How McFarlanes Helps Find You the Right Trailer

How McFarlanes Helps Find You the Right Trailer

Why Choose McFarlane Trailer Sales for Your Next Trailer

In recent years, finding an affordable trailer and one to suit your specific needs seemed difficult. The average consumer struggled to find the help they needed from retailers and often abandoned the purchase or postponed buying. Maybe the problem stemmed from seeking help from the wrong business. Searching for new or used trailers for sale can seem overwhelming, but with the proper support and selection, every consumer should find what they need.At McFarlane Trailer Sales, the customer always comes first. As an established trailer deal, the company built a reputation on stellar customer service and a versatile carrier of trailer brands, types, and parts. The company has a large inventory, ensuring customers can always get what they came for. In the rare circumstance in which something is not in stock, the retailer will go above and beyond to satisfy customer needs as fast as possible.

How McFarlane Trailer Sales Can Help You

McFarlane specializes in all things trailers, meaning it is a one-stop shop for all your hitching and hauling needs. The sales representatives are knowledgeable and eager to help you find the right trailer option.

Primary Trailer Choices

Whether you are looking for a trailer to connect to your SUV or Truck, McFarlane is the retailer for you. From goosenecks to conventional trailers, the company has all the best options. You will find a variety of available trailers, but for the new customer, there are a few types to familiarize yourself with.
  • Conventional Trailers: These trailer options typically serve recreational purposes and use a ball-type hitch. Conventional options are best as camper or boat trailers.
  • Utility Trailers: These trailers often get confused with conventional trailers because of the ball-type hitch. However, because these trailers transport cargo and equipment, they are usually smaller with different handling requirements.
  • Gooseneck Trailers: These trailers are larger and designed for heavier loads. The name comes from their tall and long trailer tongues, which connect to pickup beds.
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailers: These trailers are similar to gooseneck options, but the mount and hitch plate are different. The hitch coupling is more like a semi-truck.
McFarlane carries standard trailer types and more. The list of available trailers includes:
  • Dump trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Single-axle trailers
  • Tilt-bed trailers
  • Utility trailers
Additionally, McFarlane carries the brands consumers know and trust. Some of the most popular brands the retailer has to include:
  • Frontier Aluminum Trailers
  • Enbeck
  • K-Trail
  • One Sixteen
  • Millroad
  • Pace American
  • Wells Cargo
  • Mission Trailers

Let McFarlane Trailer Sales Guide You Through the Selection Process

Choosing the right trailer for your need can be challenging, especially if you have never purchased one. You may struggle with measurements, weight limits, load restrictions, hitch requirements, etc.McFarlane associates know trailers. They understand how to find the right trailer for your hauling and towing needs and are happy to teach and help you learn the selection process.At McFarlane, customers are crucial to the business. The staff knows that success depends on consumer interactions; therefore, customers should not be afraid to ask questions. Lean on the expertise of the team so that you can be happy and satisfied with your trailer purchase.You will find a large selection of new and used trailers at McFarlane. Rest assured that all used trailers undergo a thorough safety inspection to ensure usability. At McFarlane, customer safety is paramount.McFarlane built a reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction. The company is one of the prime retailers for trailers in Canada. Are you ready to buy a trailer, or are you just looking? In either case, visit McFarlane Trailer Sales to receive quality assistance and gain access to high-quality merchandise. You can't go wrong with McFarlane.

Equipment Trailer Service and Repair Checklist for Summer

Trailer Service and RepairPerhaps you just bought a new equipment trailer and you're looking forward to getting on the road during the summer season with your new model — or maybe you're noticing some odd noises, worn tires, or cracked spots in the vehicle you've had for a few years. Summer is the ideal time to address many trailer maintenance issues regardless of whether you're experiencing problems or not. Learn more about summer trailer service and repair and decide which maintenance jobs to book now.

Why Summer Is a Great Trailer Maintenance Season

Summer is a season of extremes: Days can be blisteringly hot while nights are often much cooler. This added pressure of changing temperatures means that your trailer's parts are expanding and contracting. You may also have to deal with rain that can cause water damage and direct sunshine that can heat your unit to a dangerous temperature.It's a good idea to perform maintenance and any necessary repairs before summer starts, but scheduling these appointments during the hottest months of the year is fine, too. Make the most out of summer by ensuring the safety of your cargo trailer before more difficult and dangerous winter weather sets in.

5 Common Summer Trailer Repairs

Don't get caught with a costly repair on your hands because you forgot to complete your summer maintenance checklist! Go over the following list and feel free to add more of your own items as they pertain to your trailer. 1. TiresLike many people, you likely drive a lot during the summer. This means that you should check your tires to make sure they're fully inflated and have no leaks. Check them with an air pressure gauge before you head out on the road and replace old models if necessary.2. Doors and WindowsRegardless of the type of cargo your trailer is transporting, it's important to keep it dry. Make sure all doors, windows, and openings are properly sealed. If your trailer is especially old, you may need to replace hinges, gaskets, or handles to ensure that you can fully open and close the doors.3. BrakesIt's a good idea to check the brakes on any vehicle before you use it. Trailer brakes, like any other vehicle's brakes, aren't immune to wear and tear, and they need to be replaced at least once a year for safety reasons. Signs of brake problems may include unusual noises coming from your trailer in addition to strange sensations as you're stopping.4. FloorsWood is porous and rainwater can easily soak through it. If your trailer has a plywood floor, a dry day in the summer is a great time to re-coat the underside of it. The undercoating, or the application of waterproof sealant that's applied to the underside of the floor, is what protects your floor from water damage, rot, and mould issues.5. RoofYour roof bears the brunt of the season's weather. Hot days and rainstorms can wreak havoc on a roof that has not been properly sealed. Invest in a high-quality roof sealant to keep your cargo safe in whatever kind of weather you encounter this summer.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Trailer Service and Repair Appointment

It's important to address small maintenance problems before they become bigger ones. Create a checklist for each season to stay on top of your vehicle's needs.At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer a wide variety of custom-built, new, and used trailers as well as replacement parts and high-quality, reliable service appointments. Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule your trailer's summer service today!

Is Buying a Used Equipment Trailer Worth It?

Is Buying a Used Equipment Trailer Worth It?Trailers are versatile tools for farming, construction, and other jobs, but they can be expensive for smaller operations. When faced with the purchase price for a brand-new trailer, many people choose to find used trailers for saleUsed trailers are an excellent option when you do not have the funds or financing available to purchase a newer model. However, buying used can also present several risks to the buyer. For instance, if you are purchasing a trailer from a private seller, you do not really know the condition or history of the trailer. Additionally, there are several unscrupulous sellers, including lots.  If you opt for a used trailer, you want to buy from a trusted seller. Still, there is much more to consider when buying used rather than new. 

Trailer History 

Before you purchase a used trailer, you want to know its history. Any seller should present a clear title of ownership. You need to ensure there are no liens on the trailer. Some people will attempt to sell a trailer they do not legally have the right to sell. For instance, they might try to sell the equipment when a bank or equipment financing company has a lien against it. Purchasing a trailer without a clean title can leave you responsible for the debt. It is also possible that the original owner will pocket the money from the sale without paying off the original debt, meaning you may wake up to a repossession. 

Trailer Body and System 

When you purchase a used car, you likely take it for a test drive or have a buddy do a quick inspection before you spend the money. A trailer purchase entails the same attention to detail. You want to inspect the frame for rust, bends, cracks, or previous repairs. You should also ask about any previous maintenance issues. Existing bends and cracks can indicate overloading issues, which might be reason enough to avoid the sale. Depending on the trailer, you will also need to inspect the electrical systems. It is crucial that all lights work when connected to your vehicle. Trailers without lights are a safety hazard and could lead to serious injury and accidents. You will also want to inspect the braking and suspension systems. If possible, connect the trailer to your vehicle and test the brakes and their response. Additionally, assess the brake rotors and pads. How much life is left in them? The suspension system should appear in good shape. Look for cracks and other signs of overloading and stress. The bearings throughout should be well lubricated and sealed. One sign of bearing issues is a hum that is high pitched as you drive around. 

Trailer Financing 

When looking for a used trailer, you may come across sellers wanting to unload a current equipment loan with the trailer. In some cases, you can assume the payments of the seller, which can work to your benefit as the loan is already paid down. However, you might want to find a used trailer for sale that allows you to take out financing. The advantage of using financing is that you can purchase and use the trailer without being out the entire purchase price. Instead, you make monthly payments toward the loan while using the equipment to make money. Essentially, the equipment can pay for itself. A used trailer can be an excellent option, but you need to be careful who you purchase from. McFarlane Trailer Sales is a trusted seller of trailers and carries a variety of designs, both new and used. The specialists at McFarlane’s ensure that every trailer is inspected and safe for operation. If you are looking for a new or used trailer, or just in the market for some trailer parts, look no further than McFarlane.