How A Dump Trailer Can Aid In Fertilizer and Manure Transportation

How A Dump Trailer Can Aid In Fertilizer and Manure TransportationAs a farmer or homeowner, you may already recognize the significance of utilizing manure and fertilizer to enrich your soil and boost plant growth. Nevertheless, moving these vital soil amendments around your property can be challenging. So, what's in store for you throughout this helpful guide? You'll gain insights into the top uses of fertilizer and manure, whether you're a seasoned farmer or a green thumb homeowner. You'll discover the benefits of a dump trailer and even the leading features and accessories to look for when considering fertilizer transportation.Furthermore, you'll learn why our trailers, beloved by our client community, are the optimum tool for moving livestock and manure. All this information is crucial to help you make an informed decision for your investment. 

What are the Top Uses of Fertilizer and Manure?

Understanding the use of fertilizer and manure is the cornerstone of effective farming and gardening. These organic substances serve multiple vital roles to ensure the property yields the best crops or sustains a lush green landscape. Let's break down the crucial applications of these materials in enhancing soil composition and providing essential nutrients to plants. 
  • Increase Soil Fertility: Manure, as a natural fertilizer, enriches the soil with essential nutrients leading to a significant improvement in its fertility.
  • Improved Soil Texture: The addition of manure enhances the soil texture, promoting a healthier environment for plant roots to grow strong and deep. This process is a key component of the optimal trailer of soil amendments.
  • Boosts Plant Growth: Fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – all critical elements that aid plant growth and increase crop yields.
  • Preventing Plant Diseases: Proper use of manure and other organic fertilizers can help prevent plant diseases and pest attacks, reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides.
  • Environmental Impact: The use of organic manure not only enhances plant health but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This aligns perfectly with sustainable practices for manure transport solutions.
Manure and fertilizers are pivotal for optimal plant health and growth. Effective transport and distribution of these crucial materials are hence an essential aspect of successful farming and gardening initiatives. By understanding their full range of uses, farmers and homeowners will realize the importance of having the proper equipment to handle fertilizer and manure transportation: a task that can be efficiently managed with a reliable, well-equipped dump trailer.

What are the Key Benefits of Using a Dump Trailer for Fertilizer and Manure Transportation?

When managing large-scale agricultural activities, efficient handling and transportation of manure and fertilizer are pivotal. The utilization of a dump trailer brings substantial benefits to such operations. Here are a few compelling reasons why this is the case: 
  • Faster Loading and Unloading: Dump trailers make the process of loading and unloading manure and fertilizer significantly easier and quicker by their hydraulic lifting mechanism. This mechanism allows for the entire bed to be lifted, expediting the emptying process.
  • Improved Handling: Dump trailers are designed to efficiently transport heavy loads. This makes them ideal for trailer transport of large quantities of fertilizer or manure. The weight distribution of these trailers also provides better handling on rough terrains, ensuring safe transportation.
  • Capacity: A dump trailer is inherently designed to accommodate heavy and bulky loads, making them optimal for carrying considerable amounts of manure or fertilizer. Their sturdy build ensures a trailer of such substantial weights is secure and reliable.
  • Convenience: With a dump trailer, you can simply load, transport, and dump the manure or fertilizer exactly where you need it. This feature significantly reduces manual labour and makes the process more streamlined.
  • Time Efficiency: Time is a critical factor in farming operations. The dump trailer for fertilizer transportation allows for swift loading and off-loading, considerably speeding up overall operations, and thereby saving valuable time.
  • Versatility: Apart from manure and fertilizer, dump trailers are versatile pieces of equipment that can haul a variety of other materials like feed, debris, or even livestock, making them an essential asset to your farm.
  • Cost-Effective: With their durability and multi-functional attributes, dump trailers prove to be a cost-effective manure transport solution in the long run."
A dump trailer comes with several advantages for your farming needs. From reducing labour demands to being a versatile tool, this piece of machinery is well worth the investment. It is truly a game changer in the realm of manure and fertilizer transportation. We encourage you to realize the impact that this invaluable tool can have on your farming operations.

What are the Best Features of a Dump Trailer

In the business of agriculture, efficiently managing your resources is key. A paramount aspect of this is the handling and transport of fertilizer and manure. The features of a dump trailer significantly influence how well it can carry out this vital task. Let's delve into the best dump trailer features for transporting fertilizer and manure: 
  • Hydraulic Lift System: This encompasses a powerful lift system able to handle the dense weight of fertilizer and manure comfortably, guarantees easy unloading processes.
  • Solid Metal Construction: To withstand the harsh conditions of handling such materials, the dump trailer should be constructed of sturdy metal that resists corrosion and wear.
  • High Side Walls: These provide the needed space for large volumes of fertilizer and manure, ensuring that none of it spills during transit.
  • Spacious Bed: A substantial bed volume is also critical, capable of holding massive quantities of manure or fertilizer, optimizing the trailer transport.
  • Tight Sealing Rear Doors: To prevent any unfortunate leaks or spills, the dump trailer should have rear doors that seal tightly.
  • Efficient Brake System: This feature is vital for the safe transportation of such weighty and potentially harmful materials.
In summary, a dump trailer optimized for fertilizer transportation and manure transport solutions should blend functionality, durability, and safety. These features are not only geared to facilitate the transportation process but also to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that upholds safety and environmental standards.Some Accessories for a Dump Trailer When utilizing a dump trailer for the transportation of fertilizer and manure, specific accessories can enhance the efficiency and safety of the operation. Let's delve into some of these crucial additions: 
  • Bed Liners: A high-quality bed liner helps protect the trailer from corrosive materials like fertilizer. It offers an extra layer of defence to the dump bed, extending the lifespan of the trailer.
  • Roll Tarp System: To guard the load against weather elements and ensure the cargo doesn't scatter during transit, a robust roll tarp system is essential.
  • High Side Extensions: These are beneficial when hauling large volumes of lightweight material such as manure. High-side extensions ensure optimal load capacity, making your dump trailer for fertilizer transportation even more efficient.
In every trailer transport operation, the right accessories can significantly aid in maintaining the quality of the cargo and the longevity of the trailer itself. When loaded with these features, your dump trailer can handle the rigours of fertilizer and manure transportation with much more ease and efficacy. 

dump trailer

Why is McFarlane Trailers Considered a Superior Solution?

Every farmer and homeowner understands the demands of fertilizer and manure transportation. It is a job that requires precision, efficiency, and reliability. So how can you achieve these when you have lots to transport? The secret lies in choosing the right equipment, and that means securing a top-notch dump trailer. 
  • Efficiency: A key aspect of a transport trailer solution is efficiency. With a high-quality dump trailer, you can transport large quantities of fertilizer or manure at once, significantly reducing the number of trips you need to make.
  • Reliability: You want a trailer that will stand the test of time - one that won't let you down when you need it most. A robust, well-made dump trailer offers just that - reliable service year after year.
  • Dump Feature: Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of a dump trailer for fertilizer transportation is the dump feature itself. This function allows you to unload your cargo smoothly and safely right where you need it.
  • Precision: When it comes to manure transport solutions, precision is paramount. A high-quality dump trailer will have been designed for accurate and controlled dumping, ensuring your manure ends up exactly where you want it - every time.
Investing in a dump trailer that prioritizes efficiency, reliability and precision, and offers a smooth dumping feature is key to your fertilizer and manure transportation needs. With the right equipment in place, you can focus on what you do best, knowing your transportation needs are well taken care of. Remember, the perfect tool for the job makes all the difference! Built for the task, fully equipped, and backed by a reputation of excellence, our trailer solutions are your ticket to easier and more efficient fertilizer and manure transport. Choose McFarlane's today; because when it comes to this line of work, we know what it takes and have exactly what you need. 

The Benefits of Owning a Dump Trailer for Spring Clean-Up and Yard Projects

The Benefits of Owning a Dump Trailer for Spring Clean-Up and Yard ProjectsSpring represents a season of new life and renewal. If you’re getting the urge to get started cleaning up your home and yard as the days get longer and warmer, you’re not alone. It’s almost wired into your DNA to want to get a fresh start in the spring. If you’ve got some big projects on your list, you’ll want to look at dump trailers to help you get the job done right. Here are some basics about dump trailers and what they can do around your home.

What Is a Dump Trailer?  

A dump trailer is a trailer with a mechanical lifting mechanism to allow you to “dump” things out of the trailer without a lot of muscle power. It’s essentially a dump truck, except you pull it with your own vehicle instead of having the entire truck. Dump trailers come in a wide variety of sizes. You can choose the width, length and depth to give you the maximum load size for your projects while managing the size of the trailer against the tow weight of your vehicle and the size you can manage when driving. Dump trailers can also have special features that make it easier to haul items. Choose the rear-end gate style or add a ramp for easier loading.

What Types of Jobs Can Dump Trailers Handle During Spring?

Dump trailers handle all types of jobs, but they’re most commonly used for landscaping. When you are handling spring cleanup in your yard, you can use your dump trailer to haul old brush, new mulch or gravel. Prune your trees and bushes. Load up the dump trailer with the old vegetation and move it to your compost heap or to the dump. Maybe you’re laying new rock in your driveway. With a dump trailer, you can simply unload the heavy material on the ground without having to shovel it all out of the trailer. No need to hire a landscaping company when you have your own trailer. You can even haul new sod or young saplings to your yard. A dump trailer is versatile.
  • Haul old furniture or belongings to a donation site or the dump with your trailer.
  • Clean out your garage. Use your trailer to get the trash moved to the right site.
  • Use your trailer to help someone get moved into a new home.
  • Haul heavy equipment in your trailer. Rent that power washer and rototiller to get your home cleaned up and your garden ready for summer.
  • Haul construction material for your big project. Put the old materials that you tear out into the trailer to take them to the dump.

How Do You Use Your Dump Trailer During the Rest of the Year?

A dump trailer can help with your spring cleaning projects, but it won’t sit idly by throughout the rest of the year. You can rent your trailer to friends for their own jobs or hire yourself out to move junk and landscape materials for others. Start your own moving business on the weekends. In the fall, use your dump trailer to haul brush and leaves and get them out of your yard before winter sets in. Need to set your business up for winter with a stock of deicing chemicals? A dump trailer makes it easy to move hundreds of pounds, even if you unload each bag individually. Your trailer can move kids home from the college dorms and move them back again in the fall.McFarlane Trailer Sales has a large selection of used and new trailers for sale. Contact us to learn more about your options and to find the right dump trailer to suit your needs.

Get Ready for Spring Chores With a New Dump Trailer From McFarlane’s!

Get Ready for Spring Chores With a New Dump Trailer From McFarlane's!Spring is the perfect time to tackle those big landscape and clean-up projects you’ve been putting off all winter. With the days getting longer, you should have more motivation to get your home spruced up for the upcoming spring events, Easter, graduation, Mother’s Day and any other family get-together. Dump trailers are a great accessory for your spring cleaning process.

How To Use Your Dump Trailer in the Spring

Spring cleaning comes from Eastern traditions. During Passover, Jews clean their home to rid them of even crumbs of leavened bread. It’s a ritual dating back thousands of years. The Chinese and Iranians also have traditions to clean the home at the new year to welcome spring and good fortune. Here in North America, we perform spring cleaning, but it’s more likely that we want to get outside and clean up our homes and gardens now that we have more energy.As you begin your spring cleaning tradition, you might be moving furniture out of your home to take it to find a new home for it. Maybe you’re moving and need to haul furniture across the city to your new home. Dump trailers make great haulers for all types of materials. You can take all the accumulated trash out of your garage to the local junkyard without much effort when you have a dump trailer.Landscaping and gardening are other aspects of spring cleaning where the dump trailer can come in handy. Haul old brush and tree branches out of your yard. Bring in new soil and landscaping materials with your dump trailer. It’s easy to place a pile of rocks or a ton of compost where you need it when you can just lift the trailer and empty it.

What Makes a Trailer a Dump Trailer?

Trailers come in many shapes and sizes with different features. A dump trailer has an open box bed to haul materials. The dump trailer’s best feature is that the bed lifts from the front of the trailer to empty it without hard work. If you’re hauling a load of soil for your garden, you don’t have to shovel the soil out of the trailer at each location. Just lift and dump. At the junkyard, just lift the bed and empty it into the pile.

Features of Dump Trailers

Dump trailers come in many different sizes from a small 5-foot by 8-foot trailer that can handle around 900 pounds to huge trailers 80-inches by 14 feet with an 11,000-pound payload. Dump trailers can have loading ramps, come with different styles of suspension, and with single or tandem axles. At McFarlane’s, we can customize your dump trailer with a variety of add-ons to haul extra equipment or to keep loads safe on the road. Our designers can add heavy-duty fenders, LED lights, heavy-duty flooring and more to give you everything you need.

Why Buy a Dump Trailer in the Spring From McFarlane’s?

You may not think you’ll use your dump trailer after your spring cleaning events, but a dump trailer is a good investment. If you do landscape or move garbage or waste, you can earn extra money hauling materials or equipment for others. There are dozens of ways you can use your trailer all year long. McFarlane’s has a wide selection of new trailers for sale, so you can find the trailer that fits your vehicle and needs to get the most use out of it. Our trailers come with a warranty, so you can be assured that it will handle the job you need it to do. Contact McFarlane’s to help you find the trailer that fits into your spring cleaning plans.

Dump Trailer Basics: Choosing the Right Trailer for your Business

Dump Trailer Basics: Choosing the Right Trailer for your BusinessBuying a dump trailer is an investment that can last you many years. Getting a dump trailer that fits your needs now and in the future can save you a lot of money and stress. Dump trailers have many different configurations, from the length, front post style or scissor lift, type of brakes, and the size of the wheels. Learning about some of the options can help you choose the right one for your needs.

What Size Dump Truck Is Right For You?

Dump trucks come in lengths from 8 feet to 30 feet. A 14-foot trailer is a recommended size for most people for its flexibility in hauling lumber or landscaping materials. It can handle a skid steer or a load of furniture if you’re moving. You do need to think about what vehicle you’re using to pull a trailer to make sure that the tow load fits the size.

Lifting Mechanisms

The lifting mechanism is what makes a trailer a dump trailer. Instead of having to shovel off a load of soil or gravel, you can simply raise the trailer up and let gravity take over. A common type of lift is the scissor lift, which uses one cylinder to push up the trailer. It’s a cheaper option than the hydraulic lift or dual-piston style. Lifting mechanisms use a battery to push the bed up. Choose a gravity-down option instead of a power-down. A gravity-down option uses gravity to lower the dump box, instead of relying on power. This lets you do more work with less battery use.

How Thick Does The Metal Need To Be?

Trailers are made of metal, which determines the durability of the trailer. The bed will have a thicker piece of metal than the sides because the bed takes more abuse. The trailer needs to be sturdy enough to haul your loads, but keep in mind that the heavier the trailer is, the less load it can carry. If you need to haul mulch or lighter loads, you can certainly get away with a thinner bed. If you have heavier materials, such as gravel or heavy equipment, you want a thicker metal that will stand up to the weight.

Wheel Options

Aluminum wheels are an affordable option that won’t rust, so your trailer will look better for longer. Steel wheels are sturdier and can haul more weight. The downside is that you’ll pay more. Undersized tires are a hazard, so get the right tires for the loads you are hauling. Never try to just get by on cheap tires. Don’t forget to ask if the trailer has the option to carry a spare tire. You want the tire out of the way, but you also want it to be accessible in an emergency.


When you’re hauling tons of materials on the road, the last thing you want is for your brakes to fail. There are two different types of brakes for trailers. Surge brakes do not connect to your vehicle’s braking system. These brakes detect when the towing vehicle slows, then slow the trailer down. There is usually a slower response time. Surge brakes aren’t allowed for some sizes of trailers and in some locations. Electric brakes are the most common style and connected to the towing vehicle’s brake system. They stop the trailer when you stop the towing vehicle. Electric brakes are generally safer, but you do have to make sure the system is connected properly. Trailers should also have an emergency brake system, giving you added control in case the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle.There are many other accessories and options for dump trailers, depending on your business to get the most out of your trailer. Still not sure what type of dump trailer suits your needs? Ask the experts at McFarlane Trailer Sales for guidance. We know dump trailers.

How a Dump Trailer Helps with Hauling Gravel, Sand or Dirt

How a Dump Trailer Helps with Hauling Gravel, Sand or Dirt

How a Dump Trailer Can Come in Handy

If you have not made use of a dump trailer before now, you may have questions about how to choose a dump trailer, how to use a dump trailer, and why you should purchase one. The right trailer can offer you many benefits, but there are some things you need to consider before buying.

Where Can You Use a Dump Trailer?

Whether you own a professional construction company or are carrying out some renovations on your own home, dump trailers are useful for hauling building materials home from the store and carrying away debris that results from demolition. If you own a farm, a dump trailer can make your work easier from planting season to harvest time.Maybe you don't own a farm per se but you own an extensive piece of property and you want to keep it looking its best. A dump trailer is also useful for yard maintenance, especially during the fall and winter.

What Can You Use a Dump Trailer For?

Now you know where you can use a dump trailer, but what applications does it have in these various locations? If you are using it for fall yard maintenance, the dump trailer can help you to haul away tree limbs that have fallen or that you have pruned away in the interest of improving the health of your tree. You can also use a trailer to transport bags of leaves to the appropriate dump site.Fall is a good time to apply mulch to trees in the interest of retaining moisture in the soil and getting ready for spring. If you have many trees on your property, you probably need a lot of mulch. A dump trailer helps you to bring it to your property and then apply it where needed.On a farm, you sometimes need to add more topsoil. A dump trailer makes transporting dirt easier. You can also use a dump trailer to haul and apply fertilizer. Depending on what you grow and when you harvest, a dump trailer could also help you take your goods to market.On a construction site, you need materials such as fill dirt, gravel, Portland cement, sand, and rocks. These materials are heavy and cumbersome to transport. A dump trailer makes it much easier.

How Much Gravel Can a Dump Trailer Carry?

It depends on the size of the trailer, but generally speaking, a dump trailer can haul approximately 3,000 pounds and up depending on payload of gravel. This is about half as much as a standard pick-up truck can haul, and a pick-up doesn't have the capability to elevate its cargo bed to deliver the material precisely where it is needed.

What Else Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Dump Truck?

The purchase of a dump truck represents a significant investment. Therefore, you need to be sure you choose one that meets your needs. Here are some things to take into consideration:
  • Metal Thickness: Thicker metal is better if you intend to haul heavy cargo such as rocks and gravel.
  • Side Wall Height: Dump trailers usually have walls 24 inches high. If this isn't tall enough, you may require side wall extensions that you can either purchase or build yourself.
  • Lifting Mechanism: There are many different lifting mechanisms available, but if preserving battery power is important to you, choose a gravity-down mechanism rather than a power-down. The former saves battery power by letting gravity do all the work.
  • Towing Limits: Calculate the combined weight of the trailer and the material you intend to haul most often. Make sure you are within your personal licensing limits, what your towing vehicle is capable of pulling, as well as the ball mount and receiver.
McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service offers new and used trailers for sale. No matter what type of trailer you are in the market for, we are sure to be of help. Check out the dump trailers we have available.