3 Simple Utility Trailer Upgrades You Can Make

Simple Utility Trailer Upgrades You Can MakeA proactive way to get more value and performance out of your tandem axle utility trailer is to customize it with upgrades that add convenience, safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. LED taillights, ramps, and spare tire carriers offer many benefits to your daily workflow and hauling needs. Read more below to consider how to improve your trailer. Then explore our website further to learn about the vetted brands and versatile selection of trailer types we offer. 1. LED TaillightsThe factory-installed safety lights on your single axle utility trailer are usually incandescent bulbs, meaning that they are likely to blow out quickly and need to be replaced fairly often. The filament inside an incandescent bulb is very susceptible to disconnecting due to vibration and the normal bounce and stress of road travel. LED lights last quite a bit longer and are not as prone to breakage. They can usually be spliced into your existing wiring system. Moreover, they are usually encased in plastic or fiberglass, reducing their exposure to elements such as water, airborne debris, and road salt. 2. Ramps Most utility trailers operate perfectly well for hauling raw materials, lumber, soils, and scrap metal from construction sites. One easy customization, however, is to add a ramp kit that allows your utility trailer to become an equipment hauler when necessary. ATVs and small machines can then be hauled without the need for a flatbed or tilt trailer.A simple wooden ramp kit can also allow you to use a wheelbarrow to dump your materials into the trailer, rather than having to lift everything manually or use a shovel. This can be fairly inexpensive and time-efficient customization. Simply install bolted hinges to the edge of your trailer bed, and attach a sturdy wooden or aluminum platform that can be folded up into the bed of the trailer when not in use. 3. Spare Tire Carriers While all residential and commercial vehicles come with a special compartment for stowing spare tires, trailers do not usually have this feature. This results in you having to keep your spare tire in the trailer bed itself, which takes up an awkward amount of space when loading the trailer. It also means that if your trailer is fully loaded and you get a flat, you have to undo all of your hard work to unearth the spare tire, then reload the whole trailer again once the flat is fixed. A spare tire carrier avoids all of this hassle and stress. It can usually be mounted parallel to the rails of your single axle utility trailer, for easy unbolting without having to rearrange any of your cargo. Install it on the outside or inside of the trailer wall. Secure it with a u-lock or other fastener, and you can hit the road with fewer worries.

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The benefit of a tandem axle trailer is that you can take on a lot more weight with a similar level of fuel efficiency when compared to a single axle utility trailer. We have dozens of options to choose from, including small 5 X 10s all the way up to larger 7 X 20s. We stand apart by offering you warranties of one to five years, and following extensive delivery protocols before we hand it over to you, Our other product selections include car trailers, deckover trailers, hydraulic dump trailers, flatbeds, and tilt beds. We offer an extensive catalogue of trailer parts for quick repairs. Contact us today to learn about our financing options and get a custom quote that meets your needs. 

Benefits of the WhereSafe GPS System for Trailers

Benefits of the WhereSafe GPS System for TrailersAnywhere there are aluminum trailers for sale, there is a risk that they will be stolen. Aluminum trailers are in especially high demand among thieves because of their high resale value and durability. When you install a WhereSafe GPS for your trailer, you can be assured that, in the unhappy event that someone steals your trailer, you'll be able to track its location and recover it quickly. 

What Can the WhereSafe GPS System Do for Me?

One reliable way to prevent theft is to install a WhereSafe GPS system. Hard-wired GPS trackers attach to your trailer with a magnet. They are easy to install, requiring only power, ground, and ignition. OBDII trackers are installed inside the cab of your vehicle. Simply insert them into the OBDII port, usually located underneath the steering column. Another GPS option is a fully battery-powered option for more flexibility. 

Receive Alerts to an App on Your Phone 

This takes away the need for you to manually check on the status of your trailer. Any time the trailer moves after-hours, or if it leaves your geographical zone, you will get an alert in the app and an email. 

Create a Geofence Boundary Around Your City 

You can use the WhereSafe app to draw an invisible geographical line around the perimeter of your service area. If your trailer crosses that line, you'll be notified immediately. 

Know When Your Device Has Been Tampered With

You'll also receive an alert anytime the device has been disabled, or if the battery dies. This is often the first sign that your trailer has been stolen. 

Why Are People Stealing Aluminum Trailers? 

The cost of living is going up in Ontario, and people are becoming desperate. The CBC has reported that since this time last year, carjackings are already on pace to exceed last year's numbers. Some folks are looking for any way to make money by selling someone else's assets. Car thefts, especially, are on the rise.In some cases, trailers are easier to steal than cars and trucks. If there is no hitch lock and you are parked in a remote area, it may be just the right conditions for your trailer to be stolen. In March, Waterloo regional police reported that 17 trailers had been stolen. Thieves are especially interested in stealing covered trailers that may contain other valuable assets such as heavy equipment, snowmobiles, tools, and ATVs. 

What Can I Do To Prevent Theft? 

Several common-sense strategies may help your trailer from being stolen. Thieves want to quickly get in and out undetected, so anything that slows or frustrates their process may encourage them to look elsewhere. Theft prevention strategies include: 
  • Set up Video Surveillance
  • Install Motion-activated Flood Lights 
  • Use Hitch Locks and Tongue Locks
  • Park in Crowded Areas
  • Add an Alarm System
  • Hide GPS Devices 

High-quality Aluminum Trailers for Sale by McFarlane

Once you have considered how to keep your aluminum trailer safe, peruse our website for a variety of aluminum trailers and trailer parts. We have a large selection that covers everything you need for hauling, household, and business needs. Consider popular models such as:Aluminum trailers are lighter than traditional steel, increasing your payload capacity and your fuel efficiency. They are also resistant to weather corrosion and rust, reducing the cost of repair and increasing their longevity. Many aluminum trailers outlive the towing vehicle they're attached to.Contact us today by phone or use this page of our website. Our #1 goal is your satisfaction. 

Learn More About the Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

Learn More About the Enbeck Single Axle Utility TrailerWe know that, when it comes to buying a new trailer, you have a wide range of choices. The selection can be overwhelming, so we would like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on one variety of the trailers you can buy from us, the single axle utility trailer from Enbeck, to outline its many uses and the benefits it has to offer. 

Uses for the Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

This is a flexible trailer with many possible uses, both professional and personal. Do you find that you frequently have to get rid of trash or debris in mass quantities? Maybe you work for a business in which scrap materials frequently need to be cleaned up. Maybe you do yard work at home, leaving behind large piles of grass and leaves that you don't want to leave piled up. In either case, a utility trailer makes it easier to haul debris and garbage away, so much so that you may want to help out the neighbours after you are done with your yard. If you do frequent remodelling or work around the house, a utility trailer can be an efficient way to bring building materials home from the store or move power tools around the yard. If you run a landscaping business, a utility trailer is effective for hauling your lawnmowers and other power equipment from one job to another. Utility trailers are good for more than just work. If you are interested in power sports, you can haul small vehicles, such as dirt bikes and ATVs, as well as other equipment, from place to place on your utility trailer. This is a hassle-free method of transporting your vehicles and equipment that is also cost-effective. 

Benefits of an Enbeck Single Axle Utility Trailer

Generally speaking, a single axle utility trailer is easier to maintain than other types. Because there is only one axle, there are fewer movable parts, such as bearings and brakes, to wear out. A single axle trailer also has fewer tires than a double axle trailer, meaning less chance for blowouts. Enbeck trailers are made of aluminum alloy, making them lighter than comparable trailers made of steel without compromising on their pulling power. This means that you can haul the same amount of cargo but your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard to move it, which translates to fuel savings and less maintenance on your vehicle. Nevertheless, even an aluminum trailer has a maximum load, which you should be aware of before you buy. Aluminum trailers are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, nor do conditions of harsh sunlight, rain, or snow harm them. Should your new trailer get a dent in it, you should be able to return it to its original shape easily as aluminum is more malleable than steel. In these respects, an aluminum trailer is even more durable than its steel counterparts. Enbeck is a Canadian-based company that understands the conditions your trailer has to stand up to. Therefore, you can trust that local knowledge went into the design and manufacture of the trailers to make sure they can withstand whatever conditions you may encounter. 

Why Should You Buy From McFarlane's?

Our sales team guides you through the entire purchasing process. We listen to you to assess your needs and help you find a trailer best suited to you. A single-axle utility trailer is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment, but depending on the weight of the loads you intend to carry, you may need something more powerful. Our staff is knowledgeable and can make recommendations for a trailer that can meet your needs. Find out more about single axle trailers