Now at McFarlanes: Take a Look at the Darkhorse Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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Are you looking to buy a new trailer? You have so many options to consider, not only regarding personal preference but also in terms of designs and features. Utility trailers are likely among the most versatile options for consumers and business owners.

A utility trailer is versatile and lightweight, typically made from fewer materials and mechanical elements than other, larger trailers. The lightness of the trailer makes it perfect for spontaneous and planned hauling endeavours, such as moving furniture, camping, transporting construction equipment, or carrying landscaping gear.

Now, McFarlane Trailer Sales carries the impressive Darkhorse Trailer brand. If you are ready to take the leap and purchase a versatile and impressive utility trailer, consider the features and benefits of the enclosed Darkhorse cargo trailer.

Darkhorse Trailer Features and Models

Trailers can come open or enclosed. Open trailers are lighter weight than enclosed options and provide alternative loading points to only the rear. While open options are nice, they are not as secure as enclosed cargo trailers. Also, despite easy loading, open trailers can present problems when tying down loads, especially when those loads are awkward in size and shape.

Trailers like the Darkhorse enclosed cargo trailer provide more security for your haul and allow for safe transportation without the tie-down headaches. Sure, you still should secure your haul, but it is easier in an enclosed space. Ultimately, the Darkhorse model provides more advantages than open trailer options, including durability and haul protection.

Durability and Security for Your Cargo

The Darkhorse cargo trailer, DHW series, is a durable and secure piece of transportation equipment. The DHW utility trailers series offers widths between 5ft and 8.5ft, including 6.5ft and 7.5ft — one of the first manufacturers to do so. The trailer uses high-quality steel construction with a 0.75-inch durable floor. Also, the trailers come in various heights, including custom options, to suit your hauling needs. Finally, the roof is aluminum, and the side walls are plywood. The tongue and bumpers have a rubberized armour coating for added protection.

As for security features, DHW series trailers come with standard 36-inch RV doors and latches. They use LED lighting inside and outside. Also, backup lights are standard safety features. The connections and mechanisms include:

  • 2-inch coupler with safety chains for single-axle
  • 2-5/16-inch coupler with safety chains for tandem axle
  • No hassle breakaway switch
  • Durable steel latches
  • Reinforced doors and locks

Options To Enhance Your Trailer With Custom Features

A utility trailer should cater to your hauling needs. Why buy a cargo trailer like Darkhorse, with its standout features, if it doesn't have all the features you want?

The beauty of Darkhorse trailers and other brands carried by McFarlane Trailer Sales is they allow for customization. You can purchase a standard 1500 or 2500 DHW series trailer and add the items you need to create the most useful trailer for your needs. Some options you may want to add to your new Darkhorse trailer include additional lighting, shelving, tire racks, and other storage options.

You can choose the options that work best for you. McFarlane Trailer Sales can help you find the right trailer and options, ensuring you are happy with your purchase.

Reach Out to McFarlanes for Help With Choosing the Right Utility Trailers

Enclosed utility trailers are versatile, durable, and secure. The Darkhorse DHW series cargo options are top-of-the-line models with only standard features. You can genuinely make the trailers your own with customization if you wish. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales for available product lines, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns by visiting our Ontario location and speaking with a sales representative.