Frontier Trailers: Essential Features to Look for When Choosing a Horse Trailer

Frontier Trailers_ Essential Features to Look for When Choosing a Horse Trailer

Are you in search of a horse trailer for sale in Canada? Before you make any purchase, it is beneficial to understand the essential features to consider when choosing a livestock trailer to keep you and your animals safe during transport.

While there are many features to consider, the primary concerns include stable construction, vehicle connections, and other safety features. In this blog post, we will cover some of the key essentials when choosing a Frontier Trailer as our staff at McFarlane Trailer Sales ensures only the highest quality when it comes to the brands we carry.

6 Essential Features To Look for In a Horse Trailer

Just as horses come in various sizes and breeds, horse trailers come with different attributes and from multiple manufacturers. It can seem overwhelming trying to narrow down selections to a single trailer.

The selection process is straightforward if you understand your criteria and know what to look for in a premium trailer. That's where McFarlane Trailer Sales comes in. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect horse trailer to fit your needs.

We'll be sharing 6 essential features to look for in a horse trailer, so you can feel confident in your purchase and hit the road with peace of mind. Let's get started!

1. Determining Size and Shape

Any trailer you select must be an adequate size and shape for your horse or horses. You need to determine the space requirements based on the number of horses you intend to transport, their breed, and their needs. Remember that loading and unloading a horse requires room. A cramped trailer is not only uncomfortable for your horse, but it also presents a safety hazard for you and the animal.

2. Built-In Storage

Horse trailers should also have plenty of built-in storage for tack and gear. With the price of saddles and other essentials, you want to avoid throwing the equipment onto the trailer bed. Many trailers come with storage compartments and hooks to secure equipment and keep it protected during transport.

3. Adjustable Tie-Downs

Horse trailers should also have an adjustable tie-down system. Horses are typically secured in trailers using a rope or cord that secures to a secured hook or rail — the tie down. The system prevents the horse from moving around too much during transport, keeping it safe.

An adjustable tie-down system allows for a more custom safety system. Trailer owners can adjust the height and positioning of the bar or hook to suit a variety of horse breeds and sizes.

4. Ramp or Loading Door Options

You must consider loading and unloading whenever you want to purchase a new or used horse trailer. Horses can be challenging to get on and off a trailer, especially if they are not used to it. Buying a trailer with a ramp or adequate loading door options is ideal to ensure the safety of the animal and trainer.

5. Durable Construction

Avoid aluminum trailers for horse transportation. Aluminum is an inadequate material for heavy and muscular animals. Look for trailers with steel construction. You'll also want to find trailers with corrosion-resistant coatings and solid floors. The more durable the design, the better it is for your animals. Also, the right trailer can last long, making the investment worthwhile.

6. Heat Shields and Ventilation

When transporting horses, you must consider their comfort and safety. Trailers are among the only feasible options for hauling horses. Still, the unit can get too hot without appropriate ventilation and heat shields.

Horse trailers should have built-in ventilation that includes windows. The open spaces allow free air movement to maintain cooler temperatures in the trailer bed.

Used Horse Trailers for Sale in Canada

Purchasing a horse trailer can seem like a big decision, but by choosing Frontier Trailers, you can trust your investment will be a wise one. With years of quality in the industry along with an 8-year warranty on your trailer Frontier Horse trailers make for an excellent choice. Whether you need something to haul a single horse or multiple horses at once, the stable and reliable designs of Frontier are sure to meet your needs.

When you've decided on your perfect trailer model, contact McFarlane Trailer Sales to place an order and benefit from current inventory and fantastic customer service. Buy from McFarlane Trailer Sales today and feel secure with your purchase of Frontier Trailers for any equine venture.