Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

Are you looking to buy a landscaping trailer but are uncertain about the type and size you need? A utility trailer is a versatile, lightweight, and durable option for most landscaping endeavours.

Utility trailers come in open or enclosed and single-axle or tandem-axle options. The specific features will depend on the manufacturer and model. McFarlane Trailer Sales carries several popular brands, including Enbeck, Millroad, and One Sixteen.

Some people may not realize the advantages of standard utility trailers, even single-axle options. Utility trailers, regardless of size, are workhorses with many features and customization options, meaning owners can genuinely create the trailer of their dreams.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer and Experience Its Benefits

Utility trailers offer higher weight capacities than standard cargo trailers, making them excellent options as haulers. Landscaping requires the movement or transportation of various materials and tools; therefore, a utility trailer is an effective landscaping trailer.

A typical landscaper may need to transport equipment to a job site. While on the site, they may need to collect debris, such as tree limbs, brush, outdoor furniture, and other items. A large enough utility trailer is capable of transporting equipment and yard debris without meeting weight restrictions.

Finally, utility trailers are excellent landscaping options because they are affordable, lightweight, durable, and customizable. Because the trailers have fewer mechanical elements and materials, the price is lower than beefier trailer models and options.

Still, the trailers can hold up to the regular wear and tear of landscaping projects. Even with the advantages of utility trailers in the landscaping field, some professionals may be hesitant to make a purchase, especially when reviewing only standard features.

Customization Options

You are not stuck with standard trailer features. A custom utility trailer is an option that allows you to take advantage of the features you love while adding features that make your life easier.

The level of customization a customer chooses depends on personal preferences and hauling needs. One customer may want to purchase an enclosed trailer and add LED lighting to the interior, especially if they use the trailer as a workspace. Another customer may need to swap the hitch receivers for something compatible with their tow vehicle. Other common additions to utility trailers include:

  • Fender upgrades
  • Shelving
  • Storage

Personalization Options

When you purchase a landscaping trailer, it will look like every similar model on the market. There is nothing wrong with standard appearances, but most owners want their trailers to showcase purpose or identity.

It is common for trailer owners to personalize their vehicles. You can personalize a trailer by installing custom features for specific jobs, painting it with unique colours, or applying graphics. All of these options are affordable and accessible.

If you are using your trailer for a landscaping business, it is a good idea to apply graphics and paint the trailer brand colours. You can use your trailer as a form of marketing; it acts as a billboard of sorts as you drive around or park at job sites.

Different Uses and Adventures

When considering customization and personalization with trailer parts and accessories, don't forget a utility trailer is more than a landscaping trailer. Utility trailers are versatile and can fit into your life in numerous ways. Some of the uses for these trailers beyond landscaping include:

  • Construction
  • Camping
  • Moving
  • Hauling

From ATVs to lawnmowers and everything in between, a utility trailer can handle it. Consider a utility trailer for not only your business but also your leisure.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales

If you are ready to purchase a landscaping trailer, consider the versatility and affordability of a utility trailer. The durable build, enclosed or open design, and single or tandem-axle structure make utility trailers capable haulers. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales for the latest inventory, and visit the Ontario location to talk to a sales representative.

McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

McFarlanes Offers Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Hitches

Gooseneck Vs. Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches: Which Do You Need for Your Hauling Needs? 

Whether you haul trailers to transport animals, your landscaping business or simply for recreation, choosing the right hitch for your towing needs can provide you with greater stability and may place less stress on your truck's engine. At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer gooseneck trailers and a wide variety of other hauling and hitching needs, along with some helpful information about what type of hitch to choose once you are ready to purchase a new trailer.

The Gooseneck Hitch 

Many people who haul heavy-duty trailers often use gooseneck trailer hitches to move large loads. You might consider this type of hitch depending on the type of hauling you do, including:

  • Moving equipment or vehicles
  • Livestock transfer
  • Farm or ranch work

Unlike common hitches that connect to the rear of a truck for towing lighter loads, such as small campers, these types feature a metal ball that you install in the bed of your truck. This ball is part of a coupling system that allows you to mount a trailer by connecting it to the truck's underside with safety brackets. This creates a powerful towing system that allows you to haul up to 30,000 pounds. `

Gooseneck Hitch Pros and Cons 

Choosing a gooseneck hitch can provide you with some advantages, especially if you do not want your trailer system to interfere with the look of your truck bed. Many gooseneck balls fold flat against the truck bed when not in use, and the installation process is not as invasive as a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. The coupling system is also simple to use.

This type of hitch also comes with a few disadvantages as well. You may want to explore other options if you haul tall trailers, as the gooseneck hitch may not provide you with all the stability you require, especially on long trips. These hitches may also make trips noisy, especially on old or rough roads.

The Fifth-Wheel Hitch

If you have smaller loads or trailers that you haul for recreational needs, then you might consider installing a fifth-wheel trailer hitch in the bed of your pickup. Unlike the gooseneck hitch, a fifth-wheel type connects to an existing fifth-wheel of a camper or other type of trailer that uses a fifth-wheel to provide it with greater freedom of movement stability while in motion. The components of this type of hitch include a kingpin, metal jaws or a locking bar to give your hauling experience stability and a smoother ride.

Fifth-Wheel Hitch Pros and Cons 

Much like gooseneck trailer hitches, the fifth-wheel style also has its advantages and drawbacks. One of its greatest pros is its versatility, as it can tow loads as small as 16,000 pounds or as great as 30,000. It also provides you with a quieter ride while towing. However, it is usually more expensive to install in your truck bed when compared to gooseneck hitches and the assembly is usually bulky or heavy.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Hitch 

If you feel unsure about which trailer hitch best suits your needs, come see us at McFarlane Trailers Sales and Service. We have a wide variety of new trailers for sale, along with the experience and know-how to help you choose a hitch that will meet all of your needs. We also carry trailer parts, and accessories and offer trailer installation and repairs. With all the different services we offer, you can find everything you need all in one place.

Get In Touch Today 

Our knowledgeable sales and service people stand ready to assist you with all your trailer hitch needs. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have and haul your future loads with confidence and ease.

Maximize Your Landscaping Business With a Top-Quality Utility Trailer From McFarlane’s

Maximize Your Landscaping Business With a Top-Quality Utility Trailer From McFarlane'sTo run a successful landscaping business, you need a reliable way to haul equipment from one job to another. The right utility trailer can maximize your efficiency, last over a decade and even save you money. How can you choose the perfect model for your needs? The first step is understanding your options.

Why Buy a Landscaping Trailer

There are many trailer models on the market, but not all suit landscaping needs. For example, a cargo trailer offers an enclosed space, which is great for security but inconvenient if you need to access tools. In contrast, a landscaping trailer's open design provides easy access to equipment without forcing workers to crawl inside whenever they need something. Additionally, you can always see what tools you have and where they are.Flatbeds provide another benefit: space for vehicles. Riding lawn mowers are perfect for large lawns, as they allow you to trim the grass with a fraction of the time and effort. However, they're large and bulky, making them unsuitable for storage in enclosed trailers. With a utility model, you have plenty of space for a riding lawn mower (or two, depending on the size) and can even drive onto the flatbed with the help of a ramp.Finally, utility trailers solve a major landscaping problem: what to do with clippings. Property owners expect landscapers to dispose of tree and bush trimmings as part of their services, but these cutting take up a lot of space. Even worse, they're unwieldy, especially if you've removed large branches. A flatbed is a perfect place to throw clippings until you can dispose of them, as they provide plenty of room and don't require organization.

Where To Buy a Landscaping Trailer

When deciding where to purchase your utility trailer, you should first ensure the seller offers the type you need. A retailer with a wide selection is a safe bet, as you're more likely to find the perfect model. That includes your budget, as trailers can go for as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as tens of thousands. If money's tight, consider buying a used one, as you can get a high-end model for less.One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to shop online. Savvy retailers allow consumers to browse their inventory online and even provide helpful filters so visitors can search more efficiently.Next, verify whether the seller has a good reputation. Are customers satisfied with their purchases? Does the company work to resolve issues? You can answer these questions by looking at customer reviews.Your choice of seller should have overall positive reviews, though having a few one- and two-stars is fine. Not everyone will have a great experience when buying a landscaping trailer, and there are bound to be situations outside the seller's control. The key concern is how the company responded to the criticism. Take a look at poor reviews and see if the company resolved the issue in a timely and fair manner.Finally, check if the retailer offers a warranty. The best shops work with manufacturers who stand behind their products, which means they'll cover the repair cost for factory defects. Warranties should last at least a year, though the term may be longer depending on the manufacturer.What trailer retailer checks all of the above boxes? The answer is McFarlane Trailer Sales. We're proud to offer the highest quality cargo and utility trailers, ensuring landscapers can maximize their business potential. We even provide maintenance and repair services to keep your trailer in top shape. To learn more, give us a call or visit our website to see our selection.