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One Sixteen Steel TrailersThe McFarlane Trailer Sales team is proud to include One Sixteen trailers in our lineup. These are some of the best steel utility trailers in the business. If you want a steel trailer that requires you to make no compromises, this brand may be perfect for you. When you work with our team, we will help you to find the ideal trailer for you.

One Sixteen Trailers

Unlike many other trailer manufacturers, One Sixteen has a fairly limited catalogue. The brand currently only sells utility trailers and those are broken into just three categories. When you find a business that has limited options and a reputation for premium quality, you can be sure of one thing: they know what they are doing.That is certainly the case for One Sixteen. Every trailer they build is made to the highest quality and perfectly represents what a steel utility trailer can do. Whether you are hauling your favorite weekend toys or a workload for your business, these trailers will get the job done.

Models Available

One Sixteen offers trailers in three major categories. Each of these is available in a few different sizes.
  • Single-Axle: As the name suggests, these are general-purpose single axle utility trailers. They tend to be ideal for smaller loads and lighter cargo. Despite this, they can handle a surprising amount with some of them able to handle up to 2,100 pounds of payload.
  • Tandem-Axle: If you are looking for a little extra bang, you may want to try one of the tandem-axle trailers. These are the big brothers of the single-axle models. As the name implies, there are two axles. These models can handle up to 5,200 pounds.
  • ATV Trailer: Although this category name may deceive you into thinking it is for carrying ATVs, it is actually named for its ability to handle all sorts of terrains, often while following an ATV. These models are dump-style trailers with removable tailgates. They can only handle lighter loads but are ready for anything.
  • Deckover : McFarlanes has just added the deckover trailer to their lineup offering customers another great option. Whether you need a Deckover trailer for your next home improvement project or want to upgrade an older piece of equipment, the quality products we carry will provide years worth of service. The deckover trailer offers extended widths that can hold all sorts of materials without worrying about damage due to its raised deck. 

Benefits of Steel Versus Aluminum

Sometimes it seems like both steel and aluminum trailer manufacturers claim that their respective materials are superior. The truth is that they are simply different. The following are a few reasons to pick a steel trailer:
  • Rugged and Rigid: The construction tends to be very rugged. You can count on them not to buckle under 
heavy loads. In many cases, this also means that they can handle larger payloads per square inch of deck space.
  • Ready To Take a Beating: Steel can take more of a beating without deforming. It is heavier but that also 
means that it acts tougher.
  • Galvanized: A galvanized steel trailer protects against corrosion for a very long time.
  • Less Expensive: In many cases, equivalent steel trailers are less expensive upfront. Thus, you can often get more trailers for your money.

Get Heavy Duty Steel Trailers at McFarlane Trailer Sales

When you choose to order your trailer from McFarlane Trailer Sales, you can be confident you will get the right trailer at the right price and backed by industry-leading service. We strive to offer the best sales experience possible. If you are in the market for a heavy-duty trailer, a steel One Sixteen trailer may be just right for you. Our knowledgeable team will help you figure out which model matches your requirements.

Check Out a One Sixteen Trailer Today

If you are looking for a high-quality trailer to handle all your general-purpose cargo, you can’t go wrong with a One Sixteen steel trailer. Whether you opt for a single axle utility trailer, tandem axle trailer or ATV dump, you will be happy with your purchase. McFarlane Trailer Sales can help you find the right trailer for your needs. Contact us today.