that meets your individual needs.

2. Built-In Ramps and Side Doors 

Moving equipment out of some trailers means using temporary ramps that can take up space, which means less room for hauling all your equipment. Our trailers feature built-in ramps that fold into the interior space that offers you several advantages, including:

  • Faster loading and unloading of materials
  • Safer moving practices that keep employees safe
  • Creates a more efficient work environment

When it comes to built-in features, our trailers also feature handy side door access, which means you can step into the trailer's interior without having to climb through the back where your employees might be unloading equipment. Grab tools, safety equipment and even food and drinks from your cooler without having to block the rear trailer doors.

3. A Customizable Space 

When you first decide to browse contractor trailers, you may wonder, "Do enclosed trailers for sale near me have any customizable options or accessories?" At McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service, we offer many different custom choices to tailor your closed trailer to your needs and comfort. From a variety of different size choices that suit a small business or mobile company to a wide variety of colours and interior designs that give your trailer a personal touch.

Customizable trailers also offer you a number of different hitch options. From gooseneck hitches to detachable styles for smaller trailers, we can customize your hitch to suit whatever jobs you have planned with your new trailer.

4. Your Business Becomes Fully Portable 

Enclosed trailers provide you with complete portability for all of your business needs, especially if you stow and carry a wide variety of tools, such as drills, hammers, ladders and portable light sources. This type of trailer has a roomy interior that not only allows you to carry all your tools of the trade but provides you with customizable space to ensure each item is secured for transport. Once you arrive on the job site, you can save time by unloading your tools with your trailer's built-in ramps and setting up your workspace quickly.

You can also ensure your customers' happiness by using an enclosed contractor trailer, as the ability to carry everything you need for an on-site job means fewer trips to nearby home hardware centers to rent or buy tools. This means more hours working on the actual job, which can result in faster, more focused results and possibly improved reviews and feedback on your social media sites. This could lead to future work and the continued growth of your business.

Questions? Let Us Help 

If you have any further questions about how customizable trailers can help you improve your contracting business, contact us today and let our experienced employees show you what McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service can do for you.

Stay Organized and Protected With an Enclosed Trailer from McFarlane’s

Stay Organized and Protected With an Enclosed Trailer from McFarlane'sWhen your worksite isn’t tied to one spot, you need a secure and efficient way to transport and store your tools and equipment. Opting for an enclosed cargo trailer ticks all the boxes, making it a smart investment whether you’re on a new job every day or working at a single site for months at a time. Read on to learn all the benefits of owning an enclosed trailer, and why McFarlane Trailer Sales should be your first and only stop when you’re ready to buy.

They're More Secure Than Open Trailers

Keeping your valuable tools and equipment in your truck bed or an exposed trailer is an invitation to theft. With no barrier between your belongings and opportunistic thieves, your stuff can be easily lifted even when you’re on an active job site. If you try leaving your items unsecured overnight, good luck finding anything but an empty trailer bed in the morning.An enclosed and locked trailer provides a greater level of security by making your equipment inaccessible to prying hands. Whether you’re just stepping away from your truck for a few minutes or leaving it at your worksite overnight, your belongings are a less tempting target in an enclosed hauler. Most thieves prefer to avoid the extra work of breaking into a well-secured trailer.

They Offer Better Weather Protection

It’s not just theft you have to worry about when you’re on the go with your gear. From rust damage caused by snow and rain to fading and cracking brought on by harsh sunlight, weather conditions wreak havoc on unprotected equipment. Basic coverings don’t offer much defence; even when securely tied down, a tarp does little to battle back the fierce elements.When you’ve got an enclosed trailer to shield your belongings, your stuff is protected in any type of weather. Everything stays safe and dry, prolonging the lifespan and utility of your tools. Enclosed trailers are so effective at protecting what's inside, you may even find yourself taking shelter in yours when weather conditions become particularly tough!

They Allow for Safer Transport

If you’ve ever pulled over to check for lost tools after hitting a speed bump or taking a turn too fast, you’ll eliminate the fear of your favourite wrench or hacksaw flying off your truck bed by hauling your stuff in an enclosed trailer. It’s not only bothersome to lose key equipment because it wasn’t adequately secured, but it can also be dangerous when items fall off your truck.Driving with your gear in an enclosed trailer eliminates the risk of losing critical equipment and creating road hazards. It also protects your belongings from being damaged by roadway debris, so everything you need to do your job arrives at the site in one piece.

Trust McFarlane for Top Service and Selection

Now that you know the advantages of transporting your tools and equipment in an enclosed trailer, it’s time to shop for the best hauler to meet your needs. Simplify your search by visiting McFarlane Trailer Sales in New Hamburg today.At McFarlane, we sell and service a wide range of utility trailers, from livestock carriers to flatbeds. As a trusted dealer of North America’s top trailer brands, we’ll hook you up with the right hauler and provide ongoing service to keep you successfully transporting your gear for years to come. We stand behind every trailer we sell and aim for total satisfaction for each customer we serve.  Just give us a call, or fill out our simple online contact form to get in touch. Whatever your line of work, the McFarlane team is ready to help you find the perfect enclosed trailer!

Trailer Towing Safety Tips in Winter

Trailer Towing Safety Tips in Winter

7 Tips for Towing a Trailer Safely in the Winter

Custom-made enclosed trailers may be a little more effective at safely navigating roads covered with ice and snow during the winter. Nevertheless, no trailer and no towing vehicle are completely invulnerable to slippery road conditions. If you can wait to make your trip until road conditions improve, you should do so. However, if it is unavoidable that you have to tow your trailer in conditions of snow or ice, here are some tips to help you make the trip safely.1. Use Proper Towing EquipmentOne of the biggest dangers of winter towing is trailer sway. Also called fishtailing, this occurs when the trailer starts moving side to side instead of straight behind the towing vehicle. There are devices you can use to help prevent trailer sway, but they are not safe to use on slippery roads. However, you can use air suspension springs to help keep control of your vehicle. An uneven load can contribute to trailer sway, so weight distribution devices can help as well.If your towing vehicle has a diesel engine, you may also benefit from exhaust brakes. These help mitigate trailer sway with more gentle braking by applying diesel engine exhaust pressure to the brakes. This also helps to prevent wear and tear on the brakes themselves.2. Check the Weather Before DepartingEven if you are unable to delay your trip due to inclement weather, it is still a good idea to know what the weather is expected to do. This gives you time to make adjustments to your driving as needed in the interest of safety.3. Maintain a Slower PacePosted speed limits assume ideal driving conditions. As a driver, you are expected to adjust your speed according to the current conditions on the road. When the roads are slippery due to ice or snow, this may mean driving much slower than the posted speed limit, especially if you are hauling a trailer. When you drive fast over a slippery surface, it is harder to maintain traction, even if you have snow tires on your vehicle and your trailer. As a result, you are more likely to lose control when stopping, turning, or accelerating.4. Observe Weight LimitsBefore loading up your trailer and hitching it up to the towing vehicle, find out what its maximum weight capacity is. Do not load more weight than your trailer can handle. Make sure that the combined weight of your trailer and its cargo is not greater than your vehicle's towing capacity. Attempting to haul more than your trailer and the towing vehicle can handle can make it difficult to maintain control, especially when driving uphill.5. Maintain a Safe Stopping DistanceIf you have to stop suddenly while towing a trailer on slippery roads, the trailer could jackknife and you could lose control of your vehicle. Maintain a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you than you usually would so that you have time to slow down and stop gradually.6. Perform Trailer and Truck MaintenanceYou can reduce the risk of a breakdown by performing regular maintenance on both your truck and your trailer throughout the year. If you know you will be towing through the winter, it is a good idea to perform an extra maintenance check to identify any potential problems before cold weather sets in so you have time to address them.7. Keep Survival Gear in Your VehicleWhenever you travel in winter, you should have a survival kit that includes extra blankets, water, food, a first aid kit, candles, and a way to light them so you can keep warm and safe until help arrives. Keep this kit in your vehicle in case you lose your trailer in an accident.

Find Custom-Made Enclosed Trailers From McFarlane

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer a variety of trailer types for sale. Whether you are in need of anything from an enclosed trailer to a dump trailer, we are sure to have it. Check out our selection of new and used aluminum trailers or order one to your specifications.

Every Enclosed Trailer Should Have These Accessories

Every Enclosed Trailer Should Have These Accessories

Make Sure Your Trailer Has These Accessories

Having an enclosed trailer is very beneficial, whether you are hauling items, doing yard maintenance, helping someone move into a new home or performing some other type of work. However, it is important that you keep certain items in your vehicle to ensure that you can complete each job you have quickly and thoroughly. Here are some of the accessories that you should have in your custom-made enclosed trailers.

Moving Blankets

It is always a good idea to keep blankets in your vehicle in case you break down on the side of the road and it becomes cold outside. However, there are even more good reasons for keeping blankets in an enclosed trailer. If you are hauling furniture and other cargo, wrapping the cargo in blankets helps to prevent damage to those items. Accruing damage during transport is one of the main concerns of people who are moving, so always carry blankets in your trailer to help mitigate this worry for yourself and anyone you are helping.In addition to helping prevent damage, sitting items on blankets can also help to ensure that those items do not shift during transport. Shifting can cause damage and also pose a hazard while driving. As the weight of a vehicle changes, it may cause the vehicle to sway in a certain direction or become too low to the ground, which can be dangerous when travelling down the road.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are another good method to use to prevent items from shifting while being transported. Nets come in many sizes and materials, from thick materials used to secure heavy items to weaker materials that are sufficient for securing smaller items. Consider purchasing cargo nets if you transport items such as:
  • Heavy furniture
  • Books and magazines
  • Antiques and other valuables
  • Electronics such as television sets and computers 
  • Toys and sports equipment that might be prone to rolling around 
This of course is not an exhaustive list but just a few examples of some commonly transported items. Cargo nets are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, so it never hurts to use them to prevent potential damage to cargo that you transport. Nets take up very little space and can be easily stored in the trailer when not in use.

E-Track Straps

An e-track strap securely fits around a large, heavy object to keep it in place during transport. Trucks hauling an enclosed trailer with cargo may encounter bumps and sharp curves going from one location to another, so straps can help keep items from shifting and becoming damaged. Straps come in a wide variety of sizes, so you should be able to buy whatever suits the type of cargo you will carry. There are many online videos and tutorials demonstrating how to secure an item in a trailer properly.While it may seem like a lot to have to purchase these accessories, it is well worth the cost if it means that the items you transport are less likely to become damaged. Blankets, nets and straps are essential accessories that should be in possession of anyone who assists with moving small and large items.

Buying an Enclosed Trailer

McFarlane Trailer Sales sells a large variety of trailers for all different needs. Pay us a visit and talk to one of our sales professionals if you are in need of a trailer for any kind of work. You do not want to be stuck with the wrong type of equipment, so our team will be happy to speak with you and help you decide which trailer best suits your needs.

Determining If You Need New Trailer Brakes

Determining If You Need New Trailer BrakesCustom-made enclosed trailers are an excellent option for anyone who needs to haul equipment a substantial distance. Of course, once purchased, these trailers require maintenance like any other vehicle. For example, brakes wear down over time, necessitating regular parts replacement. How do you know when it's time for new brakes? Keep an eye out for the following warning signs.

You Feel the Pedal Vibrate or Depress

After driving your trailer for a while, you should be familiar with how the brake pedal feels. If it feels spongy instead of firm, you should get your brakes inspected.A vibrating pedal is also a major problem. Usually, the culprit is the rotors, which play a role in stopping tire rotation. This part is prone to wear since clamps activated by the brake pedal use fiction to stop its motion.Fortunately, you can easily see rotors during tire rotation. Look for scarring that indicates you need a new set.Another sign of something wrong is a sinking pedal. If you can press the brake to the floor, it's well past time for an inspection. Depression issues are caused by low brake fluid, which usually means a leak in the line. You should check the brake fluid at least once a year, as it gets dirty over time and needs replacing.

You Hear Grinding When Braking

Any sound during braking isn't great, but groaning or grinding are signs of significant problems. These noises are caused by the metal calipers touching metal rotors, an act that can seriously damage all parts involved.How does this happen? Calipers have semi-metallic parts called brake pads; these pads create a barrier between the calipers and rotors. They're designed for a replacement since they'll inevitably wear down. Depending on the manufacturer, you have between 10,000 and 20,000 before you need new brake pads.

You Notice Something Off During Maintenance

Every trailer owner should have a maintenance schedule to catch issues before they become dangerous and expensive to fix. For brakes, you should take a look at the following at least once a year:
  • Wiring
  • Wheel bearing
  • Brake shoes and drums
Of course, a few parts need inspection more often. Check this equipment at least every six months:
  • Surge brakes
  • Electric brakes
  • Tires
Finally, you should review the breakaway brakes between every haul.

You Feel the Trailer Pull to One Side

Pulling is sometimes a sign that your alignment is off, but it can also signal problems with your brakes. For example, if your brake fluid is contaminated, a foreign object may be trapped in the line. Uneven wear of brake shoe lining can also cause this issue.If you feel pulling, you should have your trailer inspected right away. Pulling means you don't have complete control over the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents.

Your Trailer Doesn't Stop as Quickly

Sometimes signs of brake trouble are more subtle. For example, if your trailer doesn't stop as quickly as it used to, you have a problem with your brake lines. The change may be gradual, so it's crucial to check your brake fluid regularly; if you're constantly refilling, there's a leak. That leak can allow air into the line, leading to decreased responsiveness, a major danger to yourself and other drivers, as you won't be able to stop suddenly in an emergency.If you are looking for a reputable place to service your trailer, McFarlane Trailer Sales is the place to go. We offer high-quality repair services to ensure that your trailer is safe and that you get it back to work as soon as possible. If you need a replacement part or accessories, we have a varied selection. To find out more, give us a call or contact us online.